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  1. The cats destroyed my carrot seeds in the new raised garden
  2. The watermelon patch is going well. I threw a few peppers in it and had to move some of my tomato sprouts in it also. The rest of the plants have sprouted out of my compost
  3. I'm not a relish guy so I need some ideas. I was given a few jars of pickled veggies for Christmas included in it was a jar of chow chow relish. What can I use the chow chow for other than on hotdogs?
  4. Crocs have their place. At the bottom of the trash can. You're a grown man learn to tie your shoes.
  5. UGA was fun, but my two years at community college before I went off to uga were a learning lesson. This was right at the tail end of being able to transfer into your major at uga I went to this small community college that was 1/3 adults going back to school, 1/3 people doing their first two years before transferring (me), and 1/3 people just there to get pele grant (back before the changes to try to curb abuse). I had a part time job in the day and took night classes. The classes would have 15 minute breaks, and we would walk to the parking lot to tailgate. Those were good times.
  6. I went to the University of Georgia, and I might not have been the best student. I knew that I needed to live walking distance from campus and stay on the meal plan. UGA had legit good cafeterias, some of the best in the country (including ivey league and private schools). Eat well, carry a little something in your cup, and walk. I lost 30 lbs my first semester at uga from walking everywhere.
  7. It was a college staple. Morning classes I would add some whiskey to my travel mug, walk to campus, drop in the dining hall, top off with coffee and head to class. If it was an evening class I would fill up a nalgene bottle with cold beer, walk to campus then sit in the back of class having nice cold one.
  8. I'd say a .22 should take care of him, but your neighbors would red flag you.
  9. I'm sorry a healthy dose of round-up should take care of that problem
  10. I use a nice wire brush and canola oil. But I do have one of these gizmos that works really well at scraping the grill.
  11. I finally killed the ants in the herb garden. Come winter I'm replacing it. The cow trough has been good for a decade, but it's starting to rust apart and the war with the fire ants has just sealed it
  12. Damn fire ants have invaded my herb garden. I'm keeping seven dust in business right now. And something is digging through my carrot seeds. At least my tomatoes are growing well and watermelons are doing awesome; I'm hoping to have some ready y memorial day. I hate ****ing ants
  13. This is disappointing I was pulling for the bullet. And Philly Blows.
  14. First reply "I, for one, am glad they are doing their job."
  15. On occasion there are a few of us that might know a thing or two about the taxes.