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  1. Norcalkat, you're 100% correct as always the American consumer gets screwed. We will all be paying considerably more for any goods if it's enacted. Wallmart today announced a large price increase coming soon. Oh well
  2. After working in Silicon Valley for the last 15 yrs I'm in favor of a policy preventing China from stealing intellectual property, what I don't understand is how we didn't align our policy with other allies to really put pressure on China. Also, I would propose a novel way to bring manufacturing back to the U.S. by the time this trade dispute is over the government will have put 50 billion dollars in relief efforts just for our farmers, not to mention other industries. Why don't we as Americans do what China did to start all of this, their government and treasury gave massive subsidies and provided them with the ability to undercut every other country on manufacturing cost and pricing. Our enlightened peers in Washington throw hundreds of billions of dollars away every year with not a single benefit to us. Maybe it's time to rethink things.
  3. Sweet I'm past 60 can I have some? Very nice well done. Enjoy your time together.
  4. The sad ending of a great boat
  5. Hi Jim,


    that ling looks awesome how did you cook that?




  6. Jeff, I spent 15 years as a general sales manager with BMW and I've built cars since I was 16 at over 60 I know quite a bit about vehicles and longevity and quality. The only way to go in my opinion is Sequoia. I bought a used lx 450 Lexus a while back, it's the same as a land cruiser, paid 5k for it it had 158 thousand miles on it sold it with 410k on it for what I paid for it, and in the entire time I owned it put one 02 sensors on a catalytic converter at a cost or about 150 dollars. As far as domestic they are all junk period. It's well known in the car industry any domestic with 100-150 k is near the end of its life cycle. Call me if you want to talk vehicles. Also, put your search radius at about 500 miles once you get out of the bay area things get more realistic. Gary
  7. Foles has shown he deserves a shot somewhere, and besides if he can sign for Kirk Cousins kind of money why not. He's a good guy overall and has earned it. Did you see his performance today in the Bears game:)
  8. yeah, the Chargers just beat the #1 defense in the league, they don't seem to mind being on the road, look at their last three wins...pretty amazing and for the first time in a long time, Phillip rivers has some weapons around him. Not too mention a stellar defense. for sure the game will be well coached on both sides, looking forward to an entertaining game.
  9. I was at a beach below Pigeon Point today and there must have been 3-4 hundred pelicans diving and eating something, I wasn't sure what till they started rolling up on the beach by the hundreds. I collected about 15 to use for bait but I should have collected a few hundred to eat. I didn't know they were anchovies till I got home and identified them by pics. I took pics but they are on my phone. If there is the bait that closes in are their fish nearby usually? I'm still new to this and learning. so far in the last few weeks, I've caught several over 1 lb perch, a 17-inch kelp greenling, and a few rock cod keepers, but I've never caught a bass.
  10. Hey, Jeff did you know John Doerr from Kleiner Perkins was CEO of Penn.
  11. I was at my local tackle shop and they had all their cousins rods at 50% off. I was quite surprised and when I asked they said Cousins was going out of business. Beautiful rods and tempting deals, but I can't bring home any more gear or I'll be living in my truck.
  12. Nomad, I had some amazon points and put them towards a purchase of a cadence cr5 last week and fished it for the first time today. It's the 7ft Med/heavy/fast. It is everything they claim I was very impressed with the quality top notch in every way, and it handled nicely. Can't say enough good things about this rod.
  13. What exactly do you mean by cooler? Rod holder you do you mean sand spike? If you plan on casting while wearing this pack it has to be small and lightweight. I have an excellent solution and will add some pics tomorrow. Cost 16 dollars
  14. thanks, rx2 I'd really appreciate your feedback as I like the idea of the weight or these but I wonder about the sand issues.
  15. Pistol Pete you are correct sir. A lot less chatter would benefit everyone.