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  1. Great mystery! Beats the hell out of a bag of dog done. River?, maybe an otter?
  2. Just have to spike a bait pole and walk while fishing lures. The usual, hopefully.
  3. They're such better fishers than I am!
  4. saw a cormorant pull a bait-size fish yesterday. river. I tried but to no avail
  5. I went out with some Rooster Tails three days ago and pulled in a 13" Brown. And I haven't fished fresh water in about 20 years. The Kicker? It was on 20# Power Pro on a Van Staal VR50! I won the reel last year and it's quite versatile. My baitcaster sat unused...again.
  6. the gold south bend was the only one that worked today!
  7. I'm more impressed you got hard water behind your house.
  8. Look out! Iwannaowna-19 is here. Perfect timing too. Everyone sitting around. And, I work Fedex Home Delivery. Trust me. The economy seems booming. Setting new records for my route every day.
  9. I guess they're cheap right now. Just wait. Costs go up = prices go up.
  10. ****. I'm about to micro-fish. A sunfish sounds like a monster score right now! Wish I was closer and it wasn't Easter. I'd take the line.
  11. I haven't fished fresh in 20 years. And never in this area. I've found I have an urgent need to break this long striper drought. I'm curious as to techniques for this area and time of year. Still have FW gear and could use some expertise from you guys. Feel free to pm me as well. Thanks guys.
  12. Unfortunately, 50% of this video is misinformation. Holding your great isn't a reliable test.
  13. Good point about access. Grateful to have Alewives within walking distance soon! And then, maybe I'll improvise some new tactics. Never riding dirty, of course.
  14. Wow. Thanks for this post. I was surely wondering where they'd go on this. Great news for any soloist.
  15. York County, not that it's much further behind. O.O.B. I'd just like to see essential deliveries for a while. Not all this "Pretty Litter" and Xmas gift monthly make-up subscriptions! Not that there's no medical, household, and food stuff coming out through us, too. Usually, this time of year is gearing up motels down there. not this year. But, Damn, are we busy.