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  1. Finally got out this month. We took fish poppers, flukes, and Alabama rig. No big fish, but still a fun afternoon.
  2. Yup, I use the Partridge Predator too. It’s a fantastic hook. I just don’t have any big ones at the moment, and was looking to see what others are using for this application. Nice hook! Can’t find any big ones in the States though. The 8/0-10/0 seem to be readily available in Australia though. Lol Thank you for the replies. I bought some musky hooks that I know of, which are basically a knock off of the Partridge Predator, but bigger. I am keeping my eyes peeled for the large size Trey Combs hook.
  3. Thanks! I couldn't find the Tiemco in anything bigger than 4/0. I ordered some musky hooks that I've used in the past. They should work just fine. I am just worried that the shank will be a bit too long.
  4. I am interested in tying some large EP style flies and some Beasts. I’m wondering what hooks and hook sizes everyone prefers.
  5. I’ll take your offer. No damage to the plugs except for some hook rash. I’ll also throw in another LS69 darter which has some stains under the clear coat. It fishes just fine, it just looks bad. Maybe you can sand it and paint it if you’d like. I’ll inbox you my PayPal.
  6. Another vote for Alberto. Quick and easy to tie, and never had one fail on me.
  7. Thank you! And yes, I spend a good chunk of change each year with Bears Den. They are a great shop. I will give them a call. I know of a guy in Europe who hand selects tails for sale in his shop, but with euro and shipping they cost about $12 a tail. Yikes!
  8. Please give Seed420 a chance to respond. If we don’t hear from him by noon today, then you and I will work something out.
  9. Icelandic sheep may also fit the bill. It rather wirey, and stiff. It is a natural hair so the tip have a taper to them.
  10. It is not tapered. However, if you cut out your clump and give a slight pull on some of the hairs so that the tips are not even, it will create a taper once you tie it in.
  11. Does anyone here source bucktail from somewhere in particular? There aren’t any fly shops in my area, and I hate buying it online and getting tails full of short, wavy hair. Any suggestions?
  12. Yup, yak hair is a good alternative for your application. It’s oretty long though, so you’d be wasting a good bit of it.
  13. I haven’t tried using it yet, but synthetic bucktail may be a possibility for you.
  14. Sorry for the late response. I am coming off a 36hr shift. Yes they are available!
  15. I mainly use a 6'6" or 7' light action for finess fishing, like senkos, drop-shot, etc. And in the winter, I will often fish jerkbaits, and very light jigs with it too. It sure is fun! I have taken many fish 4-8lbs on these rods.