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  1. The damn TD thread is 27 pages and been going over a month. I've received 3 orders from there since it started.
  2. Now the truth is fg knots work best with blackhole rods. Finest rod you can use, why just the other day I caught a 500 lbs Marlin on my ultralight Blackhole rod™
  3. Don't forget fg knots. They love talking about fg knots
  4. Took the 5 yr old daughter out fishing Saturday. Caught 10 nice fat and now headless redbelly bream. I was going to fry them up yesterday, but we had downpour. The Little girl was disappointed we didn't get to eat her fish.
  5. Morning to any West coast "friends".
  6. I'm not even going to read this before I comment. After 11 years of marriage, most days it feels much much longer, the answer is 85% and the other 15% is because she is still driving on the same tank of gas from the last time I filled up.
  7. Built in Florida & everyone I know that has one likes them.
  8. On those peppers you can freeze them, I'd use vac seal bag. I usually freeze them if I have a definite plan on how I am going to use them. My favorite way to put them up is just pickling them. I use pickled jalepenos/spicy peppers all the time.
  9. Now you boys are just trolling the main. You're going to hurt their feelings.
  10. What I meant was that I was surprised that bj wasn't kicked off immediately after posting the address instead Tim let him continue on for pages. Seems like threats and posting that kind of info would get you kicked off at strike one. Post a boat landing you launched from one morning and the mods will threaten to remove all traces of you from the internet.
  11. That read was bananas. I'm surprised BJ was allowed to stay on after posting up an address.
  12. I generally have to clean my wetsuit after the great whites swim by.
  13. It doesn't pass through the eyes smooth enough.
  14. Awesome story and great picture chia
  15. Hahaha. That actually made me laugh drew