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  1. Black/blue ftw... But seriously, blk/blue is almost always the first color out of my bag, regardless of conditions. If there is relatively good visibility, I like some sort of green, with a tad bit of chartreuse in it. And sometimes pb&j. When the water is dirty, I stick to blk/blu, straight black, junebug, and sometimes the PB&j again. I prefer to keep things as simple as I can. If I can only have two bags of worms, I'll take blk/blue, and green pumpkin.
  2. I'm not worried, but I do have to admit that i get quite creeped out in the middle of the water in the middle of the night, with no one around. Even more uneasy when I used to wetsuit fish. Ehhh...they've been in and out of LIS forever, I'm sure. This just happens to be the first time it was confirmed and recorded.I don't think he will stick around too long. But if the government keeps protecting their beloved seals, and the colonies spread further south, the white sharks will quickly become residents, just like they have done on The Cape.
  3. I have no doubts that they occasionally cruise through LIS. There have been plenty of documented sightings of humpbacks and other whales, dolphins, seals, etc. There was even a few sightings of beluga whales back in the early 90’s off of Bridgeport. Why couldn’t a white shark pass through??
  4. Do I need to adjust the fins on my first gen 180 drive? They seem very loose. I can feel them flexing and squeaking when pedaling. I was pedaling against the tide yesterday, and was barely moving. I’ve never noticed this before. I feel like they would be more efficient if they didn’t flex so much. Any help?
  5. First snakehead of the season! I will never ever get enough of these creatures! This was just shy of 10lbs, and very very angry. I could get a good photo by myself in the kayak. Happy to have her aboard this morning. Despite that fish, it was a slow day. They seemed concentrated in one little creek, while the rest of the area I normally find them was loaded with bass guarding fry, and hundreds of giant spawning carp. I caught a few bass, which is very rare for this section of the river. They’re usually smart enough to keep clear and out of the way of the dragons. Today, the bass were holding their ground and keeping snek hidden wat back in the cabbage.
  6. Congrats! We don’t often see wallet like this in this part of the country. Good work!
  7. Does anyone use heavier jigs for pitching to shallow cover? I mainly use 3/8oz for most of the year. I’ll go to 1/2oz in a windy day just to maintain contact with the jig a little easier. But some guys swear by a 3/4oz jig. I just feel like it falls way to fast. What’s the deal?
  8. If you’re fishing shallow, you can use small foam indicators like they use for fly fishing. They slide pretty easily on your line, making them easily adjustable. Or maybe even knots for bobber stops, although, they may not float well. Im a line watcher too and my eyes are getting worse each year. I prefer to use hi-biz braid. Braid floats, which makes it ideal. I use a flouro leader of about 4’-6’. The braid makes a perfect strike indicator for this application.
  9. I was looking for the same thing very recently. I went with a 7’ Shimano SLX MH, fast. It’s perfect. It cast the frog very well, and handles a 1/2 jig, no problem! I have no trouble pulling big fish out of the cabbage. I’m very happy with it, and it was only a hundred bucks!
  10. @Ebbtide231 @Cadman T yup, both totally true! It has always amazed me how such a minute difference can make or break a day of fishing. It just surprised me because the fish seemed so aggressive. He was getting bit as soon as his jig hit the water. The instantaneous strikes also lead me to believe that there were more than one fish on each of those trees and they were fighting for a meal. Often times on this lake when the fish are acting like this, you can usually throw just about anything at them and they’ll eat it. Just one of those funny but frustrating observations. This is what keeps us coming back!
  11. Two days ago, my buddy and I were fishing standing cypress in a local reservoir. Water was perfect. It had cooled over the past few days from 78, to 69, with a slight stain in the water. I picked up two rats on the jig about 12" each as soon as we started. "Yes, jig bite is on!!!" He began following behind me doing the same thing. In an hour, he caught 5 fish over 4lbs, with a couple smaller ones mixed in. I was getting so frustrated! I never had another bite all afternoon. We were fishing the same jig, same size, same trailer, same color, same trees. As I was photographing one of his fish, I caught a good look at his jig. Same blk/blue jig I was fishing, but his had a couple of chartreuse strands on it. It was really only about 3-4 strands of chartreuse, but it made all the difference. Great day fro him....awful day for me.
  12. A grass jig in 3/8oz, blk/blue, with a Rage Menace. Blk/blue works well for me in all water conditions. I rarely fish more than 6' of water, so 3/8oz is the standard for me. I've been using NorthStar Baits Southpaw Jig this spring. The head design is like a hybrid between a grass jig, and an arky, and it's been working great; comes through grass and wood very well.
  13. Nice Ron! They are vicious! I fished Nanny a few times in the winter. Cool place! Never hit it on a good day though.
  14. If I’m confident that I am putting my jig in front of fish and not getting bit, I’ll try a pegged Rage Bug or Menace. That slimmer profile sometimes does it. If still no luck, the trusty old senko should be able to bail me out.
  15. Very cool! Nice job!!!