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  1. ill take these please
  2. the pikie is actually a winch- that's a great plug
  3. Agreed. I can't stand Kraft but I'd say we've had more than enough events of late where people rushed to judgement and backed the wrong horse.
  4. All Habs please
  5. .
  6. Ringed version. Model # 5127R-161, 5 packs of 6 hooks, $45 shipped
  7. Where on LI are you?
  8. Last known sighting come October 2019?:
  9. Brian, They are around all summer. Where I catch them, striped ones get bigger than the other type- I've caught some around 6" and I don't think they get much bigger than that- but as noted by DG they are not as hardy. I don't think I have ever caught a non-striped one bigger the 2" but they are tough as heck and are easier to keep alive in the killie bucket when I'm wading.
  10. Yes. I know of at least one guy who fishes them almost exclusively. Egg sinker rig with a mustad 34007 hook
  11. zara
  12. F168, 130mm. Older style, teardrop lip. . Will pay $10 plus $5 shipping for new, less for used. Would prefer a batch to save on shipping. Thanks
  13. ill take please
  14. ill take this
  15. ill take these thanks