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  1. Shimano Exsence Genos 11ft 1/2oz-2.7oz with Shimano '19 Vanguish 5000xg. Total weight is almost 14oz. Cast SP minnows like a bullet.
  2. Two-part industrial epoxy it.. Baam! You got a "thru-wire" stick bait.
  3. I wouldn't recommend these rods for stripers bigger than 20lb+.
  4. I fish them hard and the Dialuna has gone through major beating. Light scratches and of course broken tips. I'd hate to sell it in that condition.
  5. I like it. It's different than normal joint but worked well and easy to remove.
  6. Both of my rods are 11ft heavy, rated up to 3oz. I got them from an Ebay seller goes by the name "north834".
  7. Picked up two 11ft rated up to 3oz. Paired it with the Shimano 2019 Vanguish 5000 and nothing felt like it. Casted 6" SP minnow really really well. I also got the Shimano Dialuna 106mh and Daiwa Labrax AGS 106mh and this thing blew both of them away..
  8. Caught many fish without any problems on SS V2 #15.
  9. Heaviest weight I've thrown is 3oz Carolina rig with PowerPro SS V2 #15 braid. Cast pretty well up to 120yrd.
  10. It's not as good or "balanced" as the 6oz rods but will manageable to me.
  11. I pair-up my reels&rods base on weight too. Simple concept I'm using is light reel goes with light rod. These are the rods I got my VR50 on and all feel great: 1.) Daiwa Labrax AGS 106 MH - Weight: 6oz 2.) Shimano 2018 Dialuna 106MH - Weight: 6oz 3.) Blackhole Striped Bass Special 11' 3/4-4oz - Weight: 12oz 4.) St.Croix Legend Elite Slamon/Steelhead 906 H - Weight: 6oz
  12. One heck of a beast!
  13. I'm liking it so far. Less line in the water, less pressure and more fish for me!
  14. If your car's making noise, chances are it'll break down.. Don't get stuck in the middle of a desert.. Covid-19 is making a lot of noise.
  15. As Scoob stated above, the carbon is more rigid than stainless, titanium or any other metal. So in theory, it should transfer the vibration to rod blanks better. How much better? It'll be very difficult to measure...