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  1. Wtb New or used jointed eel diver…
  2. Donny sold to Googs.. Danny’s left
  3. WXZ31

    Wtb PM

    @MorningWood no thank you. I appreciate the link to your post.
  4. WXZ31

    Wtb PM

    @MagMatt thanks for the offer, going to pass.
  5. WXZ31

    Wtb PM

    Any Donnie’s out there..
  6. I like the lime slim… I would trade for that
  7. Ok, I’m going to pass on that.
  8. Do you have any needles? Thinking 2:1, Used is cool too. Wadds, mini wadds, flat glides, any wood needles.
  9. I’ll do both pm for a mikes spook. @Hi Hook
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