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  1. If pressed, I'd say the slack tide between low and high. But I wouldn't kayak the inlet. Be careful my friend.
  2. Heck of a fish! Nice to see the damage done too... mullet run is FUN
  3. Love the BG's... both the new version and old version... been fishing the new ones for 2-3 years in very harsh conditions and have battled some very large fish... not saying that others have not experienced issues, but I have had no issues with my reels...
  4. "PBR Tall Boy" lol I only had about half of it before I decided I'd rather be eating ice cream...
  5. 30" Snook on a Hogy paddle tail... in Florida our stripers only have one stripe...
  6. Get a bicycle inner tube - preferably a road bike not a beach cruiser (narrow tires are best). Cut 3" off and slip over the end of your casting finger. I've had the inner tube in the picture for over a decade, just hangs in my garage and cut off a new finger guard whenever I need it. (Because I lose them every now and again, not because they wear out. They never wear out.) I don't post much but I love the forum, for years. Thanks.
  7. Have lurked on here many years and signed up for this post. Find a narrow bicycle tire inner tube - like the kind for a racing or road bike - and cut off two or three inches. It slides right over your casting finger and stays put. Works like a charm. Easy to put one or more in your pocket or tackle bag too. You can find discards at the bike shop. I had a friend give me one about ten years ago and I still have it hanging in the garage, I cut off a new finger guard whenever I need it. I'm down to about a foot left though