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  1. Yeah right! But I would like to see you guys put an early dent in the Cowgirls.
  2. I find it works pretty well. Spray and rub then wash your hands so it doesn’t get on your bait. Bring some hand wipes and rinse your hands in the water if you need to reapply. I’m a fan.
  3. 15.5” keeper?? Where you fishing Fool?
  4. Out front OC this morning 7:30-12:00. Landed a few shorts and lost a few along with several bites first hour and a half. Thought it was going to be a good day like last Saturday but the bite shut down for the rest of my time except for two nibbles. Got googaned around 11:15 by a guy who wandered off the swimming beach with a small spinning outfit attached to a Kastmaster and didn’t account for the northward sweep in the surf. He got all excited because he thought he had a fish on. I hollered several times “you’ve got me “. He eventually woke up but oh what a cluster. Had to finally cut my line as he had totally wrapped my braid all around his steel leader, snap swivel and Kastmaster treble. He apologized which was cool and I said these things happen but only fished for another twenty minutes after untangling my gear and retying. It was time to go anyway. Beautiful day. Water was a little dirty on the outgoing. No bait to be seen. Get out there boys!
  5. Out front OC this morning 7:30-12:00. Thought it was going to be a good day as there was a steady pick of shorts landed, a few lost and some hits for a about an hour and a half. Then nothing except two weak hits for the next three hours. Thought maybe the tide change would turn it back on but nada. Beautiful day though!
  6. Does Skinner use those?
  7. Out front OC 7-11am. Landed 8 fluke, 2 around keeper size but released. Lost a few in the wash using barbless hooks. Lots of kings around. Bite turned off as soon as the tide went slack. Good day!
  8. Out front OC 7-11am. All the kings you could want. Unfortunately I was only rigged for fluke so I was only able to hook two. Landed eight fluke, two around keeper size but released. Lost a few in the wash using barbless hooks. Flies weren’t too bad if you stayed close to the water. Venture on to the dry sand and oh boy! Bite turned off like a light switch as soon as the tide went slack.
  9. Thanks Sudsy.
  10. Any areas less prone to grass Sudsy? Thinking of beach fishing low slack to 10/11 tomorrow. Anywhere OC on north.
  11. Out front OC yesterday with my buddy 6:30am to 1:00pm. Tide mostly outgoing while we were there. Mostly an east wind so not many flies except in the lots. Sunny and clean water. Landed 12 fluke between us with 1 keeper size but just barely. Really fat but I released him anyway. All fish caught on white Gulp teaser except the biggest one. Got him on white BT with small pink Gulp twister tail. My first fluke on a BT and I believe it’s because I have downsized to 1oz or less. We lost another 6-8. My buddy also picked up a 2-3lb blue. Also saw a guy catch a nice 20 inch Fluke down the beach from us on a 4” chartreuse Gulp teaser. Said he caught it right in the wash. Never give up on your retrieve! Lots of CNR around. Also saw a 3-4’ shark cruising the surf. Great day! Tight lines my friends!
  12. Haven’t seen anyone mention them in awhile. Anyone still seeing any sand eels?
  13. Some additional input on my 10’ Suzuki. While overall I am happy with the purchase I just want to put out a few things I am noticing. Be careful that your line doesn’t wrap at the tip. Could be my inexperience but I do have to pay careful attention to that. Also the guide at the tip is very small and seems to grab the smallest knot. I use an Albright to attach leader to braid and am reluctant to use any leader long enough to have to reel in through the guide before casting. I also don’t see much of a difference in distance when casting weight in the lower end of the spectrum. Will post another update as I get more experience with it. Very sensitive and lightweight. Caught 3 more fluke on it today.
  14. Out front in OC today from about 7:30am to 1:00pm. Kept running into a lot of grass and the skunk. My buddy and I kept moving around until we found cleaner water. We ended up with 4 fluke and 1 small BF. All on small white Gulp mullet on the teaser loop. No flies as wind was SW then SE. Not really crowded either. Good day! Although we did stare death in the face when we ran into bad storm on the way home and a guy hydroplaned and did a 360 across 3 lanes of traffic! Fortunately no one was hurt!