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  1. Have a trip planned in December for Charleston. I fish mainly artificial lures. Would like to do the same there. Read that bait is mostly used there. Does anyone have a recommendation for a travel surf spinning rod and reel combo. Also are there any good surf spots to fish there? Thanks D_L
  2. Definitely voting R.
  3. I’ll take the 3rd one.
  4. I'll take the 3rd down
  5. Ill take the 3rd one down split.
  6. Looks good. Would you take $93 for the typhoon jacket?
  7. Does the typhoon jacket have the neoprene core? Do you have pictures? Thanks D_L
  8. Looking for used in decent shape hook file. Thanks D_L
  9. Exactly. Not only that. A militia was formed by individuals who bought their own weapons. The militia did not supply the weapons to the individual.
  10. Yeah I'm voting for Cox. Gavin is only gonna screw gun owners over worse than it already is here.
  11. Ok. I will check that one out. Thanks