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  1. THanks Andrew! He’s sick of cutting hooks for the flags he makes.
  2. My husband wanted me to ask what gauge wire you use for the flags? Random, I know...
  3. Payment sent
  4. 2 ghost Shad and 2 electric Shad please
  5. They attacked my face last weekend. And my hands. Despite being covered in DEET. The creepy thing was that I could hear them buzzing around my head. What kind of mutant mosquito buzzes like that?! Bottom line, the left side of my face, which they apparently preferred, looks like I have scabies. It's hot.
  6. 2 bunker please!
  7. 2 herring please!
  8. That happened to my husband a ways back at Great Kills. Thing is, he had grown up there and fished there his whole life, 30+ years. Only moved to Jersey a couple years prior. It’s a sh***y thing to do.
  9. Last Sunday I barely had the car door open before they swarmed. It’s unreal.
  10. Me right now
  11. Understood. Hopefully you'll get a smokey joe!
  12. Unfortunately, no. Sold that other whole row. I have a bunch of jointed bombers that I'm selling as well, if you're interested in any of those.
  13. I’ve got these. $20 PP
  14. You got it. PMing you now.
  15. $15 each. All new in boxes, never fished.