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  1. no thanks, $300.00 + shipping.
  2. WTT slimsta for bm torpedo + 1 super strike. Just trying to get an equal value trade. NorCal. Does have small scratch shown in picture.
  3. Any condition, color doesn’t matter.
  4. New beast darter for ccw jetty,j2, giant Danny, or jj1.
  5. Still interested?
  6. Cool, sounds good. Thanks
  7. I am ok with used, in good shape.
  8. Anything specific you are looking for?
  9. Bump
  10. No thanks, I appreciate your offer but I’m gonna pass.
  11. That looks like the small flat glide, sorry I should I have said 8” version I would trade for. I’m willing to look at anything else you have to pair with the wadd.
  12. Looking for anything else?
  13. Yeah that would be good with me.
  14. Yeah thats good