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  1. Alright, after a good season and putting it against some large fish and long nights here’s my take aways. overall lighter and easier on my body than both of my previous GSBs. Casts eels extremely well. I was honestly a little concerned about how light this was and was worried about stopping power but I was able to turn fish in the 30+ pound class a lot faster than I did with previous rods. I feel like the rod did a lot of the work and I was able to horse in and turn fish faster. Overall my body was less fatigued tossing 5oz riggies night after night.
  2. $150 shipped top Giant medium diver bottom Giant surface used
  3. $80 for #2?
  4. Is this a surface?
  5. Went ahead and ordered a S2 1326. Thanks everyone for the input. After a few weeks I’ll update this and let everyone know how it’s held up!
  6. Anybody have any input on the Century Nor’easter?
  7. Thanks for the all the responses guys. I’ve fished GSBs for years but have been concerned about newer tech rods and my style of fishing. Glad to here from guys that are out in the water beating them up, I live in an area where I cannot travel to a rod builder so it’s nice to hear some personal input.
  8. Howdy, Broke my GSB and looking for a new whip. Fish 6 nights a week - primarily throwing riggies, big metal lips. Lightest I will be throwing is a super strike darter. Spend my time swimming out of boulderfields so I am fairly tough on my gear and bash my rod of rocks quite often. Not super concerned on weight but a lighter rod would be nice for less fatigue as I am usually fishing long hours. Currently thinking about a stealth or weapon - looking to hear some reviews from people who fish the way I do. Thanks in advance much love.
  9. Catching ability indeed.
  10. How’s $80?
  11. Respectfully offer $70 for the two large needles
  12. Interested in Interested in the 3 needles
  13. No problem I’ll take it bud, shoot me a PM. Thanks VoG!
  14. Would you take $40 shipped?