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  1. Can a White House student volunteer really have consensual sex with the President of the United States?
  2. No one is above the law! Except Hillary, Bill, Obama, Lois L. etc, etc, etc
  3. Of course not! Obama couldn't even speak without someone pulling the strings from behind.
  4. If??? Don't you mean when?
  5. Trump is a civilian, civilians can no longer receive the Medal of Honor, so your question is mote.
  6. These guys are idiots, don't they know they're living in the United States of America? If there's one thing American's are great at it's weaponizing everything we can lay a finger on. Taking our guns away won't decrease intentional homicides one iota.
  7. Asbestos mining is the most concentrated source of uncontained asbestos any where. At least Hollywood isn't using it for fake snow anymore but is what they're using now any safer?
  8. Karl Marx had it wrong "Religion isn't the opium of the people" it's the Democrat's Socialist platform and telling the people they can have it all for free. Socialism is great, everybody is equal, except those in charge who are deservedly more equal than the rest. Socialism is great, everyone has the equal right to vote! Except why is there never more than one candidate and only one box that say "yes" to check off? Socialism is like a pyramid scheme, it's fantastic for those on top but pure hell for those supporting the fat cats above them. "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" and that's a fact Jack!
  9. You are making the false assumption that Trump supporters believe everything he says. Politicians lie, Trump won the 2016 election not because he was truthful about everything he said, he won because Hillary's lies were more more unbelievable than his. However, if I haven't learned anything else over the last 3 years, the one thing I did learn is when President Trump makes a blanket statement like that, no matter how ridiculous it sounds, you can make bank that he has the proof to back it up. Remember his oh so ridiculous claim the the Obama administration was spying him? Well the truth is out , they really were!
  10. As if he was saying anything new, most conservatives ask why do most Jews vote the democratic ticket? Especially regarding the history of the Democratic Party. Granted they successfully suppressed their anti Jew agenda for several decades but now it's out in the open anew and lately they don't even try pretending to be pro Jew. It's the dumbing down of America to blame, I fear another holocaust is in the making and today's Jewish Americans are walking into to it with their eyes wide open knowing damn well what's going to happen this time.
  11. Very unlikely, most of what the world thinks they know about the Jews can be directly traced back to the european anti-semitic movement in the middle ages. Mel Gibson’s* movie “The Passion of the Christ” was based on a German play from the 12th century its sole purpose was to drum up hatred against the local Jewish community, supposedly it was extremely effective. Mel Gibson* While in a drunken rage (one of his many drunken rages at the time) televised by most major News Services, Mel Gibson told the whole world what he really thought of Jews. If it had been against any group of people except for Catholics and Jews, they would have locked him up and thrown away the key.
  12. Black people had been slaves in the new world for more that 400 years. They were slaves in the United States for only 87 of them. Shouldn’t the U.K. and the rest of Europe be paying over 75% of any reparations?
  13. Yeah, I know it’s in my head because Antifa in Frisco literally pounded it into my skull. No seriously I will carry the scars from the claw hammer they hit me with for the rest of my life!
  14. The “Codfather” hilarious, I haven’t had Codfish since 1979 when visiting London. Gawd I miss that fish.
  15. Yeah, it's called implanting a false memory, in a few days all the people that picked out the photoshopped pictures will be swearing he had the tattoos when he supposedly robbed the bank the first time. It's an old, IMO should be illegal, lineup trick. The police will show numerous lineups to victims and their suspect would be the only one in every line up. They would keep doing this until someone thinks they recognize him from the crime but in reality they've never seen him before the first lineup where they didn't recognize him until seeing him 6 or 7 times only they think every lineup was made up different people.