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  1. I grabbed a spot on the Jersey Hooker for Wednesday, 12 hour trip headed south. I couldn't pass it up.
  2. Dont know what she said, I laughed at it though. Or so I'm told. I dont care.
  3. Had a table next to Kevin and his lovely wife, now I know why the boys are so much better looking then him. My daughter thought the best dishes were the Escargot and the Tartare. I enjoyed the crab cake and the chicken liver pate as well. The Boulevadiers sucked bad and I tried to get one made right, to no avail.The wife is not speaking to me because of something my daughter said during dinner. I don't know what it was but I was supposed to say something about it. I dont give a ****, I got a bottle of green label and Im gonna have a drink or 4.
  4. The fingerprint on the bottle (next to the W) doesnt match the ones I have on file. Did you take that picture.
  5. I have a 5pm for tonight. Boulevardiers here I come. Was gonna ask for Basil Hayden now may go with the Bulleit.
  6. I've been soaking his rawhide in it, he seems happy, when hes awake.
  7. Mine sleeps on the floor with the paws in the air, like he just dont care.
  8. Nice, now thats a review....with pictures.
  9. Nice, I knew one of you guys would have been there.
  10. I made reservations, I will report back.
  11. Nice Job Kev, how many did Shiesty catch? I see that Pascal and Sabine has Cacio e Pepe Agnolotti, so the place is more than likely Tom T approved.
  12. Lets see how it shakes out weather wise
  13. I found 8 singles in the center console of my truck this morning, thanks Gregg!
  14. Thanks Peter. I have the cranky part covered.