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  1. This could be the ultimate bomber rod I've been looking for...
  2. I’ll also take the 9WT floating line. :-)
  3. I'll take the Sonar Sink. PM coming
  4. Resurrecting this thread... I plan on fishing in Portsmouth RI this coming season. I have access to a nice stretch along the Sakonnet River, but never fished it. Is anyone available to connect via PM to chat about the fishing in my specific area (what time of year, bass size, etc)? I request PM so I don't give too much away publicly about the spot. I would be very appreciative!
  5. Great!
  6. Looking to buy a Rio OBS 9 WT floating line. Thanks!
  7. No hook. Just a small, sparse flag that I can crimp on to tail of small plugs as described above and shown in pic. Sorry if I did not describe this correctly. Edit: Most flags I find for sale are too big/heavy to work on these smaller plugs. This is why I am coming here to the custom request area. I am not looking for some "standard" size flag -- I am specifically looking for extra small/sparse that wont kill the action of these smaller/lighter plugs. Does this make sense?
  8. I'm looking for very small/sparse tail flags for my smaller plugs, such as Bomber 15A and 5" Redfin. I have a few smaller (sub 1oz and sub 5") plastic minnows that have 3 hook hangers and I want to remove the tail hook and run two singles on the front 2 hangers with a hookless flag on the tail. I did this with a 5" Redfin with much success (see included pics). I however lost this plug this past season. Can you do something very small and sparse like this? I would order 3x black and 3x white. Thanks!
  9. Sorry, I thought I had replied to this but I am not seeing my post come up. I was checking email on a friend’s laptop at the time so maybe that was the issue... anyways. you’re the man for checking into used options!
  10. They look amazing, but too expensive for me.
  11. Wow these look super nice, as well as expensive. Is there a deep diver that is 2oz and costs around $20?
  12. I am looking to buy a subsurface metal lip in the 2-3oz range, preferably closer to 2oz. Also looking to buy some glide baits in the 1.5-3oz range. Thank you.
  13. Looking to buy: Gibbs Deep Diving Danny plugs. 2oz and/or 3.25oz versions. Sebile Stick Shad floating 2.25oz (preferable the blue/silver color called "American Shad"). Thank you.
  14. WTB: 1. Airflo Ridge Floating Line 9 WT 2. Airflo Cold Salt Sink 350grain Thanks!