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  1. Thank you
  2. Does anyone know where I can order a custom surfbelt ? I tried reaching out to Flatlander but he hasnt answered. Thank you.
  3. Last fall was ok. I thought it was pretty bad this spring
  4. It sure is around LI
  5. What do you mean ?
  6. Ha deer blitzing that would be a funny sight
  7. On LI hunting spots are sacred. Very few spots and we have monsters down here. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t follow hunting ethics. Lotta poaching and hunting over bait which is BS
  8. I really loved it. Everyone was friendly. A gorgeous and a truly special place. I get the same feeling as I do when I’m in montauk. I understand why locals are upset.
  9. Believe it or not I’m actually Gen X lol got into the fishing game late. Perfect compliment to my other passion. Bow hunting
  10. Definitely Daiwa BG
  11. Sweet tomatoes pizza, the breakfast Nook and mary lou's
  12. Officials should charge a 100 dollar fee for a canal fishing permit. I think it would keep a lot of the riff raff out. Maybe make the canal C&R only. Have any of the locals proposed any idea to the ACOE ?
  13. I started crushing barbs and converting my lures to single hooks. does an sp minnow need a tail worm weight to keep the action? and does a pencil popper need a tail hook ?
  14. No way. But the ones i did take out were revived. What are the chnces a striper dies after revival ?
  15. I'm not the guy hooting and hollering, killing fish, urinating, or sleeping in my car. I've taken over 100 stripers in the last year and released every one of them. Guys down there were begging me not to let the fish go and i ignored them.I spent good money at CBT and a bunch of different restaurants. I'm not "that" guy. And yes people on here are beating this to death thats why I sent a PM to the admin asking him to delete the post.