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  1. I used to fish there a lot, like 3 days a week. I caught a 7.5 pound largemouth and a 5 pound smallmouth on the same day. From the look of the picture you are not fishing the right spots. The Bluegill in there are huge. Find a tree where the cormorants nest and fish under the trees, the Bluegills eat cormorant **** all day, use some type of fish for bait for blue gills, I used to use herring. I snagged a rod and eel right off that rock wall to the right in your picture, I gave the reel away and rebuilt the rod into my daughters Winnie the Pooh rod.
  2. Did I just read on the Zuckerberg that Squid and Vic fished together today?
  3. Lets just leave it at, I saw Tony today.
  4. I saw Tony today.
  5. It was like $60 bucks for all 4, it was the old grill, this one has thin stainless tubes that need to be replaced every 4 years.
  6. Maybe cast brass was the previous grill, hmmm. anyway they are burned open.
  7. They are Cast brass, the holes actually burn open and produce no heat. It is more like a match than a jet. They are cheap and easy to replace. I have had a Charbroil for a decade.
  8. Ahhh. RIF, sorry. Im eating and doing paperwork while reading.
  9. If you dont know who are the IPA fans and who are not, you havent been paying attention.
  10. Me and my buddies were talking about the budweiser about a month ago, the reviews are great.
  11. Ok, Ill trade you a fluke trip for your beer.
  12. Dead low tide...8 feet of slime...4000 pound boat 2000 pound truck. Should have fished for another 2 hours.
  13. Fuel stop @ Atlantic Highlands.
  14. Inbound.