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  1. Holy Smokes, that big one is gorgeous and super clean, nice work.
  2. Nah, no one even knows where Harpswell is… unless you say Bailey’s Island… as a guy that spends a lot of time on 295, Freeport is the northern edge of the filtration organs….
  3. Don't knock it.... its the second kidney of the Route 95 Artery... right after York... the more people go there, the less that come to us...
  4. You just let me know if you want someone to cast off the bow while you practice at the helm
  5. yup, they are brutal... even when we're running on the boat, and the whole family is safe on the bow in the wind, they are still chomping my ankles in the wind pocket behind the console. More than once, we've swerved or come to a rapid stop, because I would have sworn I was shot in the foot.
  6. agree with this... despite it not being good table fare (some may debate this, I will not), it is not an infinite resource, and waste is waste no matter the species.
  7. 2 Mack’s outside cundys. Only one made it into the boat, the sacrificial lamb drew a strike but didn’t close the deal.
  8. we'll be around this weekend... I'll let you know what I find. two weeks ago, I found a two full sabiki's full on one pass at the base of our river, then lost the school, and haven't found them since. The 3 we kept got 3 chunky stripers off the rocks within 3 mins of being in the water... I couldn't get more than 1 rod baited at a time, without the other going off. We did manage lots of pollack the next day, got a couple stripers on pollack as bait, but not nearly as good. Could be a pogey chunk weekend
  9. Bést post yet. Love the dimple and fish pics, but the random eagle, and sunrise is the greatest.
  10. Plenty of moon jellies today. 52 degrees at dead low.
  11. I haven’t even fished the ones of these that Santa brought me and my son, now you got my wheels turning on color combos for the tail. Did you strip the original hook? Or somehow swap the back hook?
  12. Thanks! It’s been great so far. I previously had a 22’ Mako from the mid 90’s and realized just how heavy and hard it was to navigate…. The fuel economy may pay for itself this year as well.
  13. Dunked the new boat on Friday, reports are that it is still floating which is nice. 45 degree water at the mooring... water is clear... got a little ways to go...
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