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  1. Yup exactly. The voters passed prop 47. So breaking into cars in San Francisco is a misdemeanor. And the thieves know it. SF has the highest property crime rate in the nation.
  2. Ok sounds good. I'm in SF so beach access is really close.
  3. Interesting. So do you have to drive to find good beaches?
  4. Well we don't have East Coast numbers for sure. Some days its a grind to find one.
  5. Yup. Happening here in CA.
  6. Nice
  7. Not much different in California. We have micro stamping. Ruger and several other companies have stopped selling certain semi automatics. Really the only way to deal. Is move to a free state.
  8. But San Francisco pays for 4 million hypodermic needles a year going to heroin addicts.
  9. This is downtown San Francisco on my way to work.
  10. Yup. I live in SF. Its the same out here.