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  1. My daughter approached me with a mandate. Daddy I want to catch a bass. So I have 2 goals: 1) Spend 2019 on the water with my daughter either in a yak, boat, life jacket or dock over the lake. 2) get her a bass. There are plenty on lake Seminole so its just time and patience.
  2. We lost the beach house in 2018 with Hurricane Michael. So I am fishing in the sweetest of waters for most of 2019. Time to set reel goals for the reel anglers.
  3. It is 4 letter words learning. Some days I felt like I'm better at picking out bird's-nest than fishing. Well most days I'm probably better at picking out bird's nest than fishing. More foder for my future book and YouTube series Can't fish for $π!+ !
  4. It's getting harder and harder to find spinner only people. I now use baitcasters 65% of the time in freshwater and I almost always carry a spinner with me. I'm not close to world's greatest baitcaster, but I have become competent using them.
  5. The winndry are tacky feeling which is nice for when your get sweaty on hot days (or as we call them "the other 48 weeks"). I'm not a big fan of the colors/patterns on the winndry grips, but I like stick they provide me. so its a trade off. Mudhole (I think basspro also) has some Winndry wraps for grips that you might want to test on. They are different feeling, and I would test before I put them on a rod.
  6. Split grip cork, but the Winndry handles you can get from mudhole are growing on me. And I have become a huge fan of the reel seats, like on the edge casting rods. That slight offset has been much more comfortable than traditional.
  7. If you don't have any takers would you be interested selling it at $150 & going halves on the shipping cost?
  8. I like the beatlespin, those assorted panfish kits, and the rebel crickets/crawfish. One I enjoy using, but haven't had a lot of luck with, are the micro lipless crankbaits (I think rattletrap and cordell make them). I'm going to pick me up a pack of the gulp/powerbait minnows for a test. Thanks guys.
  9. I've got an older 7' mh vengeance spinning rod (the black and gray swirl finish). It's not my favorite rod, but I like it okay. When I am pulling out rods to go fishing it usually stays home. The main thing is that you like using it. My opinion on how you want to fish means jack-squat. I do agree with you about the silver.
  10. My brother's father in law just to go-to the ER to get a treble cut out of his hand. He was pulling the hook out of a bass's mouth and it shook at the wrong/right moment. He ended up with the front dug in the meat and back hook was still attached to the lmb.
  11. I use owner inlines on my lipless crankbaits (tail hook up) when I bass fish. The tail hook up is a little less weedless than down, but it's better than treble hooks. I hate treble hooks; when I fish with treble hooks I use the owner hook caps during transportation.
  12. If you are looking for lots I'm pretty sure there are a boatload for sale in the Apalachicola and Mexico beach area. Maybe up the Apalachicola River/inner coastal area of the panhandle. Of the 2700 homes in Mexico beach 500 were left standing after hurricane Michael and a good portion of those are going to be leveled. It might be a few years before you can find someone to build though.
  13. We went to the weigh-in on Thursday and Sunday. On ThursdaymMy daughter met Scott Martin and asked if his daughters were going to be at the tournament because she likes the videos with them. He said that they would be in on Friday and she should come by. On Sunday she got to talk to one of Scott's daughters (about catching sharks) and Eric Jackson let her play with Bodi the driving dog.
  14. For panfish? That's ridiculous. 95% of every one of those are caught off a bed or under a dock. It doesn't matter if you are using a lure, cork and hook, fly-fishing, etc... You are almost always casting/dropping short distances in areas where you see the fish. You get the joy of watching them pick apart your cricket or nudge the beatlespin without trying to take it. I'll even go far as to say that your panfish reel should only cost twice as much as the line you put on it! edit: I'm just messing with you about the last line and thank you about the kids comment. I am trying to make sure they love being outside. Matter of fact we are going to see the flw tour weigh in today. My daughter wants to meet Eric Jackson's dog Bodie since she watched the video of him backing Jackson's rv into a lake.
  15. I like nice tackle and nice rods and reels. I have nice rods and reels. I had a light panfish rod built for my daughter. My son will get one when he turns 4. I had one built for me, BUT There is no reason to spend more than $25.00 on a reel to catch panfish. It's one of the very very few items in fishing I can't find a way to justify spending money on.