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  1. I was going to make a zubaz joke, but those pictures beat me to it. Here are the Road Warriors so Bassmaster can feel a little better about his terrible choices in life.
  2. The PPP loan is 2 year loan @ 1% for any unforgiven portions. It's either really cheap money or free money.
  3. The form 3245-0407 is to be submitted to the lender (or lender servicing your loan)
  4. Around the 15th of May the SBA released form 3245-0407 which is the application for forgiveness. I think that every business that received the ppp loan will have to fill it out to be forgiven, but my understanding of it is that the SBA is not going to audit businesses that had a loan under 2 million. Now that policy could change, however the ppp loan volume is so great that it would be impossible to audit loans under a million. I would plan to be audited if the ppp loan is at 1 million even if the SBA is currently saying that the level is 2 million.
  5. You must not have hit allergy season yet. Around Easter I wouldn't have known if I caught the Wu-flu I felt so crappy
  6. Ecuador not Columbia Did some internet research. Average banana plant produces about 30-40 lbs a year and you plant somewhere around 1000 trees per acre. There is also a large market for banana leaves.
  7. My kids are powered by bananas, oranges, and cheddar cheese.
  8. Got out Friday. The largemouth were everywhere, and some really big bream were still hanging around the dock. Here's a small bass I caught.
  9. I forgot about that. Gawd. The main happens when fathers fail.
  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were created by Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman as a comic book in 1984. Kevin and Peter had to borrow money from an uncle to print the initial issue. That is from memory and pretty useless.
  11. Fixed
  12. Well boys if we get them in this part of the state I'll invite you to go Tegu hunting. Maybe even buy you a beer and have a lizard fry.
  13. My boss's daughter went straight out of highschool into community college to learn to weld. She said they have a short class in the morning then it's hands on the rest of the day. 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The girl was set to finish at the end of summer, but that's been pushed back. It's like a plumber or electrician you will always be able to find work.
  14. Have you tried the 13 fishing Concept Z/Z3 or SportZ? I'm not a fan of 13 fishing, but the concept z a really reel that can take salt water without major problems. I like the SportZ less than the CZ, but its cheaper and can take the salt just as well