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  1. Now I am really confused, what are you talking about? What is it that McGee is trying that we are not?
  2. What does that mean? Why are you picking on Corey or is it Snaps, you know the man is sick.
  3. I lol'd because I thought it was very apropos.
  4. Gotta be next weekend Sea Bass closes Saturday 8/31.
  5. Pipe down, I had 7 beers, 3 cheeseburgers, 1 rack of ribs, 3 dozen clams and a few chocolate covered pretzels, and a nice Pinot Noir to settle it all. I am pretty sure i could still kill that beast challenge.
  6. LOL
  7. I am away this weekend so lets do the Bluefin Tuna challenge, I will catch as many in my car driving to South Carolina as you will at the AP, so it will be a tie. 8/31 Trigger Challenge or Fluke challenge, you pick 9/7 Tog Challenge, combined weight of 3 heaviest?
  8. As will I.
  9. I know all that, just seeing if i could get a rise outtake ya.
  10. He's all right. She could kick his ass, all day. He's tiny.
  11. Looks like Dustin put the same amount of mahi in the boat today for 4 guys... .... for half the price.
  12. Going down there Thursday to Monday to visit my daughters fiancé, she wanted to drive down alone but Momma wasnt having it. So me and the boy are going too. One dinner together and a family outing on Saturday, and they can be alone the rest of the weekend.
  13. @Sheisty, Where did you get your phone protector sleeve? I need them for next week in SC.
  14. I saw a whale breach today with Supernova and Shiesty. I'm pretty sure Supernova is spanking one out thinking of it. Snaps was supposed to light a candle for us and we all know he didnt. You Dick. I also acquired a rare beer and brought it to a party. My two buddies from high school tasted it and tossed it. It is apparently the worst beer ever.
  15. Sorry to hear about Poppa Razz, thinking of you Mick.