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  1. Now, the battle begins, for me to make this NOT a daily stop on my way by! I love your selection. Thanks for the plugs today.
  2. This is great! I'm your FedEx guy. See you soon. And, the Red Door people are cool.
  3. I can see it now. The next pandemic is tick-borne.
  4. I've thrown one a few times, but today has made me a believer. I wanna hear some stories, tips and techniques.
  5. Sounds like a sweet setup. Mine's going with my VR50, which gets regular servicing , and has never failed me. Should be a super-strong, super-light combo. We'll see.
  6. 20 last year. They usually don't even collect unless you're there early.
  7. 9'6 Black Hole rod. Never fished it yet, but I can tell I'm gonna love it. Hear good things too. Anybody tried one?
  8. I loved my AWE 9. Broken due to user error. Stepped up from M to MH, and love it even more. Really light and sensitive. It's an all-day rod. Never tried the Trophy.
  9. 2 goals I can think of immediately. 1. Striper on a fly that I tied. 2. Kayak in the salt.
  10. SBT is probably smaller but I always enjoy myself. Tie a fly, see wicked tuna people, check out a seminar, see folks.
  11. 54, with a well-used Sea Ghost 110, because....it was cheap and available.
  12. One of these days, you should try to make it up to Maine. Saco Bay Tackle does a show every spring. April 1st, this year. It's not a huge show, but I think your rods would go over quite well.
  13. I just started using an eel trap last spring. Wow, in a good spot, you can have 25 in 30 minutes. I've been using any stale bait that I have on hand. I just let it soak while I fish.
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