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  1. I need to pay more attention to things, Im seeing stuff that I was sent to me months ago for the first time, WTH?
  2. Yeah, I may want the red Newell for a retro Mono rod.
  3. Shelter at home is over, traffic sucked yesterday, 36 was packed at 8:30 last night leaving the Hook, ~ every 15th car was NY plates. Any speeding ticket on the Parkway now is mandatory court appearance, although 30 over is mandatory anyway? is the DWI.
  4. Disability insurance.
  5. Almost 7 weeks to get my claim approved. They didnt send me any money.....just that it was approved. Im glad i didnt need it, i understand the frustration of those that do.
  6. Yes, No, I thought about for .5 second, if I do, I'm gonna give to Shark mike to staple it to the first one, then he will have 2/3 of a butt grip.
  7. WAIT... You are the tall one in the family?
  8. Careful.... There once was a guy named Mike, Who isnt anymore, Cause what he thought was H2O, was really H2S04.
  9. Its better with Hydroxic acid.
  10. I feel cheated spending $150 to eat in Bahrs, Im not spending $150 on take out.
  11. Eastman fleet. Big, huge Whiting
  12. Yup.
  13. Those prices include highway taxes, there is no highway tax on marine diesel or farm diesel, its also dyed red. In the midwest they used to like to check all the farmers trucks at the county fair to see if they are using the tractor diesel in their pick ups trucks so they can write tickets. ...or so I have heard. I do remember those days, I had to swipe the card 3 times to fill up the Dodge.
  14. I spent over $700 just in September that year.
  15. Didnt I just go through this with Snaps with the body armor thing? You know thats how I roll.