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  1. Sakonnet point you’ll get into some in a few weeks
  2. Mahi mahi mako tuna
  3. I don’t think we’re in that bad of shape compared to the original crash, there’s so many smaller sized fish around. If those could just be protected and let them breed 5-6 years before they could get targeted, I think you’d see a turn around a lot faster.
  4. You could make that same argument for pounding on schoolies when they’re thick, since they’re not in the slot. There’s still the sportsmanship aspect of it and honestly if you handle the fish properly you really shouldn’t have any issues, with a proper circle hook I’ve never gut hooked a fish yet. The key to me was to use 2 size up circle hook vs what you would use on a j hook. For most people even with boats, stripers are the trophy fish to get, because they don’t have the boat size or gear to target Pelargics. I love catching stripers and catch a couple hundred a year, but even prior to slot we would only keep 1-2 a year. Mainly because I would rather eat fluke, sea bass and cod, but stripers are better sport fish than all of them so there’s no way I would stop targeting them. i know you guys used to try and get a fluke boat outing going once a year, we should do a striper one, if people are willing to do it with Covid. I’ll volunteer my boat for a block island fishing night, it’s only a 25 foot center console so I could only realistically take 3 guys. Next year when I upgrade I’d be able to take more.
  5. I’m talking block, my usuals place I striper fish, 3 mins with proper drag to bring up pretty much any bass. I use an avet sx with 9lbs of drag, the only time it’s ever taken me over 3 minutes to bring one boat side over there was a 12lb blue. My whole point being the thing killing them is the 5 minute long picture parade bragging about being catch and release, is what’s killing them. You’re not killing them bringing them up from 50ft and releasing.
  6. I haven’t fished the canal in 2 years now. I mainly only fish on my boat, much more enjoyable to me and if I surf fish I fish soco RI in spots much smaller but get packed real fast. There’s still a good amount of block island surf fisherman, but in order to surf fish you have to get to the island first. The canal is a nice easy park and 5 min walk to fish, not many people have a boat or are willing to take a ferry for a chance at catching a bass.
  7. not sure if you've been to those spots at night on a boat, its a floating city
  8. i would love to catch a 8-12lb blue on a kayak, i would imagine that would be a blast
  9. 100% i have been out 7 times in the last 2 weeks closest i have caught to a slot bass was 38" and we've gotten about 85 bass in those trips so far. I take my time reviving everyone of them before we release on the boat, so hopefully they all make it, but based on the science some aren't going to, maybe 7% based on the studies. For the most part these bass in 40-50ft of water aren't going to die from anything other than keeping them out of the water for the big picture show before release, but that doesn't matter where they're caught if you are taking pictures for 5 minutes and admiring your catch while they suffocate. It takes maybe 3 minutes to bring one in from those depths, it's not like your fighting tuna, they don't really fight all that hard and with circle hooks it takes no time to unhook and release them. Fishing them with the canal current would be far worse for them i would imagine when it comes to exhaustion and release than anything else.
  10. I have my blue crap traps in at the lower end of the pond not a single blue yet. Plenty of green and rock craps though
  11. Bragaboutitcharters does a pretty good job
  12. Fished south of block Tuesday not much life in the area compared to the last time out there. Got into some solid stripers around block though to salvage the trip
  13. That’s why I wish we went 1@36, next year all those fish will be getting slaughtered. Where they could have been protected for another 4 years to breed. My ideal scenario still to this day would be 1@36 for 3 years then drop into 28-35 slot. You’d protect the biggest biomass we have for their entire life’s basically and rebuild the larger fish we have pretty fast, but for now hopefully the slot works.
  14. I’ll throw one plug in for the biggest bass. I got a nice 4.5oz washed ashore green Mack with pink belly plug. Or if the winner wants for 2021 I can take them on a night trip on my boat in July/August for block island striper trip and see if they can break their PB striper.
  15. Those football tuna haven’t been showing closer than the edge of the dump outside of a few days a year the last 2. At least for me anyway, I can’t find them. I think all the work they’re doing in the dump for the new windmill testing, those electric pulses are a screwing the inshore block island/coxes bite up. Meanwhile long island has them sitting 29 miles off shore for months. i think the bay will get better for stripers soon, I mean the amount of blues people seeing are a good sign. I would imagine there’s some big bass underneath those blues but getting to them might be tough