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  1. I was at a beach below Pigeon Point today and there must have been 3-4 hundred pelicans diving and eating something, I wasn't sure what till they started rolling up on the beach by the hundreds. I collected about 15 to use for bait but I should have collected a few hundred to eat. I didn't know they were anchovies till I got home and identified them by pics. I took pics but they are on my phone. If there is the bait that closes in are their fish nearby usually? I'm still new to this and learning. so far in the last few weeks, I've caught several over 1 lb perch, a 17-inch kelp greenling, and a few rock cod keepers, but I've never caught a bass.
  2. Hey, Jeff did you know John Doerr from Kleiner Perkins was CEO of Penn.
  3. I was at my local tackle shop and they had all their cousins rods at 50% off. I was quite surprised and when I asked they said Cousins was going out of business. Beautiful rods and tempting deals, but I can't bring home any more gear or I'll be living in my truck.
  4. Nomad, I had some amazon points and put them towards a purchase of a cadence cr5 last week and fished it for the first time today. It's the 7ft Med/heavy/fast. It is everything they claim I was very impressed with the quality top notch in every way, and it handled nicely. Can't say enough good things about this rod.
  5. What exactly do you mean by cooler? Rod holder you do you mean sand spike? If you plan on casting while wearing this pack it has to be small and lightweight. I have an excellent solution and will add some pics tomorrow. Cost 16 dollars
  6. thanks, rx2 I'd really appreciate your feedback as I like the idea of the weight or these but I wonder about the sand issues.
  7. Pistol Pete you are correct sir. A lot less chatter would benefit everyone.
  8. Do you have a lot of sand issues with the boots?




  9. Yes, I'm using a stocking foot wader, I went with surf hunters advice and ordered the Korkers, I like the idea of being able to change the soles depending on where I'm fishing. Plus if I don't like them I'm sure I can sell them and try something different. Anybody use them and can speak to the sand issues?
  10. Surf Hunter, I agree about the Korkers but they are heavy I tried a pair. I can, however, buy the sandal version with the spikes to go over any boot which I think is a good idea for our rocks out here.
  11. Thanks for the reply's I'm going to try a pair of the terrafin boots I like the idea of a lightweight as I seem to walk on average 5-6 miles each time out. much appreciated.
  12. Guy's I can't wear a boot foot wader, nothing fits my size. I do however have a pair of stocking foot waders that work well, now I need some boots to go along with them. any suggestions? thanks, Gary
  13. Not sure about waded miles but beach walking... I wear a fit bit and last week logged 25 miles walking beaches out here in California. The sad thing didn't catch anything of significance.
  14. I'm in. thank You
  15. Hey all you North East fisherman, come to pay a visit to Monterey, visit canary row, Sardines fished out over 50 yrs ago guess what they never came back. Either figure it out or don't have any fish in a few years. Then what? Bluefin tuna estimate of remaining population in the wild 6000 fish. Men never learn, there are limits to resources, and greed has buried more men than shovels.