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  1. So I bought two large flies from someone named Andrew who came recommended by people in this thread. I have attached some images of them (the neon green/white one and the black one I bought -- the others are included for scale). I recommend this guy for anyone reading this who wants to buy some larger flies. He was easy to get ahold of and shipped the flies out the next day. Message me and I will give you his email.
  2. I am not doing the haul at the end of the stroke yet. With my new rod, I have been casting a lot better but still plan on improving technique and incorporating the haul. This is a nice tip. Thanks!
  3. Nice looking fly. I am with you on this topic and made a similar thread. It's titled "Big Flies for Stripers that are Easy to Cast?". I learned a lot in there.
  4. So you were right. Rod ratings I guess don't mean very much between brands. The Daiwa Harrier Inshore MH feels like an extra extra extra heavy compared to my other Ugly Stik Medium rod. The Medium would have been better for casting I believe. Oh well.
  5. Great stuff -- thanks everyone. I got a new rod, a Sage Motive 9 weight (which feels like a 5 weight compared to my old rod). It DEFINITELY has helped my casting get out there a LOT further and has also helped me cast the large fat white fly I have. Night and day difference.
  6. So the rod is actually a Sage Motive, not Method. Whatever. Either way, WOW -- it casts like a dream. My old rod doesn't flex, so it's nice to let the rod flex and help with the cast. I am casting 10000% better. I just worry that it doesn't have the power for bigger stripers... Compared to my old rod, the Sage 9 weight feels like a 5 weight. It casts great and line shoots off the ground and the pile of line at my feet disappears in no time, but it just feels flimsy. I'll see how it performs with a striper on it tomorrow after work!
  7. Update: I bought a used Sage Method 909-4 9 WT from a user here in the classifieds to try out. I figure it's a ~$100 way of trying a modern rod out. Got a new Hydros SL IV reel coming for it as well. We'll see how it goes...
  8. I like this and will do this tonight. Thanks!
  9. No — an intermediate 10WT line. This line and leader setup was recommended by bears den for casting the only flies I owned at the time — Small 1/0 decievers.
  10. I'll take the Sage. Message sent. Thanks.
  11. Good idea with a trailer. I will look into it. This is just something I hook on the hook to trail in back? Like one of those scented rubber strips?
  12. Oh wow this is going to help. I’ve been using a 9ft 50-16lb frog hair tapered leader and replaced the 2 feet I used up with matching tippet. I think my leader in total with tippet is 10 ft right now. I’m going to try 4 ft of 20lb mono/fluro at night and this should help!
  13. Maybe I can shorten my leader when casting larger flies? How short can I go? I was thinking of using like ~2-3 feet of 20lb mono/fluro? This way, in theory, the line can carry the fly further.
  14. Thanks graveyard. I will look this knot up. Who doesn't like a nice new knot...
  15. I messaged you about Sage :-)