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  1. It was a sand bar literally off of governors island
  2. Hey not looking for someone’s spot just some pointers so I can find my own. i tried to mimic what he taught me and I thought for sure I could get one but a couple flounder and robin’s later and nothing.... Itching to get back out there
  3. I caught my first stripped bass 2 weeks ago 33” and I’m hooked. I was out by Montauk close to governors island. My uncle took me to a sand bar where the edge of the water on the Bar was Bubbling and there was a decent size drop of to the terrain under water and there they were so many on the fish finder. And I caught my fish with a piece of clam within 2 minutes. now I live by the Jones inlet I’m fishing by point lookout and tried to copy what he had done. And I couldn’t get anything but Robins. I was out at magic hour when the sun was coming up. I don’t have a good fish finder just a single pulse but I can see schools of something underneath. I guess what I’m asking is my uncle seemed to know exactly what location to get a stripper how do I pick my location? Please help I’m obsessed with finding another one and anything I find online is how to setup a rig I’m new here and wasn’t sure where to post this thread. Admin Please move it for me if you can (But let me know where lol)
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