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  1. So I am here in North Chatham at the house and have only fished off our dock since I arrived (across from Strong Island in Pleasant Bay). I’ve caught ~15 fish in about 1.5 hours total of fishing. I would say 4 of these are 28”+ and the remainders are decent sized at 26”+. Two of the fish were 30”+. Remember this is just off the dock and in three ~30 min sessions (no see ums drove me off). I am going to take the boat to Monomoy tomorrow and fish the rips. Everyone here in the bay says the striper fishing this year is “as good as the old days”.
  2. I'll be in Chatham 7/4-7/9. Planning to bring my fly rod for Pleasant Bay and was hoping to hit the outer beach with my surf rod unless the seals have killed everything off...
  3. "Forgetting the seals" lol
  4. Ohhhhhh I need one.
  5. I fish Pleasant Bay Chatham (near Strong Island) all the time. 26-28" at night off the dock and 20-22" during the day is what I am seeing. However, at least I am hooking up 1/5 casts though so there seem to be a LOT of smalls.
  6. Thanks everyone. I’ve been using 30lb fluoro to 20lb fluoro blood knotted for medium sized flies and clousers. For smaller 2/0 and 1/0 deceivers I’ve been doing 30/20/16. The blood knot has become easy and fun to tie. I have however become curious about the RIO Striper knotless tapered leaders. When you select the lb test you want, is this the measurement of the tip section of the tapered leader?
  7. They’re getting bigger. Catching 25-27” now in Ipswich Bay and rivers within.
  8. Hello. Thanks for your offer but I already bought some of these lures from another member. cheers!
  9. I am looking to buy some waders at good price. Anyone have any without leaks they want to sell? I am 5'11" and usually wear pants sized 33 waist / 32 length. Thanks!
  10. I am looking to buy some waders at good price. Anyone have any without leaks they want to sell? I am 5'11" and usually wear pants sized 33 waist / 32 length. Thanks.
  11. Last night I caught more schoolies and saw ~40 small bass swimming under the lights off the dock. As the tide started flowing out of the river into Ipswich Bay, the large school slowly dissipated as they fed on snacks floating by in the strong current.
  12. Practiced a few blood knots last night joining 30lb and 20lb fluoro. That 30lb stuff is stiff and gave me a hard time when cinching down the knot at the end even w/ moisture. The 20lb side barreled up nicely and neatly but the 30lb side of the knot was a bit messy. I can imagine that with 40-50lb fluoro, it would be even more difficult. I also was hesitant to trim the tag ends down to be flush with knot -- just dont have the confidence in the knot yet. Very nice looking knot though when done right!
  13. Alright alright... I like knots. I’m going to try this tapered leader thing.
  14. I am loving all these responses. Thanks. A loop to loop connection is something I rely on to swap out flies easy. I pre-tie a leader to each fly and keep them in a small snack sized ziplock. Based on all these replies, I am going to start my experimenting with a 3’ piece of 30lb fluoro with a double surgeons loop on both ends. One end will be used to connect to the fly line fused loop via loop to loop connection and the other end of this 30lb leader will have a loop. Each of my flies will have a shortened pre-ties leader of 3’ of 20lb fluoro so I can go loop to loop onto the 30lb section so I can still swap out flies quickly. Does this make sense? I fear that there may be too many loop to loop connections here!
  15. I’ll do this. Thanks!