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  1. I hope it’s Hillary, Hillary would almost guarantee a Joe Biden loss. Nobody wants Hillary that close to the presidency especially with how many people seem to die whenever the Clinton’s are around.
  2. This reminds me of the riots in London shortly before the London Olympics. The Prime Minister‘s daughter was arrested with others, for looting a neighborhood store when asked why she was doing, it all she could say was “I was just trying to have some fun“.
  3. Joe Citizen isn’t above the law and neither are the policemen. The only people above the law in the United States are the Democrats and the more favorable one is held in the Democratic party the more above the law they are. Conservatives call all this rioting, burning down neighborhoods and blacks killing each other criminal. Democrats on the other hand are calling it urban renewal and population control.
  4. Yeah, the Louie V bag was a dead giveaway, is you had left that out, I’m not so sure.
  5. Sorry, I sometimes have a problem recognizing that. As my spouse is always saying to me, “you are too stupid to know when you’ve been insulted”.
  6. Lotta MAGA hats in amongst the rioters Show me one!
  7. Exactly! When the politicals get their campaigns up and running again you can bet Law Enforcement is going to be the headliner.
  8. They destroyed them, “Something given has no value”!
  9. How many more young black males need to be incarcerated? Every last one that breaks the law and that goes for everybody else too!
  10. Comment, heck I don’t even understand the question but it does sound as if you’re soliciting material to use against us deplorables.
  11. You left out, Rosie O'Donnell’s infamous “I know what it’s like to be a victim of racism because I’m Gay”! Even Whoopi had to roll her eyes over that one.
  12. My, my, my, how the leaders of the Democrat party have devolved into a bunch of foul mouthed blabbering idiots since the days of Camelot. Only Barry and his dream of “Change you can believe in” was eloquent enough to garner support, except he never bothered to tell us his dream was in reality a nightmare.
  13. Social Justice = Mob rule. Are you happy now Barry? Hillary? Chuck? And especially you Nancy!
  14. Weird most of this is happening in Democrat controlled cities. Not!!!