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  1. Im in California and looking forward to getting another Conservative judge. The way the state treats law abiding gun owners is absurd.
  2. Yeah saw that. Prolly the way to go. Thanks
  3. Looking for used Daiwa BG 3000 in good condition. Thanks D_L
  4. Yup. Really no different than what California dose to businesses. The businesses just move to a more friendly environment.
  5. Beautiful Shotgun.
  6. I'll take the Lamiglass for asking. Thanks D_L
  7. Exactly. I have a 10/22 Take down. Love it.
  8. I have an Aimpoint Patrol Red Dot. Works great. Its not inexpensive. But you get what you pay with optics.
  9. I use Meyer Pliers. Around $34.00. Can always upgrade later to a more expensive vice. For now it does the trick.
  10. Filed last week. Refund nearly double.
  11. The cost in 2009 was 35 billion. It has now ballooned to 77 billion.