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  1. Airflo Ridge Striper Coldwater Intermediate is awesome. I have the 9 WT.
  2. I looked at their lot of these flies and each one was slightly different -- I don't think they have tight tolerances on tying this fly...
  3. I was in Orvis the other day in my area to get a coat re-waxed and I had to check out the fly fishing gear (first time browsing fly fishing gear in-person). I could not help but notice the GIANT flies they are selling called the "Montauk Monster". They came in black, chartreause, and white/red. These things were the size of my hand -- no joke. I attached an image of one from the web but it's hard to see their size because the photo lacks a sense of scale. Anyone here use these flies? They seem so big that they would be a pain to cast...
  4. I like the Tsunami alu pliers for a treble hook remover and for braid cutting. I also use the Dr Slick Barracuda pliers which are long to get a deep set hook or a fly out. Also slips nicely but no spring-loaded handle return...
  5. Update: So the reel is feeling nice again. I brought it to a local tackle shop and they said that when they unscrewed the handle from the reel body, the grease that lubricates the metal on metal contact area had hardened. They chipped off the grease and re-greased it and it is feelin very nice. Thanks for everyone's input.
  6. There was another thread with this question I just looked up. Looks like it doesn't fit... "Sorry for the late reply, the Slammer III handles assemblies will not fit the SSV. tony"
  7. Thanks but I’m really looking for light tackle rod on the shorter side and a new 7’6” medium is around the same price. I think I’ll just get a new one. Appreciate the offer though!
  8. Looking for some used Super Strike needles and poppers in the smaller/lighter sizes and floating. Cheers.
  9. Sounds good. Send me a direct message with your address and I’ll share my PayPal info with you. Thanks!
  10. I can’t pick up in CT unfortunately. Thanks for the offer though!
  11. Still on the hunt. Anyone else?
  12. I will do this, thanks for the info. When rinsing, I kind of hold my thumb over the hose nozzle to make it "mist" on the reel and then dry. I have opened the reel up and no sign of water ever being inside -- looks like new in there. I guess this is a question for a different thread, but is there a better way to rinse after use?