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  1. Still available and in good condition. I’ll drop you a PM and see if we can meet somewhere.
  2. Outback! Great boat. Sturdy, stable, fast, handles big water very well. I could comfortably stand and fish on it even in a decent chop. The pedals can be a pest with flyline on the deck. If I were going to be mostly fly fishing off the kayak, I’d look at a NuCanoe Pursuit. In my opinion it is the ultimate kayak fly fishing platform. It’s long, super fast, very comfortable to stand on and the deck is wide open and flat. Nothing to get flyline caught on. I demo’d one last year and I couldn’t believe how impressed I was. It paddles so fast, it tracks straight as an arrow and I was so comfortable to fly fish out of. At 80lbs, its not too difficult to car-top. I car-topped my Outback for a while and even that wasn’t too bad once I did it a few times. And even though you don’t plan to decorate the boat with accessories, there are a lot of them available for that boat, and none of them require any drilling due the the gear tracks all over the boat that come installed when you buy it. Fun boat. Let us know what you decide on.
  3. No thank you.
  4. Sold!
  5. $150 shipped. Float does not come with it.
  6. Full carbon shaft, fiberglass blades. 250cm. Awesome paddle...lightweight and powerful! $150. I’m in Exeter, RI. Willing to meet somewhere in the area.
  7. Closed. Going to rearrange and repost this.
  8. Sorry about that! I got sidetracked with my kids. Sure I’ll sell the Boga. $180?
  9. Well maintained 2017 Outback with everything you need to hit the water. The 180 drive was updated to the new version and completely rebuilt with fresh cables and chains, and fins in the fall. Have only used it once since then. No cracks or leaks in hull. I have paid meticulous attention to the brackets where the drive clips into the hull. Normal wear on bottom of hull from launching/landing, and has always been stored indoors. This boat has everything! Slide it off the truck and go fishing! $3200obo for everything. If interested in just the boat, and would like to select some accessories, we will work something out. This boat has mostly been used in freshwater. However, I have ventured out to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel a few times, hence the scuffs near the bow from rubbing on the bridge pilings. I have only used it maybe 5 times in the last two years. I just don’t have much interest in kayak fishing anymore. Located in Exeter, RI -Bending Branches Angler Pro paddle (250cm I think) -Lowrance Hook4 sonar/gps with Navionics chip -Yakattack Noqua battery -Chinook NRS PFD sz L/XL -Yakattack Black Pack -2 Hobie rod holders -Hobie Scupper cart regular wheels -Hobie scupper cart with balloon wheels -Yakattack Omega rod holder -Brand new Yakattack vizicarbon flag and light -Boondox T-bone -60lb Boga
  10. Check out the Shimano SLX. Awesome rod for $100! I mainly use it for frogs, but I’ve also used it for jigs, chatters, and bigger swimbaits. I think the one I have is 7’ which has been ideal for me out of the kayak.
  11. Yes they guard their fry, and they are usually very difficult to catch.
  12. I’ve never noticed a secret for snakes. They’re either biting, or they’re not, from my experience. 90% of the time, I’m throwing jig a Top Toad either black or white. I finds snakes in the thickest cabbage on the water and sometimes in spots where I don’t even think there is any water. Sometimes they won’t eat a from, but it’s a good way to locate them. If you fishing a frog and spot a fish moving the vegetation or you get a follow, throw the frog at it again. Now you know where that fish is. After the follow up with the frog, I usually throw a pink 7” Zoom fluke t-rigged with no weight. Man, they hate that thing!! That’s usually my follow up bait for follows, blow ups, etc, or when I see a fish but can’t get it to chase a frog.
  13. Closed. Decided to list elsewhere.
  14. Forgot to post the pics...
  15. 2020 Specialized Allez 52cm in “like new” condition. This is the base model. I bought it this Spring, but I don’t ride it as often as I’d anticipated. It has all original parts, no mods or upgrades. Aluminum frame with carbon fork, Shimano drivetrain and brakes, Shimano Ultegra pedals. Also comes with Specialized Torch 1.0 shoes men’s size 10.5. $1200 I’m Exeter, RI