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  1. Yup it is. Nothing surprises me anymore with all the whack job politicians in this state.
  2. I'll take the round nose.
  3. Really Great. Beautiful Fish
  4. Agreed. Its about disarming.
  5. I'm figuring Gavin Newsome to try a full semi automatic ban once he takes office. They just chisel little by little and erode your rights away.
  6. What I have so far.
  7. These types of bans result in very low compliance.
  8. A federal judge in California placed an injunction on the magazine ban. Can you believe that. For the very reason it would make criminals out of law abiding gun owners. We need to get this to SCOTUS.
  9. +2
  10. Do you know the maker of the yellow slope head metal lip in the first picture?
  11. Not counting the unfunded public employee pension fund nearing 1 trillion.