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  1. Probably true, was just pointing out the 1099 piece re: paying tax on the rental income.
  2. Anything booked through Airbnb, a property management company, or any other business will receive a 1099 for all the income that they need to report on their taxes. The only way to work around that is to book privately, which I’m sure some do but with the popularity of Airbnb and the like. I think the majority are at least reportingThe income. Of course you can offset that with property improvements, mortgage, homeowners fees, etc, but it is reported with personal income on the 1040, not like a business tax filing.
  3. But all these seasonal people pay taxes, they don't draw on resources, and theoretically pay into the seasonal economy and "cottage industries" such as property mgt, etc. I don't think this is the part of the economy that is upside down, but it does present an easy target for fast cash. If the state invested in sustainability, boosting income, hence increasing tax revenue, and drawing outside investment and talent, they could find their way out of the paper bag....
  4. I do agree with the point of “people leaving”. Maine has been in a 40 year downward spiral where the state economy doesn’t offer enough reward for the investment of people to say. My family emigrated out in 1990, for greener career pastures for my dad. I was able to make 3 years work in the area, before I ran out of runway. When I worked there, the # 2 or 3 industry in the state was social services. If they prioritized 75% of these funds to creating sustainable industry/jobs, relèvent you the 21st century, I would be 100% for it, and would gleefully pay, on the hope I could someday live and work there. Until then, this will become a welfare state clause, which will be highly devisive. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on that, but that makes it polarizing.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I missed that point. Well, I guess we can add “fee’s” to an otherwise short list of things that I don’t like. I foresee those who have no interest in property value, who intend or hope to hold for generations to make a rush to qualify their structures as “seasonal”, which is another uncharacteristically, and 100% unpoliced, designation that would keep places out of the fray. that said, I was AMAZED as some prices on Airbnb for some very lack luster places in Portland for a week this summer. $750 to 2k a night in July, not near anything of note. If those rates hold, or even just go down by 50%, people won’t WANT to live in their own homes.
  6. The most interesting thing in this article is the assessment that maine hosts more second homes then any other state.... that has to be per capita, right? Florida, Colorado, Arizona and others all seem that they would challenge Maine. As potentially being subject to this tax, of course I dislike it, because I generally just don’t like taxes, especially with capped tax deductions. However, if we consider this as a “natural resource” they certainly aren’t the first state to tax a unique local resource. But this feels a bit like a double tax. They already have the hotel tax on short term rentals, we already pay the “waterfront” tax, so this feels like “just more” but as a new invoice line item, rather than just boosting the existing rates... which makes it a lightning rod. Now, they need to NOT shoot them selves in the foot... If they overdo this, they’ll erode demand, have over supply, and while first time buyers can afford, Maine lacks a lot of jobs and industry to support those folks, and when real estate supply outpaces demand, values drop, good homeowners lose money, and bigger fish come in and buy... where depressed prices compensate for the new tax. So, I think they are dancing on a razors edge, and I am not seeing any awareness of that in the article.
  7. 52 degrees, eh? Where abouts were you? That’s a good sign, but about 9 degrees warmer than where my boat is floating. Getting there though....
  8. Build.
  9. I have an 8wt today, so maybe you're right.
  10. Hey, Anyone here a rod builder, or more specially a fly rod builder? i am looking for a 9-10’ 9wt to throw big flies. Aside from Sage and TFO, there is an overwhelming number of brands I don’t know. I want a fisherman’s rod, not something pretty, but something that can chuck. I don’t care about pretty or name branded but struggling to make sense of the competing views. Any recommendations?
  11. It’s a very valid point and I agree. If you look at this board, we have some great folks and I have learned a lot, but let’s be honest, it’s what, 100 regular contributors? Even if it was 1000, we’d be hard pressed to create even a ripple of change. The more people who care, the better.... now, if they could just stop hoarding gear, we’d be in business.
  12. First observation, if that is a 17" landlocked Salmon, I'm surprised she needed a 48" boga grip to hold it. As my best fishing buddy says, the secret to catching bigger fish is to have a smaller net. I personally don't mind the inflow of newbies... it should fuel more investment and innovation... hopefully. I also rarely have an issue finding fish in between people, especially between named pools on famous rivers. My one real issue with the whole thing is that supply of things has dried up. Things I would use, I know are going to rot in someone's garage. Couldn't find a tube rig in Maine after June last year, yet, I still only saw the same guy in my area, who's been there for decades pulling a tube. I need to buy a new hull for my boat. Redid the engine 2 years ago, but the transom and gas tank are shot. CAN"T BUY A USED BOAT between here and Charlotte. So that is a MAJOR inconvenience. Because I know there will be in an influx in 2 years, but I can't wait that long unless we don't want to be on the island this summer. The one thing that does scare the crap out of me is Newbie boat traffic. The ocean is a big place, and the difference between a boat and a torpedo is really just the difference of who is steering it.
  13. The sandeel plastics you have here are our #1 lures for early season. have fun exploring!
  14. A buddy of mine and I agreed, that this 2 year “stay of execution” gives us a chance to get a plan together.
  15. So, I don’t need to be swapping hooks, but need to start stashing worm money... right?