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  1. Looking for a good used Revo 11 or 13 or Outback. Can't seem to find anything reasonably priced. Doesn't need to be fully rigged. Older models are ok as long as hull is good. I'm in the NNJ area but will travel to the tristate area. Let me know what you have.
  2. I purchased them used a few seasons ago, they are the 1st gen type. I may experiment with trying to swap the struts out in the off season with aftermarket units, but it looks like it wont be that easy.
  3. Hi, I'll take these. The struts on mine just gave up. Will shoot you a PM
  4. Looking for a 25 or 30 size Fin Nor Ahab or Santiago. Please let me know what you have.
  5. I will be in Costa Rica March 7-14. Anyone know of any local kayak fishing guides near Santa Teresa? Rooster fishing should be good around that time and I would like to get out on the water. I saw Pescatica is local, but would prefer a peddle yak if available. Any insights would be great
  6. Use duct seal and mount it in the hull. I had it mounted in the water on my old yak and in the hull in my Hobie now. Performance has not changed and temp is accurate enough still.
  7. x2 For Garmin Striker 4. Cheap, easy to use, and awesome image. I was confident in it from day 1.
  8. Cayuga is awesome. I only fished it for about 4 hours this past fall, but the amount of bait and huge trout is amazing. Find the bait on the drop off and troll over and under it.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. Will be getting out in the yak before the game Sunday if any wants to join.
  10. I'm thinking about hitting RV Sunday. Anyone know the ice situation?
  11. Yea I did the same last time. The rain took care of the sand and crab bits...
  12. I had my Garmin Striker mounted through the scupper on my old yak. Now use Ductseal in the hobie. Clarity is the same, temp reading is fine for my needs as well. Works awesome, and it's easy/ cheap.
  13. Was out Sunday on a friend's boat. Bunker and bass were thick in spots on the SI side. Landed 1 31 on Mojo dropped 2 others. Went outside but did not see too much life, fish were around but we did not get any more on the troll. Went back in and tried togging a bit on the piles, had some bites and saw some keepers taken. The fishing seemed better than our level of effort.
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