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  1. I like eating Spanish and Kings. They are oily, but you can smoke or grill them. Man grill Spanish or king, then fix it like you would tuna fish salad, tough to beat. Or I'll smoke them and make dip. Got my mouth watering; it's time to go to the coast.
  2. Culprit makes a great purple color. A different wise man once gave me the exact same advice when I asked about worm color.
  3. Looking at the big nic Spanish candy. Those look like a great mackerel lures. Nice eyes, lots of flash; I'm ordering me a glass minnow and a green. Thanks guys.
  4. I don't really enjoy worm fishing, but it works. As one of our lunch buddies used to say "A plastic worm will accidentally catch more fish than any lure in your tackle box." When I use worms: Green Pumpkin Watermelon Black/Purple You can fish those colors almost every time. I do like flakes; I think a little flash always helps.
  5. That was pretty decent
  6. I put 15 lbs braid on both my 3000 nascis, but left enough space to tie on 15 feet of mono leader. My spainish reel has 15 lbs leader and my bass reel has 10 lbs. I use braid for two reasons 1) if I am fishing heavy cover with frogs for bass I go straight braid. 2) if I am saltwater fishing and want more line (like when I mackerel fish with smaller reels) and then I will add a longer mono leader ending in a short wire leader.
  7. If you are planning on keeping the Spanish, be sure it is not a baby king mackerel. They look very similar and you don't want to get checked and have a cooler full of undersized Kings by mistake
  8. Gottcha plugs, silver spoons, anything with a silver blade. Like @Bogey said shiny and fast, you can't reel too fast for Spanish. If you are trolling use a basic silver and white duster from bomber and a cigar minnow. You need to troll just a little slower than you would for Kings. Once you get a strike on a duster, kick the boat out of gear; there is a good chance one of the other dusters will get a fish as soon as the duster drops in the water column. I use don't like using line leader for king or Spanish; they will cut off your lure in a heartbeat. I like a brown wire leader (20-30lbs) attached to mono mainline either by a small swivel (barrel if casting or ball bearing if trolling) or Albright knot. You attach your lure, duster, or bait rig to the wire with a haywire twist.
  9. Just extending a welcome if you are ever back this way.
  10. @AlSearsThat's a long day in a car; I bet it was a beast on motorcycle. If you are looking for a good day bass fishing come back over. There's a handful of really good guides that would love to set you on 8lbers. I'd offer my services, but as I said before I can't fish for $#!+. So might want to get a professional.
  11. What were you doing in Bainbridge?
  12. There is an income tax in Georgia, but if you are 62-64 there is a 35,000 per person income exclusion (70,000 filing joint) and at 65 that jumps to 65,000 (130,000 joint)
  13. I live in Southwest GA. If you are looking for fresh water fishing you have Lake Seminole, and it's tough to beat the bass fishing. Lake Seminole drains into a dam just below the Florida line, then flows into the Apalachicola River, which has stripped bass, then into the gulf of Mexico. I love Southwest GA, but it gets hot, humid, and filled with gnats starting about May 3 and ending around December 30. However I live 5 minutes from year round bass fishing and can have a boat in saltwater in less than 2 hours. In Northwest FL you have a lot of decent towns on the coast where you can do some inshore. Apalachicola, Alligator point, east point, carabelle, panacea. Most of those places have gotten pretty decent over the last decade. Port St. Joe and Mexico City Beach are rebuilding and are going to be cleaning up/rebuilding for years. All those places have very nice beaches and really good fishing. If it were me I would probably look in the carabelle, alligator point. Though Apalachicola has access to Apalachicola Bay which is beautiful and has tons of fishing, easy access to the gulf and awesome play areas to take your grandkids scalloping or snorkeling
  14. Looking good. Now it's time to get to the fishing
  15. Gottcha thanks man. I'll try that next time