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  1. The weight is not an issue. The pelagic is super light and I've had fun using it. I gets use every time we take the boat out. I know why the butt section was built like it was , I just don't prefer it. I really want to get my hands on the Delta conventional rod. I love the first strike, and want to see how it compares.
  2. I've got an edge pelagic spinner and an edge first strike conventional (from the ********* he did). I love the first strike for large mouth and inshore fishing. It's a fantastic rod for that. This is the rod I recommend bass fishing. The pelagic is okay. I've had fun fishing with it, and it is a good boat rod... but I feel like the butt section is too long. I don't know if I would recommend the pelagic without actually testing it.
  3. I'm hopeful that there will be a change. The talk is positive; hopefully the actions will back it up. And fingers crossed he will be able to wrangle the legislature into actually working towards a real solution.
  4. The new governor Ron DeSantis asked for the immediate resignation of the entire board of the south Florida water management district today. Along with commiting"billions" to help clean up issues. It's a good start to his governorship. If he keeps this up we might have to start calling him Skink
  5. When I saw they were doing a txz I couldn't figure out why I would want one. I bought the cz because it looked like a reel that would be a jack of all trades. A small low profile reel that would be good for large mouths and inshore. And I like the color. The cz3 was good idea for people who use it more in the salt; the cz fits my fishing "needs" so I passed (for now). txz just seems like a repetitive waste of cash. Geez that is a terrible looking spinning reel. I've never trusted 13's spinners; they all look like cheap Chinese reels. I know looks aren't everything, but I can't get past the feeling if I get a cheaper Shimano or Abu spinner I'll have a better reel.
  6. This is directly from the fwc website. "RED TIDE UPDATE Snook and redfish are catch-and-release only in areas affected by red tide through May 10, 2019. This includes all state waters from the Pasco/Hernando county line south through Gordon Pass in Collier County, including all waters in Hillsborough County. " It gives a map of the catch and release zones
  7. 31.5 feet and looking to add about 1.5 ft after horsetrading
  8. I like it. I use mine for large mouth fishing when I fly fish. You should not be disappointed with the bvk. You also might want into a tfo ticr rod. I would guess you can pick those up for a similar price on fleabay. But I don't think you would be unsatisfied with the bvk; it's a very versatile rod. Trust the Captain Tuttle.
  9. Hey @scoobydoo the concept z still casting? And are you going to try the txz? And If you are looking to upgrade to the nicer baitcasters. Would you go with curado k or something else? When you look at price and performance?
  10. I wouldn't spend big money for a low profile reel until I got the casting down. Something in the $100 range (give or take $20-$30) like an Abu Revo S, a Shimano SLX, Lew's Mach Speed, or quantum Team KVD. I've heard good things about the Lew's Mach 2 which is around $140.00. I've not used it, but Scooby might have played with it Anyway all the above reels are decent and good to learn on.
  11. @ccb Professional Overruns, backlash, or bird's nest happen especially when you start learning how to cast low profile reels (like on TV). You need to use more brakes and tighten up the spool tension which reduces casting distance (and professional overruns) while you are getting feel for casting the reel. As you get more experience loosen everything up. I'm not sure that there is a reel that prevents overruns. Abu makes some low profile reels that are easy to learn with for $150.00 - $50.00. I learned on a lowish end Abu that had internal mag brakes and the only adjustment you made was the spool tension knob. Bird's nests are good for our soul. They teach us line skills, new forms of cursing, patience, humility, and mindfulness.
  12. I second this. You come in at $100, and they are really good spinning reels. I fished with Abus for a while, but even at the Walmart level spinning reels Shimano is nicer.
  13. The other really nice thing about the panhandle is hunting. And post hurricane there are a bunch of lots on the market....
  14. But back to the topic on hand. The nice thing about Florida you are never more than a half hour away from some kind of really good fishing. I live just north of the border. I'm 70 miles from the beach and ten minutes from some of the best bass fishing on earth. I'm partial to the panhandle; it's a different kind of beautiful than mid and south Florida. Lots of oaks, cypress, and pines. Not as many people and lots of fish
  15. I should have been more clear; it was a second home that we spent a lot of time at. There was period of about 5-6 years where mom would pick us up at school on Friday, dad would drive down after work and we would spend every weekend there. Mom would take us down 4 days a week during summer. I didn't get down as much the last 10 years, married life... My siblings and their families took it harder than me. We lost a son about 2.5 years ago and after going through that "it's just stuff" has real meaning. Now the family has a long been paid-off slab and a large empty lot behind the slab. Holding costs should be pretty low. It's now an investment that we can park an RV on.