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  1. Is the baitrunner drag silent or loud?
  2. That's really cool. Never would have guessed. Thanks.
  3. I just clip my TA clip right to my braid, a few guides from the tip.
  4. Grab a sabiki rig. and a suitable weight. I usually use a 1 oz.Try that next time. Pretty effective.
  5. hey, that's a bonus.
  6. Absolutely beautiful tie. Gonna have to give this a shot. Good job. Love the gill highlighting.
  7. Wow. That's cool. Waiting for the ambush!
  8. thanks for the your reminder. signed up for E-log. We'll see how many I actually enter. sigh Also, thanks to all who attended.
  9. not really informed on this. But, I do see a fair amount of adult eels around, which is good. Def wouldn't want it to change.
  10. Thanks. I've had similar findings. I will however check for sunsets and moons lining up together. Not sure how much it helps, but together with tides and winds, it's information, at least.
  11. What a beautiful sight. Looks like your suspicions are correct. If it's your 1st of the year, you're supposed to bedazzle yourself with it's scales. Old trick I learned in Dorchester.
  12. Solunar line-up. Looks favorable tonight. Moon will be in apogee during sunset. Too bad it's so early. Maybe next month.
  13. curious how you rig your teasers. 3-way swivel, 2-way, simple dropper loop, etc.? I'm pretty sure running it behind the lure would cause tangles? never tried that. interesting idea, though.
  14. shoot. I want smelts! I got a little excited there for a minute, even knowing we're weeks out.
  15. moon up and sun down, together tonight.