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  1. I'm still using them for schoolies and still loving it. It's even better now with some of the new lighter reels.
  2. Line lay was okay on my 5K without any shim.
  3. It's very similar to the Certate LT 5K and Certate SW 5K.
  4. It will be paired with a custom built Century Surf Machine Elite 12ft 3/4-5oz. I'll be throwing mainly 2oz and 3oz plugs and swimbaits.
  5. I just got my 5k and it felt great! Can't wait to fish it next weekend.
  6. I'm not a power caster or long range guy so I don't always aim for the moon. I've caught plenty of fish with the distance that I can reach with my 4K and 5k reels.
  7. Got the SME 12ft 3/4-5oz blanks coming in and I can't wait to build it using the best components! Carbon reel seat, Fuji titanium torzite k-guides, and top it of with the '23 Saltiga 5K. Topwater season will be extra exciting!
  8. I've gone through many reels from different brands, cheap reels to $1,000 ones and none has accidentally tripped during a cast. But some of my buddies somehow did that just about every fishing trip..
  9. It's just like everything else out there right now. Supply chain shortages..
  10. I appreciate your input sir! I'll add the #16 and maybe one or two more #6's and see what it looks like.
  11. Hey guys. I've built and use only spinning setups for stripers but wanted to build a baitcasting setup for a change. Mainly for throwing 2oz swimbaits. The guides will be Fuji T-LRVTG titanium torzites, Fuji casting reel seat and EVA/Heat-shrink wrap. My reel of choice will be the Daiwa Lexa 300HD for now. Any comments or feedback on how to optimize this build are welcome!
  12. I've built and tested mostly CTS VT, 11ft 12ft and 13ft. I think a 12ft 3-6oz will get you what you wanted.
  13. I own two Visser #4's, two VR50's and two Certate LT 5k, and other Shimano/Daiwa reels around the same price point. I'm a shore-bound chasing fresh water striper only so I can't speak for the salt water guys but the visser #4 is my "go-to" reel. It's got that rugged feel, plenty of power, line capacity and I dare to say outcast all other reels in my arsenal using same braid. I've put many hours on mine and no issues yet (knock on wood). Now, when can I get my hands on a Model-S?
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