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  1. Shooting it down may be fun. Would someone like to loan me a Ma Duce an a couple hundred thound rounds snd beer to go with it. Probery wont hit it, but at least it will be entertainment. Not to worry. The last time it went over in orbit they figured it would hit NEW York ******. Washington DC or LOST Angelous so no problem . Any extra space fallout from the nuke reactor should land harmlessly in deepest darkest Africa and they have been asking for Extra Nuke power. Disney has stopped playing Song of the South on Space Mountain so they will be fine. Dementa joe is hiding in his basement agaiin
  2. Run faster. Jump higher! PC FLYERS. just open the aeroplane cabin door at 10,000 feet and try that red bull. It claims that you get wings. When you land you may look like a buffalo wing.
  3. I just found out that 20% of people are Colourblind. Cant tell Reds Oranges from Green. I did not know that. So the Turn just sat there untill i picked it up and thre it back into the Air. Guess it was tired. Have had lots of stormy petrs and Pelicans try to hang around. Guess they just want free food. Had a South American Fruitbat land inside my boat just about 100 miles east of Glouster one day. Dam thing hung upside down next to my helm and i had to net it and then dropped the expensive net over the side trying to get it out. Damm Vampire. Nets are not cheap. Seagulls can get nasty. But if you grab them like a Goose around the neck they calm down.
  4. Only a Cheap azz hack builder would use any copper pipe except for Type K Copper. My labour is worth far more that the cost of material. Dont have much life left and I'm sure not doing any job twice that I can do once. Although now it takes me 10 times as long to do it if I can do it at all. Just checked a roll of PEX that I should have bought last year, but I was out of money and the prices have doubled on that also. We need to get the Socialists out of America and bring back manufacturing to the USA. Our kids and grand kids will be living in a third world country if this keeps up. they may have to tear it all down and dispose of all the waste before they can rebuild what the USA used to be. of course if things dont change soon we will all be living or not living at all in a world where you would not want to go. Wish I had a Bag of Chips right now.
  5. Little. I dont have Waterfront Property and would never be able to afford the taxes on it. You must be way up in Maine somewhere to only pay $4k in property taxes. Are you like in Eatsport , Machiasport or Cutler next to New Brunswick? I had an offer to be stationed in Cutler when I was in the NAVY but I heard that there was nothing up there except for the SONAR Base. Its gone now as we now have Boots on the Ground with Hunter Biden in the USSR watching out for our national security. The local Lobstermen keep complaining that they are getting the traps wrapped around the Radio towers and are now afraid they wont be able to navigate between 1 mile separated windmills. Hell I have a almost New Raytheon LORAN that will work just fine. Years ago before most of you were born the Property taxes in Southern NH were about 20 times higher for an identical house built by the same ****** builder as he was building in Mass. NH property taxes were not affordable anywhere except for Seabrook in the shadow of the Nuke Power Plant where no one wanted to live. and the commute to NH was Crazy! It would take 2 hours from Nauseous Newd Hampster to Boston down rt 3, just not doable. so I crossed that off my list. and Commuting to Cambridge from Southern Maine. faggetaboutit. its 3 hours on a good day. so I decided not to do that.
  6. A few whiles back when fishing for something this jumped into my net.
  7. today’s most informative thread. &i Hear that a Guy will take you for all the Free Seafood you can eat, just so he has some company for Lunch. No Reservations needed. Sounds like a good deal, But The Restaurants are all gone out of business.. I have a couple Gift certificates to a Large Seafood Restaurants that are a few years old. Just drove past it and the entire building has been bulldozed! So , are the Gift Certificates now wicked Valuable collectables? Like the Book of Conn Turnpike Toll coupons I have.
  8. Most of the Resturaunts up my way have closed/gone out of business. There is a Fried Fish takeout stand that had a couple picknik tables but no way would I want to sit in below zero weather to eat some fish & chips. No More China Buffets after the Chinese Plague.
