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  1. If you don't mind me asking- how is that even possible? Are you going out on a boat? This summer I was skunked for almost 2 months- but mostly fished boston harbor which can be difficult.
  2. Tried there as well tonight. Total ghost town no fish feeding at all. Over the summer there was definitely some action. I think I'll throw in the towel soon... What kind of fish finder do you have? I think I'll get one for next summer...Time is money....
  3. Caught a schoolie in the charles river on my shakespeare micro stick-- what a battle ha! 8lb test....
  4. Very interesting information- that dehooker certainly looks helpful.
  5. Wow that's actually really cool. What's the best way to unhook these guys- sit on their back on shore from behind, remove hook, then drag back to the water by tail?
  6. This is a terrible tragedy without a doubt- scary yes- shocking sure- but Massachusetts has over 2,000 opiod OD related deaths a year- maybe we figure that out first before killing off great whites.
  7. Terrible tragedy. Here is an eyewitness report if anyone is interested in exactly what went down...
  8. Thanks for the insight. I for one wouldn't risk not having one on in such turbulent conditions. The second it begins to look rough I hope all of you will throw that jacket on before it's too late.
  9. Tried the Dam today behind assem row today but not even a bite. Asside from getting 2 schoolies this summer about 2 weeks ago near the north end, boston harbor has been next to impossible for me all summer. Not a single other catch in 3 months of fishing.
  10. May he RIP. I am sorry to sound so ignorant but would a life jacket/CB radio been of any help? Sorry guys totally new to saltwater fishing. Truly a tragedy.
  11. Don't get that. Ever seen the toyota FJ cruiser? That's my dream 4x4 someday!
  12. Anyone having luck in the charlestown area?
  13. Jeeze and here I am on the shorelines striking out every single time lol.
  14. Ok great- I was biking and nicked the top guide on a concrete wall by accident, I did sand it down but just wanted to make sure that was an approach. Seems smooth I will try and further polish.
  15. Is filing down a rough guide a simple enough fix or do you think complete replacement is the only option?