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  1. I'm gonna fish some day and you're all great!
  2. I'm new too but, welcome,yo.
  3. If you use the double uni, you should double up the braid side,no? Make it a double double uni. It's fun!
  4. I got these cheap mylar teasers from China cuz, well, they were like $.13, and the holes on them are way too small to fit any hook through. Any ideas on how to make this work? I suppose I could thread some flouro through them and attach the hooks that way.
  5. i'm in
  6. Now that you mention it, i do like fishing alone. And, I've caught some fish.
  7. Ok, then.I have a few but I'm on it.
  8. Because I (almost) suck. Oh. And I don't have a boat. All geared up and rearing to go.
  9. mucho gracias, amigos! I think I may be hitting Walmart for some cheapos.....you know, for my learning curve.
  10. and I'm thinking I'll definitely tie on some teasers.
  11. I'm mostly off a rocky jetty with a fair amount of weeds. Am I just asking for trouble here? I DID watch all the Skinner videos and I'm trying to learn all I can on the subject. Maybe I just need to buy bulk. Up the Newbs!
  12. I just recently switched all my rear hooks to singles, and I went with 2 single hooks on some trebles that needed replacing. We'll see how it goes. Up here it's illegal to have more than two hooks on a lure!
  13. I have an old rod I'd like to throw a butt on. It has threads but I'm not sure how to measure them or where to find a replacement. All writing and decals are long gone. Anyone? Is it even worth it?
  14. what kind of clip / like a TA? 3 way swivel?
  15. I turned my Rangers jersey into an Anger jersey!