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  1. 14 Republican's voted NO to Federal Holiday remembering end of Slavery So?
  2. I haven’t heard him stutter however, I have seen him blathering words that made no sense on multiple occasions.
  3. TDS much? There’s a cure for that you know.
  4. We know that now but that didn’t stop the H.O.R. from using it during Trump’s second sham impeachment trial.
  5. Sounds bad, real bad but what else was tacked onto the bill that made them vote no?
  6. Damn straight, Biden is an idiot! Thanks for the confirmation.
  7. No, it was Biden this time, The only real question is did Biden believe Putin because he said it very strongly and powerfully or is because Biden is afraid of him. At least Trump wasn’t afraid of Putin.
  8. Trump, a convenient distraction from the Biden/Harris embarrassment.
  9. I’ve had issues with the way Joe speaks ever since he referred to Obama as “This Boy*”. After listening to this latest Faux pas, I’m not sure he can speak understandable English on his own anymore. The rest of the G-7 leaders have to be LTAO. *This Boy: not that I cared what he said, compared to Biden, Obama is indeed a boy. However, perhaps Young man or Youngster would have been more acceptable to the PC crowd, you know, that bunch of Leftist A. Holes that promptly ignored the “Boy” comment but only because Biden was supposedly representing them in the first place. Yep just another fine example of the democrat’s double standards.
  10. Sam Kinnison only acted angry and the people knew anger was part of his act. There’s a huge difference between acting angry while telling a joke and spouting off angry, hateful things. Bill Maher’s hate filled comments on Sarah Palin and her special needs child (for example), required the left’s most heartfelt reassurances that he was a comedian and it was just a joke. Someone once said that the upmost important requirement for a joke is that it’s punchline be funny. Most of the so-called jokes told by left leaning Comedians these days have no punchline at all.
  11. Why is this “Inconvenient Truth” okay to mention now when only 7 months ago it was totally taboo? Simply because 7 months ago keeping these “Inconvenient Truth(s)” from the sheeple were powerful political weapons in the left’s war against El Presidente.
  12. David Letterman was funny as hell, funny that is until he let his personal politics get in the way of his humor. Nobody thinks an angry comedian is funny.