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  1. I’m gonna pass on these, appreciate it atsea247
  2. Would you split the two SRs on the right?
  3. Interested in all 3
  4. Open to most size and condition
  5. price?
  6. Preferably light colors but open to most. Any condition.
  7. unbelievable the past few days. Was on a relatively unpopular point and had 6-7 guys casting behind me from shore with lights on
  8. Most colors condition doesn’t matter
  9. Most colors condition doesn’t matter
  10. I feel better about swimming to rocks now
  11. I had both of my 250L’s **** the bed on me spring/early summer this year relatively close apart. I needed a reel in a pinch mid July and bought a 6000 just planning to use it for a month until I got my VS’s back. I’ve read a lot of horror stories about the Salt-X so I may have just gotten a gem out of the production line. I fish mine generally 5-6 nights a week and the reel takes a swim with me 99% of the time. Never had a issue with it so far, we’ll see how it holds up but for now it has been my go to.
  12. After releasing multiple 20lb fish back to back in a mullet blitz on a 12” Danny during 5-7 foot seas I was absolutely freight trained by a fish that pulled me off my rock. Eventually after the fish taking two runs while being washed around a deep boulderfield not being able to feel bottom I lost contact and the fish. Got back up on my rock and caught a schoolie that wasn’t much bigger then my plug, rushing to get my plug back in the water I embedded the hook in the top of my hand. With a *brand new* pair of VS pliers I tried to cut the hook and ended up breaking the cutters. Being very far from shore and my car I decided to rip the hook out of my hand that left a pretty nasty scar. This was around 1AM, after that I managed to catch high teen fish - 20’s until sunrise but never managed to find one that ripped me off my rock. For more or less a night I will never forget.
  13. heard - I’ll take these at asking!
  14. $35 for the bottles?
  15. Scratch that, I’ll take it $575 shipped