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  1. Pretty sure that guy is Keith Nguyen who is part of the Redwood City Kayaking team. Super nice guy has been at it for many years.
  2. I have a Lowrance 4 plus and love it it has the option to set way points,mark and save where you've found fish and best of all GPS so if you're out and get turned around you can navigate back. great package for 159 bucks
  3. i'm in
  4. Count me in for Pics again this year and give me a heads up on anything you need me to bring.
  5. I’ll take it Guy
  6. Yeah even if you had skunked, you didn’t.
  7. Hi Dan,

    Can I get some shad heads?

    4-size 2oz, 7/0 long shank

    4-size 3oz, 8/0 Long 


    Price with shipping to my address in California I will PayPal you.


    Those bucktails I got were beautiful, 





    1. Dan Tinman

      Dan Tinman


           Here's the total.

      shad heads

      4-size 2oz, long shank @ 1.75 ea =               7.00

      4-size 3oz,  Long shank @ 2.15 ea =             8.60

      shipping, Priority mail, flat rate =                   8.50

      total =                                                           24.10

       My PayPal address is If you prefer some other method let me know. I can accept checks, money orders and credit cards.  In the case of credit cards it's best to call me.  I don't want your credit card numbers in my computer as I can't guarantee security.
                I'll need your mailing address.

    2. gary.Hb


      Gary Bunton

      954 Henderson avenue SPC 165 

      Sunnyvale, Ca 94086


      Thanks, Gary


      Payment PayPal coming.

  8. Guy, I’ll take them, payment coming. thanks, gary
  9. Those are some beauties, love the history
  10. Wall Street will be watching closely as that's a new take on the word greed.
  11. Guy, I’ll take it, gary
  12. Same as over here weirdest light I've seen since I've been in California.
  13. I spoke with Marque a few weeks before he was scheduled for some procedures he was in rough shape. Prior to that, I spoke with his wife, I think she has plans to reopen but no timeline given the circumstances. We spoke when he was having a tough go, and I think she sensed the situation, my takeaway was it would be day by day for a while. I certainly hope she re-opens it was always a way cool shop. My condolences to the family RIP Marque hope there are striper runs where you rest. G
  14. Guys will love this out here on the west coast the fish and game teams from Oregon and California convinced some tin hats that the seal population was killing off the fall salmon runs north, decimating the industry and ruining the salmon spawning runs. Declared open season on them for hunters trying to cut the population by 1/3. Of course, the PETA people are outraged, but for once the tin hats sorta said I'm going for sure lol. g
  15. When you get to be our age I'm 68 the best we can do is maintain a balanced diet and moderate exercise, walking is the single best exercise a person can do. Core strength is critical for reducing back problems. Look at women who do yoga there is your answer, I along with huge numbers of NFL players do it and it absolutely makes a difference in your flexibility. I highly recommend a book called younger next year, written by a N.Y. gerontologist and his best friend an Olympic athlete who at 70 still skies black slopes, seriously read it that book will change your life and the way you view your body and it's aging process. G