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  1. ill take these please
  2. I use Rapala split ring pliers for the smaller rings. $10 bucks or less Thanks guys, i'll check these out
  3. The split ring pliers I use for my saltwater lures are not cutting it for the small split rings on some of my freshwater lures. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  4. ill take these please
  5. shark river mail order has silver back/clear. no dots on them though
  6. BFS = bait finesse system, Aldebaran is a BFS reel made by Shimano.
  7. top one please
  8. can't see pic? thanks
  9. still looking- thanks
  10. my name is tom , call me if u have any questions 609 516 8866.

  11. Sounds good- thank you. Please shoot me your paypal info when you get a chance.
  12. depends on condition and quantity.