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  1. Hmmmm, $250 a bottle for Pappy or $250 for 10 bottles of Jack. Thats a no.
  2. Nice, did you beat him up bad?
  3. None. As for taste, It depends how long it's been since you had anything close to pasta .
  4. After putting on 15 pounds over thanksgiving -Christmas, I am back on track and under 280 again. I have really doubled down on the Gym effort, we'll see how it goes, might be rockin the bikini for fluke season.
  5. All of my spagetti and meatballs is now eaten with zoodles. yeah....zucchini noodles.
  6. regular pasta 70 carbs Chick pea pasta 40 carbs Quinoa Pasta 18 carbs Shirataki noodles (made from Konjac Yam) 1 carb
  7. Protein.
  8. Too many carbs for us Mick, 1 serving is 2 days worth of Carbs.
  9. Deja vu.
  10. Its the Squid effect.
  11. Yep, still wouldnt know. Never been there.
  12. I didnt realize thats Fishing Pete.
  13. Ghey! Whats the gloves for, seriously? Are you lifting weights or stacking wood?
  14. It looks like the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays.
  15. I wouldn't know, what Squid is eating.