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  1. Out front MoCo this morning with my buddy. 6-9am water a little dirty, surf was a little rough, SW wind. Fished both sides of a low tide. I had one Gulp tail bit off, my bud managed 1 small fluke. Tried 2 different spots. Some mussels and cabbage but not enough to complain about. A little disappointing but it was still a fine morning standing in the suds.
  2. Going pretty much fluke mode although I still hope for some yellow eyed devils and stripes. Anybody else doing the same I am interested to see your posts here.
  3. Caught what?
  4. Out front OC this morning 5:30-9:30. Light west wind. Water was clean with some decent white water. 1000’s of sand flea sheds and dead whole ones. Gathered some live ones and drifted bugs for about an hour. Not a touch. Switched to fluking for another hour. Nada. Schools of bunker showed up along with some dolphins and a humpback. A school finally got within casting range. I put on an Ava with teaser and managed to reach them. First cast hickory shad and cocktail blue double header. I followed the school down the beach for about 20 minutes and picked 6 more blues. Then Mr. Whale decided to take a couple of gulps out of my bait ball and that was all she wrote. Great morning.
  5. Make sure you air down! If you got a permit you should know what equipment you need. Don’t expect to be a pro right away. I’m in my third year and still feel lucky some days to get 1 fish. Gotta put your time in for this sport. Good luck!
  6. You are casting out too far
  7. Yes I believe it was a 4”
  8. Report from yesterday. Hit the beach in MoCo 7:00am close to low tide. Slight breeze from the west. Surf fairly calm. Was hoping to float some bugs but couldn't find the larger ones. There were a couple of bait guys where I was planning to fish. They reported no action. Since I couldn't bug I decided to go straight to fluking. Fish on after about 10 minutes. Thought I had a striper as it ran down the beach stripping drag. A fat 18" flattie. Had a few hits and misses on shorts. Things shut down for a bit at slack tide but picked up again the first hour of incoming. Last fish of the day another 18incher. New Penny Gulp Shrimp was the ticket but unfortunately only had one in my bag. 4" swimming mullet only accounted for the last fluke and some sundials Most of the fish came from the lip. Ended the day a little after 10:00 am. 6 fluke and 5 sundials. I'll take it. All fish released. The tug is the drug! Tight lines guys!
  9. Sorry to hear about the leg Fishless. Hang in there bud! Just have to put the time in. I’m still waiting for that epic striper or big bluefish day.
  10. Is that the one in Long Branch or do they all have the same deal? Heading out that way tomorrow.
  11. Thanks!
  12. Wouldn’t you think a north wind would cool and a South wind would warm? Not saying that is the case but just seems backwards to me.
  13. OC out front 6:00am. Light NE breeze, clean water, clouds of bunker up and down the beach but too far out to reach. Water seemed colder than last week. Threw plugs and BT’s for over an hour. No action. Wind picked up and started blowing straight out of the north which made plugging difficult. Decided to switch it up and was hoping to float some bugs but couldn’t find any big enough to put on a hook. Rerigged for fluke and picked 3 shorts. A couple whales came by and pushed the bunker in a little so tried throwing metals attempting to reach the edge of the school. Got close but no success. I don’t think there were any fish on them as several boats came and tried fishing the schools. They didn’t stay long. Any day I avoid the skunk is a good day. Beautiful weather except for the north wind. Tight lines to ya!
  14. (Edit for duplicate)
  15. Yeah I was afraid that might happen. Still getting my $120 worth out of mine. Hopefully they last awhile longer. Still have my old pair I use as backup but they have a small seam leak that I haven’t fixed yet.