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  1. This reel is awesome. I have the same one. Great deal here.
  2. I'll take the Outbound Short line. I will send you a message. Thanks!
  3. I would like to buy your St Croix Tidemaster 7'6" Medium or 8' Medium rod in either normal 1 piece or in travel (3 piece). Thanks in advance.
  4. I just got back from a 1.5 hour session of casting in Annisquam. I didn't hit the tide right but it was the only time I could get out there (I started 2 hours before low and ended 30 min before dead low). I didn't hook up, but I did see and hear ~10-12 fish splash/jump/feed on the surface. The majority of them were in areas I couldn't cast to (the gangplanks/ramps to the docks are not installed yet for the season). So I moved to a beach a few minutes away and saw 3 more big splashes/surface feeds but I just could not reach them with my fly rod I brought out. No bites but positive signs.
  5. Thanks Dean. JCH sent me the info already. Cheers. Maybe I'll see you out there! I am based out of Lobster Cove.
  6. I am looking to add a sink tip line to my fly fishing game and need an extra spool for my reel to hold this line on -- my reel is an Orvis Hydros SL IV. Does anyone have one they would sell me? Thanks in advance.
  7. I am going to cast a bit with my 7' inshore rod into the fast moving Annisquam River near Wingaersheek Beach this week and weekend. I will report back with results.
  8. I am looking to try out a sink tip shooting head type line this season. Does anyone have one they would let go at a good price? :-) Using a 9 WT Sage Motive rod which is more of a moderate action rod so I was thinking of keeping the line at around a 350grain shooting head w/ intermediate running line... Thanks!
  9. This is great, thanks JCH. I plan on doing this same thing in my boat but I don't know the rocks as well on this side of Cape Ann (I know my spin gear go-to spots for this on the Marblehead side). I think I will hire a guide and take notes of where we go. What is the name of the guide you prefer? Feel free to message me directly. I am also interested in this Cape Ann Baitfish fly! Do you have a picture of one? I am also going to check out the Orvis lines you mentioned. I see online that there is a Hydros HD Depth Charge line and a Hydros 3D Depth Charge... what do you use? (EDIT: Looks like the 3D was the old version...)
  10. I like the advice of a clear tip line since the leader length will be shorter. I never understood why ALL fly lines didn't have a clear tip! I will look into a fast sink head with clear tip. Would this be the SA Sonar Sink 30? I see on the website that there are many different "grain" options -- I don't know grains but I know weights. Which one is best for my 9WT Sage Motive do you think? I will look into the half and half -- you are right that the heavy clouser may not have the profile needed to be visible in all that turbulent whitewater/wash but it would definitely get down deep quickly. I found a nice 3/0 chartreuse/white half and half on saltwaterfliesdotcom but it's temporarily unavailable... I'll check out the black bunny fly as well as the mushmouth with some flash on it that titleguy advised. I'll just stick to my normal 20lb fluro leader material then that I use for everything else then.
  11. Okay awesome, thanks. The Cape Ann area is exactly where I plan to do this more. I have used this approach in the past using spin gear and live macks out of Marblehead on the rocks along Marblehead, Swampscott, and Nahant.
  12. Thanks! What leader length and material do you recommend? I was thinking like 30lb fluoro in about 3-4 feet length? For a fly, I was thinking of using a heavy large clouser in chartreuse so it's visible in the white water (bright green) and so it will sink (heavy eyes of clouser). Any recommendations here? What is a "big gun" rod? My 9 weight enough?
  13. From what I know, I agree with you about the weight of the line not making it easier to cast. The weight (sinking line) I am asking about would be for getting the fly down fast to where the fish are and I was not looking for a sinking line to for the help casting. Assumption of a sinking line = goal to getting fly deep quickly in moving water Assumption of a quick shooting line = goal to get fly out quickly without many false casts The above is what I was looking for confirmation/advice on.
  14. I have a 9 WT Sage Motive rod with one line at the moment -- an Airflo Ridge Striper 9WT Intermediate. I am not the best caster in the world and am working on cutting down on false casts fore shooting the line. However, this coming season I want to fly fish off my boat more and plan on doing the following tactic with a friend... Using my small center console, pull up close to some rocks with crashing whitewater and some deep drop offs and the man on the bow casts into whitewater with heavier fly and what I am assuming should be a sinking line to hopefully pull out a fish. I see this approach done by capable boat handlers and fishermen and they pull nicely sized stripers out of the wash on the fly (and using spin rods). I used to do this with spin rods and live mackerel... ride the swell into the rocks, back off in reverse (hard!) as you approach skinny water and cast into whitewater and back out before the next ebbing swell sucks the water out from under your boat. Would I benefit from a heavier sinking line than my current line mentioned above? I was thinking of a line that shoots quickly because the fisherman on the bow would not have a lot of time to make a bunch of false casts before the next swell rolls through. I don't know too much about line types but I am imaging an shooting sinking head line or a outbound short type line will help fire a cast into the wash quickly -- "presentation" wont matter here I am thinking since it's such rough, turbulent water I am casting into. Am I on the right track with a full sink line/outbound short sink tip/sinking shooting head to achieve this quick load and shoot type cast to get it deep? OR... should I just forget this whole idea and stick to the spin rod for this application?
  15. Sorry I should have updated this thread. I bought a Penn Warfare 15LW on ebay for $60 new. Thanks for the offers and PMs...