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  1. I always been told that if you can't catch with a $50 reel, a $500 one won't change that.
  2. It's a very tedious process and the conditions got to be perfect. No rain or wind and wide open space. It's fun for sure. Will it magically make you catch 2x more fish? Highly doubt it.
  3. Sounds good but not practical. Most consumer grade drones last no more than 25min just hovering. If you fly in the wind or carrying a load, maybe 15min max. You gonna need multiple batteries, which are not cheap. Not to mention all the fishing equipments you already got haha..
  4. I'm an avid drone user and experienced shore-bound fisherman and using drone to aid fishing sucks.. If you need a drone to catch fish you got a long way to go.
  5. I bought two 130mm to test and I'd say they work very similar to the Stick-shadd. They're lighter, does not cast as far and sinks slower.
  6. Well said! Rod >Line>Skills>Reel.
  7. I fish with barbless single hooks only. Makes unhooking a breeze. Sometimes all you need to is give it slack and it'll come off. I still outfish my buddies with trebles and hooks with barbs.
  8. Guess I'm not the only person doing this!
  9. Don't know about others but a "lightweight" setup means less than 16oz to me. I got my VR50 on a Daiwa Labrax AGS 10'-6" for a total weight of 15oz. It allows me to feel my jig, cast better, more fish control and most of all, less stress on my arms/shoulders so I can do 8hrs non-stop fishing.
  10. I'm in similar shoes. After some research I ordered this from Japan to test. We'll see how it goes.
  11. I'm the complete opposite haha.. I went from regular PP 20lb moss-green to 20lb Maxcuatro and never looked back. Got Maxcuatro on my tiny Daiwa Ballistic 2500 and VR50.
  12. Finally decided on the final layout. I eliminated a few parts to keep it simple. The exposed part from end-cap to reel seat will be wrapped in Winn contour wrap. Next is wrapping the guides!
  13. IMO 1.) Skills and knowledge - 70% 2.) Gears - 20% 3.) Luck - 10%
  14. Very nice! I'll be using the same seat on my 12' CTS too.
  15. Just a little 26" caught on the 4.5" Rocket Stick Shadd.