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  1. When I discovered this site, I used to somewhat obsess over visiting it. One day the wife glanced over and was concerned how much time I was spending on Strippers Online. True story.
  2. Next time get their plates and call it in anonymously. Doing nothing is the worst thing you can do.
  3. Can anyone else pose link to article? I'm glad they are doing something. I wish we could go vigilante on these scumbags at times...20 of us with paintball guns sounds like a good idea to me.
  4. Maybe that's why?
  5. Nice work. Had my first keeper of my fishing career last night, and when trying to pull him up, the rod bounced, unset the hook, and he was gone. Had him 2 feet from the dock I was fishing off. Guess this is one of those moments where you say "I'm picking up golf" lmao.
  6. Finally some justice is served. I saw a guy doing this last year. I called him out but it was 1:30am in Boston and just him and I under a sketchy bridge. I wanted to knock him out and throw all the fish back in the water... Not worth it though. After the confrontation I walked off and watched from a distance- he abruptly took off in his car because he probably thought I had called the authorities.
  7. CCC doesn't count in spot burning. And congrats on the great first outing. I just started last spring and am still pumped to get out there as often as possible. Started my first day of the season off with 2 great catches just last week.
  8. Nice Job captain. Got my first a few days ago. Tell my fiance I said hello if you see her!
  9. Honestly- the days I get good catches were few and far between last summer, but after reading about the Canal I refuse to make the trip EVER. The sight of illegal immigrants poaching would drive me mad, as would the crowds. Going to keep hitting my spots closer to Boston where numbers are minimal in my experience!
  10. Yes. Last season was my first season striper/salt water fishing. Didn't know about the idea until over the winter and I crushed them all before my first time out this season on Wednesday. Glad I did.
  11. I crushed the barbs on all my lures and hooks yesterday prior to my first day out of the season. Caught 2 beauties and I must say- It made releasing them 100x better and more humane. Was able to remove the hook with bare hands as opposed to last season being practically a visit to the orthodontist.
  12. Got a beauty in the Harbor last night. Birds were going nuts! Died down real quick after that.
  13. Tried charlestown lox today and assembly yesterday. Struck out at both! Almost no visible action at all! Even got over to charles river for some large mouth bass fishing. Not a bite. Tis the end of the season...