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  1. Sunny and 70 with a dropping barometer....I just couldn’t resist. Played a little hooky and hit the lake. Lots of cookie cutter 1.5lb’ers. Caught them all on the jig. I was hoping for something a little bigger, but still tons of fun!
  2. I usually put a float cushion on the deck at the now and sit one of my kids there. They’re getting a little big now and it is very uncomfortable. Im thinking about getting another seat, but I am a bit wary. I am fraud of it becoming a bit tippy. With the elevated seat, and their added comfort, I am afraid they might try to move a little too freely and tip the boat. Any body try it?
  3. I saw a guy on an overnight partyboat trip bring a foodsaver vacuum sealer onboard with him. He left his fillets in ice and saltwater all day, and at the end of the day he plugged it in inside the cabin and packed his fillets in bags and put them in a clean cooler with ice. He had a travel pack of Lysol wipes with him to wipe down the table and his machine when he was finished. Seems a little inconvenient, but overall I think it was a pretty good idea.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, Vibe and Feel Free are the same manufacturer, under different company names. Their boats are very similar, almost identical. That being said,I've been in the Pescador 10 before. It's a decent boat for the money. It paddles efficiently for a 10 footer. If you're sitting still and fishing to a target, one half-hearted paddle stroke will turn the boat almost 90 degrees, which is very helpful when fishing in tight quarters. It's nice and stable. I stood up and fished comfortably on it. The deck is open and flat which is great for stowing gear. The one thing I don't like about Vibe is that their hulls are very lightweight. When strapping it to your vehicle, the hull sorta collapses under the straps. It pops right back out once the straps are released, but it makes me a bit skeptical. I'd hate to see the hull crack under the straps. Additionally, the deck feels a bit spongy under your feet if you're standing up on it. Again, not a big problem. Just something to think about. Overall, I'd say it would be a great boat for fishing small water; rivers, small lakes, etc. I wouldn't bring it out on any big water though. Good luck. Let us know what you decide on!
  5. Well, I guess 3 seasons of year-round use is all you can ask for from a $40 battery. I'll go buy another one. Thanks!
  6. The past two outings, my sonar died after about two hours. I know for sure it is on a full charge both times when I started. I reconnected the terminals because they do show signs of very light corrosion. The sonar will turn back on for a few seconds and then it dies again. Not it sure if I should cut off and replace the butt connectors, or just buy a new battery. What do you think?
  7. High water on my lake is a nightmare too. It becomes a minefield if submerged stumps. But they sit just an inch or two under. Be careful, or go swimming! But yeah, Stumpy! I’ve been wanting to get there! I went once a few years ago. The amount of targets to cast to are overwhelming. I’ll be a bachelor all summer this year, so I plan to travel a bit.
  8. The bite has been on fire the past two days. I cashed in yesterday with a 5lb’er on a jig, and a few smaller fish. My buddy had several citation fish over the past two days. I welcome the spring with open arms!
  9. Sorry about your house. That’s terrible! A snakehead on on the fly. And a double digit bass.
  10. I have not. But if it works in natural wool, why wouldn’t it work on bucktail?
  11. Paint is totally optional. I mean, on most jigs, the paint is chipped away after one night anyway, and they still catch fish.
  12. I appreciate it! I actually don’t live far from the Potomac now. That’s where I normally fish. I too have been targeting them with baitcasting gear from the kayak. I am moving to RI this year. I need to hit a snake on the fly from the kayak this year!
  13. Those Rooster frogs are so nice. I just finished up a fly swap with John. His work is clean and durable. A few more weeks and I’ll be dragging them across the cabbage for snek! I am moving back up north this fall, so a snake on the fly MUST be checked off the bucket list!
  14. Try Sally Hansen Hard As Nails. It’s a clear nail polish. It’s a real “old school” head cement, but it still holds a place on my tying desk. You can find it anywhere you’d find nail polish. Still gonna chip your jigs on the rocks though. Maybe it will hold up for an extra cast or two....
  15. I really like the 6’8” St Croix Mojo Bass medium X-fast. I think it labeled as their “top water” rod. It does a fantastic job with 1.5 squarebills and lipless cranks. I fish in some gnarly grass and I have no problem yanking a lipless through the it. The tip is really soft, but the rest of the rod is rather stiff. It has worked really well for me for the past few seasons.