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  1. Great. PM coming your way
  2. For sale: Good condition Airflo Ridge Striper Floating 9WT line. No box. $20 plus $6 for shipping. or trade for similar 10WT floating line.
  3. Sure. Please PM me with your info. thanks!
  4. I found someone. Thanks, that was QUICK.
  5. Hi there. I was reading Ken Abrames "Striper Moon" and came across the "eel punt" fly. I think this would be perfect to swing in the shallow inlets around the rocks where I live. Dark colored eel baits seem to do very well in these waters. I can't find a large, dark colored eel punt fly available for sale commercially. Is there a member here that would be willing and able to tie me a few of these for me? I was thinking something on the larger side like Ken shares details on in this book. Cheers
  6. Okay, lot #3 is remaining (see pic attached). $45 shipped.
  7. I can agree to $25 shipped. The Yozuri tho is not a mag darter, it’s a mag minnow or something like that. PM me if interested
  8. Let’s do it. Can you PM me with the exact list of lure you are interested in?
  9. Yours! Please PM me w/ shipping info.
  10. Lot 1: Random plastics, etc (see pic). Hogy, Zman, Storm, GT Eel, hooks, jigheads, flag tails, etc. $35 shipped SOLD Lot 2: Random Lures, etc (see pic). SP minnows, Yozuri mags, Redfin, Hogy, Bucktails, rapala, large RM jigsmith, etc. $85 shipped
  11. I am looking to buy some Sedotti Slammer flies to sling at bunker/pogie schools off the boat. Does anyone here tie these true to Sedotti's formula (w/ counterweight)? Thank you.
  12. Thank you but I am looking for 3k reel.