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  1. Yeah probably.
  2. The states have no way to enforce unjust laws. In California the judge issued an injunction on the magazine ban. There was a one week widow to order online or buy at a shop. An estimated 1 million standard capacity magazines were sold. Add that to what gun owners already have.
  3. Well said. It’s always amazing to me how many gun owners don’t really care about their rights. Other wise they would band together and vote. I remember here in California before they passed Prop 63 which essentially made you go to featureless or you had to register it with the CA DOJ. There were petitions going around to stop it from going to the ballot. I tried to tell people to sign it. Later on I asked my friends and they said uh no never go around to it. Well it passed and went into law. And until someone challenges it in court. We are screwed. I equate gun ownership with being an American. People should want to learn about it and appreciate that we can have it in this country.
  4. Looking for Mak Angler pouch in size Medium. Thanks D_L
  5. On the money.
  6. Yup its not debatable.
  7. Agree. Looking forward to the day.
  8. True that
  9. Awesome pics.
  10. Nice Tom
  11. Sweet