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  1. Trump haters are already calling Mueller a Trump plant and are demanding a new investigation be started into the collusion they absolutely know Trump had to be involved with.
  2. Someone at CNN must have studied under Joseph Goebbels to have been so good at what they were trying to do. It's was just too bad, for the democrats that is, plenty of Americans still remember who ol' Joe was and what he was responsible for.
  3. We don’t know anything yet, however, what we do know now is a lot of what Obama, Hillary, the DNC and the FBI were up and that was illegal!
  4. The biggest problem facing the youth of the United States today is that, even though they are more educated than ever, they still don’t know anything about people!
  5. But the charges of Trump being a foreign agent 1) had nothing to do with colluding with the Russians and 2) Surfaced a few months ago after the Democrats had finally given up on their ridiculous accusation that the President had colluded with the Russians and was now actually a spy on the Kremlin’s payroll.
  6. 2 plus years millions upon millions of $ spent just to tell us what we already knew "There wasn't any collusion"! The upside is America and the rest of the world learned just how corrupt the Obama administration really was.
  7. MAGA

    Must be bad news for the Democrats, if it was good news they would’ve released it on Monday!
  8. Being anti-semitic is practically a requirement to become a democrat politician going all the way back to President Frankie Roosevelt who turned away Jewish refugees from NAZI Germany and to its founding fathers. The only difference today is these “New Faces” of the Democratic party don’t try hiding it anymore.
  9. Politicians have been running all our wars since Truman fired MacArthur, so whether he’s smarter or not has become irrelevant, it is what it is.
  10. Hey! Wait a minute, aren't these people among the same group who were stout defenders of Hillbilly C. when she was doing the same thing?
  11. Obama, incompetent? Without a doubt; but was he as unaware as he wants us to believe? Now that’s the real question!
  12. Why is everybody getting so upset about foreign countries trying to influence our elections? Countries throughout the world are always trying to influence the elections in other countries including the United States. The DEMs are trying to push the idea that this has never been done before. While I can forgive the easily influenced American teen just beginning H.S. it’s amazing how quickly the older anti-Trump crowd has already forgotten that Obama was doing the same thing for his entire 8 years including his attempts to over throw the government of our only hardcore ally in the Middle East Israel. Why people are getting so upset over something everybody is doing, including ourselves is totally incomprehensible to me.
  13. I agree with you, if the DEMs ever admitted the entire investigation was based on a lie they themselves started everything Mueller has collected should be ruled inadmissible as fruit of the poisonous tree.
  14. Hey, to the blacks, it’s just more free money!
  15. If there are any former “military or law enforcement” connections the MSM will lead with that also.