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  1. I initially started this thread with big stripe bass flies, particularly The Beast. I have been experimenting with the Misfit Musky hook in a 6/0, I believe. It seems to work well and they are not very expensive. However, I will ha e to wait until spring to put the hook to the test.
  2. Can’t see your vid. But I have a bag of underfur from my uncle yellow lab (white) that I’ve been using for years to tie usuals. Mike Roy of Reelcast Charters used to have a Chesapeake retriever that collected underfur from for me to tie usuals and rusty spinners with. I don’t have any left, unfortunately.
  3. My lifelong fishing mentor, and uncle, John Posh who used to own Stratford Bait in CT years ago taught me how to fly fish. He also had Eric Leiser teach a kids fly tying class in the shop one day. The first fly we tied was a Mickey Fin. Lou Tabory was close friends with my uncle back the. He too would give lessons at the shop once in a while which I participated in. Lou never ceased to amaze me. He would pick up a rod a lay out a whole line with one false cast. It mesmerized me. I am very grateful to have been raised around so many Greats.
  4. Carp can be ton of fun to target. There is a ton of material out there on targeting them. It can get really complicated, or you can keep it super simple. As kids, we would go to our spot, throw a can of corn out there the night before or in the morning, come back a couple hours later, thread a few kernels on a hook and have at it on ultra-light gear and 4lb test. Tons of fun!
  5. Some little belly scratcher trouts. These have two 4mm tungsten heads in the belly.
  6. I don’t where you plan on buying, but Appomattox River Company are great folks to deal with. They usually save me a good penny on any big purchases I make...usually 5-15%. I think I saved 10% on my Hobie. If you buy the boat, I’m sure they at least help you out on any accessories you buy. If your not hellbent on the 2019, perhaps you should look around for a leftover 2018. I’m sure you can save some money there.
  7. Another attempt at The Beast
  8. Not to get off topic, but I bought a Flint last year. It’s super lightweight, handles choppy water well, paddles like a dream, tracks straight as an arrow, and I can easily stand up in it all day, even in some sporty water. Great boat. I too am thinking about buying the pedal drive for it.
  9. Ahh XTS...that’s it. I know you like it. That’s why I asked. Lol!
  10. Nice. Beetle spin or the XPS?
  11. I have an outback. I love it. I take it in the ocean, in lakes, etc. handles rough water well. I can stand up and fish even in a little chop. Fantastic boat. Just inspect the hull thoroughly. And be extra careful inspecting around the hull where the mirage drive goes. Look very closely for cracks. Not that it’s a regular problem, but the drive puts stress on the hull in that area and some of the older models have had a lot of issues. Check out a few YouTube vids on mirage drive maintenance so you know well what it looks like and what issues to look for. Good luck!
  12. Wheeewwww!!! I put a beaten on em today! 3 pickerel between 24”-25” and FAT, and a few smaller ones. Had lots of short strikes and followers. Also caught 2 bass at 2lbs, and a whopper which came in at 22”, 6lbs. Wasn’t expecting much at all today. Boy was I wrong! Poor pics. Tough to take selfies in the kayak.
  13. This looks like a fun day!