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  1. I agree 100%, I wouldn't want her in charge of my piggy bank let alone the national purse strings. Still there's no one to blame other than the republicans who lost the house because of their decision not to support the people's choice for president (they should have lost the senate too). So even though Maxine is an uneducated, lying, racist bee itch who some how manages to live way far beyond her means, America is just going to have to put up with her.
  2. Stuff like this happens when the only requirements to be the token black person on an all white show is to have a big mouth and be stupid!
  3. Hey don’t worry about the property values. It won’t be long before the State steps in declaring the entire area to be a blighted neighborhood and kick all your sorry asses out under the guise of eminent domain. This will accomplish two things leftist liberals are always demanding, 1) the government is finally doing something about the homeless population and 2) it will get the homeless off the beaches and streets.
  4. Democrats don’t compromise or negotiate, it’s something they learned from Obama and just like Obama they bee itch that the republicans won’t work with them. What work? I have to ask.
  5. Can’t believe it but every response above me is absolutely correct.
  6. Politics are always divisive, but to steadfastly refuse to negotiate at all, well that’s something Obama started with his now infamous “I will not negotiate” speech. l’ve often wondered why he constantly bee itched about the republicans not working with him when his idea of cooperation was “give me everything I want while I don’t give you anything you want. It’s such a shame he didn’t use that same policy when not negotiating with the Iranians.
  7. Fix this? Ha! The democrats have no intention of fixing anything as long as President Trump is in office.
  8. My grandfather came to American in 1901 he joined the army and fought in the “Great War” earning himself instant citizenship. Dreamers who join the military today are still guaranteed that short cut but they have to apply for citizenship just as my grandfather had to. If other dreamers want citizenship they should do the same or at least apply for citizenship legally. IMO there is only one exception to a dreamer being automatically deported and that would be only if they were A) so young when their parents brought them to America that they don’t have a working knowledge of their parents language B) couldn’t possibly survive if suddenly dumped into what would be a completely foreign environment to them and C) they never knew they were in the country illegally to begin with. Luckily for the deportation lovers, this is something you shouldn’t need to worry about since “leftists democrats” and “Liberals” are so damn set on keeping the “dreamers in their proper place” by demanding America let them keep their native tongue and not forcing them to learn english or even how to succeed in the english speaking world they live in. p.s. none of my grandparents spoke english, 2 Grandparents only spoke German and 1 only spoke Italian and the last one only spoke Gaelic but their plan was to immigrate to America and of them learned to speak english and became citizens. None of them ever planned to colonize America only to set up little colonies where they only spoke their native tongue and only obeyed the laws of the countries they came from such as some recent “invaders” who demand the right to follow the same system of laws that had so horribly failed them in the countries they fled from. “Honor Killings” my arse!
  9. Ain’t gonna happen food stamps are part of the non-discretionary budget they will be paid regardless of anything else going on.
  10. The issue as I see it is if the Democrats really do care about illegal immigrantion then they are willing to let them into the country as long as they can blame President Trump for it. For two years Barack Obama had the House and the Senate and they didn’t do anything about the illegal immigration and even when the Republicans had the house and senate if Barack had wanted to do anything about border security the Republicans would’ve fallen right in step but again he didn’t. The current plan of the Democrat party is to do absolutely nothing for the country but rather they plan to stop President Trump from achieving anything for the country. The Democrats complained a lot about Republicans “wanting Obama to fail” and how that was such a racist thing to be doing. So I ask, what exactly do we call the situation now where the Democrats have basically sworn on a stack of Bibles to do everything possible to prevent President Trump from succeeding in anything and if that includes partially shutting down the government for the rest of his first term well then so be it. Obama’s stance of “I will not compromise on anything” has been adopted by Chuck S. and Nancy P. and just as Obama was successful in putting all the blame on the weak leadership of the Republican party, Chuck and Nancy are attempting to put all of their blame on President Trump. So far they’ve been quite successful but only because America’s Lame Stream Media is covering for them.
  11. Is marijuana really safer than tobacco? Who can honestly say yes, it took almost 5 centuries to link tobacco to cancer; who know what we will learn about marijuana over the next couple hundred years. I'm willing to bet that sucking the smoke from anything burning into your lungs isn't a great idea.
  12. The art of the deal only works when both parties want something. The only something the democrats want is to stop everything Trump wants. This is why his business savvy you speak so sarcastically of isn’t working.
  13. While personally believing nothing is ever going to happen, if something does happen it will be some poor soul made into an involuntary scapegoat and be blamed for all of Hillary's illegal acts.
  14. Both are dumbassed, U.S. hating, take our guns away communist.