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  1. Looking to trade this crazy troller for NorCal slimsta, slim firminator metal lip, BIg Rock 5.2 or gremlin slim metal lip
  2. Ok thanks
  3. I don’t have any Luna left but I would really like to buy a firminator slim or BR’s Please ?
  4. Yours pm coming
  5. Big rock shovel heads , or 5.2, firminators, or norkal slimstas. I’ll entertain others too
  6. Anyone wanna trade for the Luna ?
  7. Yours ! Pm coming
  8. I have a PlugLab slow sinking grenade (NEW) for sale $55 shipped or trade for new firminators or big rock 5.2’s Luna Pencil $45 shipped or trade
  9. Going to re post and try to sell or trade separate
  10. Nice ! How much ?
  11. Ok gonna let it ride for a week
  12. 3.8 oz slow sinking
  13. Duplicate
  14. Selling as lot $110 shipped plug lab slowsinking grenade Luna pencil