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  1. Fish #'s 2&3. Both over 28. #3 was fat! Both safely released. Strange year.
  2. First fish of the season today was a respectful 27 3/4. I hope this isn't like the first-cast-fish curse.
  3. I think a few people lost a bunch of money on this one.
  4. I can fit about 35 in my plug bag, including plastics and BTs. Why not? Options.
  5. Trying to be patient up here in the north. Scouting soon, though.
  6. C'mon! I'm gonna be (practicing) in 2 weeks!
  7. wow. hang in there. sounds like a tough ride. I can only imagine. thanks for sharing here. hey. maybe it'll be easy for us all to hook up in the afterlife.
  8. It's like we forgot our secret weapon.... luck.
  9. Same. Crappy, trout, and bass never sounded so good.
  10. The 5th of May!? I'll be chucking stuff out next week.....for no reason! Well, practice. In case I forgot how.
  11. Aww. Sucks. You're not alone. Next time.
  12. I just do it....And I feel better.
  13. Looks ultra-light and good to go! Maybe toss in a pre-tied leader. (Blues)
  14. I've been checked now and again and lead was never once brought up. Anyone?
  15. I personally had a bad day. All smalls, except for one haddock. Luck of the draw? Saw a huge cusk pulled in, though, and others did better. Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Redfish, and Cusk. Bite died after a good morning. Oh yeah. Went tp Platt's Bank/Ledge. Should have PM'ed you, would have done better, eh? hehe Pretty glassy calm, too.