  9. SAN FRANCISCO — They said they didn’t know the hidden danger of sneaker waves. Be careful out there as they say that you can be carried far our=t to Sea and never seen from again. I did have to go to San Fran on Business a few times but I think I was too busy working to get into the local Culture. Thank God. The Chinese Food was Great and I did not know that you just sat at a Lazy Susan and shared your meal with lots of strangers that would not speak English. other than that I was not impressed. Apparently these Sneaker Waves have hit New York, and many other large citys even as fare inland as Saint Louis as I have seen the Sneakers hanging there.
  10. I used to take out a Lot of Gilligans on my boat and they always would loose tackle. so if you had a dozen lines all stuck on the bottom it could get expensive really quick. as I was winterizing boats as a side job to help pay the bills,I would end up with hundreds of spark plugs. ( Twin chevy 350s or Ford 351 and you get 16 sinkers) per job. Justs take some crappy old lightweight mono line and clip on as many sinkers as you need to hit bottom, great for fishing wrecks, rockpiles etc. for Flounder, COD, Tautaog So you loose a few hundred sinkers in a day, They are Biodegradable. they rust out and the Ceramic turns back into Sand after a while.
  11. Lead pB wieghts a hell of a lot more than Pourus Cast iron. and lead has a sweet taste. just like when you crush spilt shot sinkers in tour teeth while fishing. I have a small pile of old Cast Iron window sash weights that make great sinkers if you just want to set up a trot line. Other Bigger Better Trot Long Line sinkers are only Disk Brake Wheels form a little pickup like a Dodge Ram 3500. THey dont move so much with the tides and mark your location if you use old dog run cable and some PVC Pipe filled with styrofoam. JUst put them out on good fishing spots and tie off to them when you go back there. They dont work for Downrigger weights as they are too lite and just blow back to the surface when your tryng to toll at 3-4 kts. I have been looking all over for some downrigger weights like these and stumbled upon the company that used to make them 20 years ago. they dont make them anymore.
  12. Do believe its called Grass. If I had that in my yard I would be pleased rather than to have the mess that is now in the yard., All I have now is Dirt, sand and pine cones, rock and Pine needles. Need to get about 100 tons of Composted manure and turn the whole yard into a Vegetable Garden. or if I had Grass I would get some Goats and they could eat it and then I would Roast the Goats. They are Tasty cooked over a hardwood fire. Of Course I also need a few Cords of Firewood mostly to heat my house. This past winter I scavanged old wood palletts and cut them up to use when it was really cold. The Cost of heating oil & Fuel is skyrocketing due to political economic mismanagement in America and maybe cooking over oat Dung will become popular again as in many other countries that are run by dictator morons like O'Biden and the Hoe. They think money grows on trees apparently Goats actually do.
  13. If I could just have One Rod & Reel. I would get one of my old Lamiglass rods repaired. I tried but dont have the talent to not make it look like crap Used sewing thread to wrap the guides and clear fingernail polish to protect it. and it really should be down correct with Agate Guides and cork grips to make it look as a traditonal fishing rod should. Wish That some American machinist would stat making these nice reels again. all Stainless with real Bronze Bearings.
  14. Kind on the same topic. Soft Sand. How do you pack down all the loose sand in your yard after a contractor put in a French Drain in December when everything was frozen. he dug up all the sad and I walked accross it on Sat and I fell into a sinkhole. hurt my bad leg again (Thats the Other Bad leg) and now Ill be walking with my cane again. Dont have the physical strenth to do landscaping myself and dont have money to pay someone else as I spent more than I had paying the contractor. I dont have a really big truck anymore as cant work, dont have a job and cant afford a nice the best I could do was drive my shittly little jap truck back and forth over the send to try and pack it down. any suggestions?
  15. I like that Millwaki 18 VDC 6 amp Battery idea. Going to rig up a couple for my Raytheon Handheld VHF Radios that no longer have available battery. Just wire in a Ziener Diode to whatever voltage you want to hold it at or make an SCR Variable Voltage regulator if your so inclined.