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  1. The guy in the slip behind me for the last few years got a fish today.
  2. mmmm, Costco in water, my go to snack, right out of the tin, with a little salt and pepper. I have 6 of them in my desk at work,
  3. Ziingggggg.
  4. I made street tacos. Dry rubbed skirt steal in the cast iron pan, cilantro, onion , lime. cooked tortillas over the open flame, with Black beans and rice. No tequila, I had a Landshark.
  5. A little bit louder now.
  6. Rain held off, it was it did get cold. I also believe that was my first "gansett" and I'm happy to report that there will never be a second.
  7. I dont have the heart to tell them it expired 262,000 miles before they called, so I just hang up.
  8. I only get 2 calls, everyday, both Jennie and Terry call me because my new car warranty is about to expire
  9. lakewood
  10. Nice night for a game.
  11. right behind both of you.
  12. Wow. My sister Wife turned a VT Syracuse degree (design and advertising) into a 5 years of making biscuits at the Blacksburg VA Hardees, waitressing, LOL. Then she came home and got a masters at Wilmington College an Associate in computer design so she could get into the teacher game secretary game... did it for two or three years and became a professional housewife. Her lifetime gross earnings are less than her tuition expenses. She has one 2 kids in college, the other in high school ... she has no intention of ever working in the future. To be fair, she did work in advertising for a while on Long Island, she hated it, mostly the 20 hour days at the end of the week trying to make dead lines. Her portfolio was pretty impressive and she worked on campaigns that we all would remember.
  13. Sorry to hear about the pup. The worst part of having a dog. I buried so many dogs and swore I was done....couldn't do it anymore and now I'm back with two.
  14. His anchor is in the shop being polished.
  15. Pic of my .300 AAC for Razz.