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  1. I'm new to this Board. I have a house on the Deschutes River in Oregon, a world class summer steelhead river, and avid fly fisher using one and 2 handed rods. We also travel to MA to visit family several times a year for family/business and avid coastal fly fishing guy (Plum Island, Cape, Buzzards Bay, etc.), but I am would like some boat trips to Monomoy, Chatham, wherever there are stripers, am a really experienced fly guy for Stripers (CA Delta mainly). Anyone interested in trading 2 days fishing out of your boat for Stripers on the fly for a 5 day stay at the house? Airfare would be $440, you would buy your own groceries, I would show you all the good runs and spend some time fishing with you, show patterns, etc. I even have a fly tying station in the living room with any material you could want to steelhead, you would rent a car from Portland airport. This would be a great trip if the run is strong which I can share with you. PM if your interested. - Al