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  1. I would like to save a few bucks and buy these used, if possible. Looking for SuperStrike sinking poppers in 1.5oz and/or 2 3/8oz sizes, and SS bottle plugs (I think they call them "casting swimmers"?). Ideal colors are bone, burple, and yellow/white. Let me know if you have any you would sell. Thank you.
  2. Title says it all! If you have an Airflo Ridge Striper Floating line in a 9 weight, I'd be happy to purchase it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Great! I will reply to your PM with Paypal info.
  4. You are correct -- looking back I now see this.
  5. Good info, but I'm not the OP.
  6. I posted a new thread with the picture. Let me know if you want it. It's lightly used and been coiled on its spool for a majority of its life.
  7. Rio InTouch Striper WF9F Floating Line. Includes spool and box as shown in pic. $35 shipped!
  8. I think I will also look into the Sonar line after reading this thread.
  9. I will sell you Rio InTouch Striper WF9F floating line for $35 shipped.
  10. Small plastics, slow retrieve, warm (often shallow) water.
  11. Back to drawing board... Anyone else?
  12. Just quickly following up. :-). I'm in Gloucester MA
  13. I am in Gloucester MA. Cheers!
  14. I currently have the 8' model. I would like to buy your lightly used but in good condition 9' version! (Or, I would be happy to trade my 8' for your 9'). Thank you.