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  1. PM coming.
  2. You got it. PM coming.
  3. Both in great condition and with original boxes. Newell 229 - $105 Newell 235 - $125
  4. Yup. Me and Al Sharpton, totally the same. That press conference I held was nuts.
  5. If and when it’s determined to be fabricated, I would absolutely condemn it. Faking a hate crime is deplorable. However, I owe no apologies for posing a question.
  6. No, I don’t.
  7. The green/tan one is $25 shipped. PM coming.
  8. You got it. PM coming.
  9. They are. The material is strong. I’m only getting rid of them because I decided to treat myself to a Flatlander!
  10. Price drop Newell 229 $105 Newell 235 $130 Daiwa $40
  11. The green/tan bag with the hook hole is $20 plus $5 for shipping. Should’ve done that to begin with.
  12. Just to clarify, all green, no tan? I’ll PM info.
  13. Emptying out my she-shed. Looking to part with these. $25 each plus $5 shipping. Will combine shipping for more than one. PP only. Two FJ Neil Deluxe Striper Tackle bags. One is all green and one is green and tan. I have no idea why. The green and tan has a hole in one of the front pockets from a hook. Pics show it. Both bags included plastic plug compartments. One Simms fly fishing hip bag. It’s in great condition.
  14. I admit I never even considered he could be lying or it could have been some other bonkers situation. I find myself relying on Occam’s Razor most of the time, but maybe that’s just naive in this day and age? That being said, nothing has come out to disprove his story. I tend to believe the victim. But your point about waiting until all the facts are in is a good one, and it isn’t lost on me. *Also, I would never mind being called “dear”. As long as people treat me with respect, which you did, I find it nice
  15. The past two threads I’ve participated in have seen you quote posting everything I say and seeming to come after me and me alone. I find that strange, since I don’t know you and I’m pretty sure I’ve never done you wrong. So it’s creepy to me that I’m the target of some kind of rage boner you seem to have. To answer your question, I am a Democrat. But believe it or not, I can have views that don’t align with that party. Good day, sir.