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  1. The bottom one, we would call a Yellow Tail Croaker. I have no idea if that is the actual name. Next time you catch one of those, put it right back in the surf on a big bait hook and hold on. They are like candy.
  2. That is funny, I'll be going from Cocoa Beach to Georgia in mid July for a family reunion. We'll pass on I-95. July can be a very good month for surf fishing. I prefer south of Cocoa Beach where there is more of a trough in the surf. (CB has a really 'flat' low impact beach) Here is what I would do if I were you: 1. Find some large live bait (mullet, croaker, pigfish, pinfish). I'm talking as big as your hand. Freeline in the trough right at your feet. Daylight/Dusk. You can catch real big tarpon, snook, reds and sharks this way. 2. Walk around casting like everyone else is talking about, you'll see action where the bait is.
  3. Interested... please post back... inlet was nice and calm the past two nights... I still wouldn't kayak in it though...
  4. If pressed, I'd say the slack tide between low and high. But I wouldn't kayak the inlet. Be careful my friend.
  5. Heck of a fish! Nice to see the damage done too... mullet run is FUN
  6. Love the BG's... both the new version and old version... been fishing the new ones for 2-3 years in very harsh conditions and have battled some very large fish... not saying that others have not experienced issues, but I have had no issues with my reels...
  7. "PBR Tall Boy" lol I only had about half of it before I decided I'd rather be eating ice cream...
  8. 30" Snook on a Hogy paddle tail... in Florida our stripers only have one stripe...
  9. Get a bicycle inner tube - preferably a road bike not a beach cruiser (narrow tires are best). Cut 3" off and slip over the end of your casting finger. I've had the inner tube in the picture for over a decade, just hangs in my garage and cut off a new finger guard whenever I need it. (Because I lose them every now and again, not because they wear out. They never wear out.) I don't post much but I love the forum, for years. Thanks.
  10. Have lurked on here many years and signed up for this post. Find a narrow bicycle tire inner tube - like the kind for a racing or road bike - and cut off two or three inches. It slides right over your casting finger and stays put. Works like a charm. Easy to put one or more in your pocket or tackle bag too. You can find discards at the bike shop. I had a friend give me one about ten years ago and I still have it hanging in the garage, I cut off a new finger guard whenever I need it. I'm down to about a foot left though