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  1. Sunrise at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel last weekend. Such a fun trip, we caught a ton of fish. I’ve been out there dozens of times, but never hit it on a flat calm day like this!
  2. My buddy and I were out on a bar one night. We saw two streaking lights off in the distance. We continued to see them off and on every few minutes. Suddenly the lights came streaking straight at us and two surfers almost ran us over. I thought they were nuts for surfing that spot in the dark. Then again, they might have thought we were nuts for bobbing all the way out there in the dark to fish.
  3. I have one. I’m in RI for a few more days. Driving through CT on Sunday in route to to VA. Can bring it with me and meet up with you somewhere along 95.
  4. I am planning to buy a Bonafide very soon, which I will use strictly for freshwater. I demo’d a couple and I live it. So stable, it’s like standing on a bass boat. Lots of accessories and options to add accessories. Many guys say the paddle like crap, but I think they paddle very well. The new fins they are working on which help minimize the spin at drift, and the poor tracking help out tremendously. I will be buying a SS127 this winter or in the spring.
  5. Closed. Thank you!
  6. Next time you get followed like that, try following up with a popper or something of the sort. Or an unweighted soft plastic jerkbait like a fluke. And snakeheads are amazing! He had somewhere to go and the bridge was his route. They are my favorite fish to target!
  7. And don’t be so locked into the thought of having to walk it all the time. Its action is just as erratic even if it isn’t “walking”. I’ve had some great days retrieving it straight to the kayak and adding a twitch or two here and there. What species are are you targeting with the spool?
  8. Sold!
  9. $225 and we have a deal.
  10. Here a size 2 Gama B10S and a size 1/0. I don’t think I would be very comofrotable tying small flies on this vise. You can probably get away with the 1/0, but I don’t think anything smaller.
  11. PM coming
  12. Hmmm...I’ll put a small hook in the vise shortly when I get home and post a photo for you. To be honest, it may be a bit too big and awkward with a small hook. The jaws might actually get in the way of tying. Give me a couple hours and I’ll put a photo up.
  13. This is the ultimate vise for tying in large and heavy hooks! Especially big heavy jigs. It’s the size #1 LIRS jaw, which is the jaw in this design. Pictured in the vise is a 7/0 VMC siwash. You absolutely CANNOT get a hook to move or slip in this vise. It also has a full rotary function. The pedestal is very heavy, probably 10lbs and is super sturdy when putting lots of tension on heavy thread. I’ve had it for less than a year. I just don’t use it nearly as often as I expected to. $250 shipped, PayPal
  14. Closed. I’m gonna post this in the Fly Fishing BST.