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  1. Possibly back door deals to restaurants but I don’t think it would be a ton. As far fish delivered to dealer all of those are reported and dealers add tags to every fish.
  2. yep they listed by the increase in fish coming in the last few days as a main reason. I just checked today and its at 41% now. With the new moon in 2 weeks and a big full moon tonight with breaking tides. I think the next 2 weeks could add some more to the quota if weather is good. They still won't hit 100%
  3. i think when its all said it done it will be 1 @ 36 with a 10-15% reduction to the commercial quota as well
  4. I’m assuming the $1000 loss was an idiot throwing his plug at the boat, hooked up and his drag was to tight so pole ripped out of his hands and into the water. If so good I’m glad he lost his set up. Don’t throw at boats, it’s stupid and you can really injure someone
  5. I don’t think ending the commercial fishing of the canal will slow the crowds. Maybe you’ll get a 5% reduction in them if that. Majority of the canal commercial fisherman fall under the second thing you wrote guys trying to help pay for gear or some extra spending money. They wouldn’t just quit fishing the canal if commercial start, they’ll fish the canal regardless. They won’t just start beach fishing to sell commercial bass.
  6. It was lumpy and we out there last night with the cross wind, but had a great night fishing. Only ended up with 4 bass but all had considerable size, tons of other bass there but they had lock jaw it seemed
  7. Do we have a date? I also have a boat down there if we need another one with enough guys
  8. it's because of construction and i believe the school football team will be practicing in next few weeks. they closed it last year for them too. I talked to someone around noon today about it down there.
  9. in the millions but yeah. 48% of the dead fish were from rec releases. It’s just a sheer numbers game based on the amount we catch and the amount of recs there is. I probably keep 2 bass a year while rec fishing for the table but between schoolies and all sizes I probably catch and release another 150-200 bass a season so at the 9%, I’m killing another 14-18 fish that die after release. Whether that’s from predation after release, tired, water temp or etc. Which doesn’t seem like a ton but when you add up all the rec fisherman from MA, RI, CT, NH, NY, VA, MD, NJ, plus visiting it’s a lot of fish.
  10. the commercial dead release isn't that much because the amount of true commercial bass fishemerman is a small number, by true i mean people that actually catch and sell there share, not the people who sell 3-5 a year which is basically the same take as most rec guys. You have to get it through your head these numbers are not just MA, it is for the entire striper coast. Not every state has a commercial fishery and some states have a very small commercial fishery with low lb limits that last maybe a month or 2, not ever state is MA, where as every state has rec fishing. The average commercial fisherman kills more bass than the average recreational fisherman probably 15 times more than the average recreational fisherman in actual numbers in what they keep or die after release. The problem is recreational fisherman out number them probably 10,000 to 1, if not more. That's why you see the giant number of rec killed bass through harvest and dead release compared to commercial. 10,000 rec guys caught 35 fish each the whole season, they didn't keep a single fish and released everyone of them. Based on the 9% 31,500 bass died. 1 commercial guy caught 700 fish and sold 420 over the a 14 week period catching and selling his 15 every commercial day. Say another 100 died, only 520 fish are killed. There are just way more recs out there than commercial and i went light with 35 fish an entire fishing season. It the same thing as the argument for slot vs higher limit. Yes a 50lb bass produces more eggs but they're probably 100 times more fish that would be in the slot range vs 1@36 range, so you will get more eggs by raising it to 1@36. Either way both are to blame, but it seems you blame commercial for everything when thats not the case. If there was the same amount of rec fisherman as they're were commercial fisherman then you can definitely blame the commercial side for how much more they keep and sell, but its not even close.
  11. IMO i think 28-36 slot wouldn't do much to help at all. It will protect the big girls in theory if people don't poach them or take them out of the water for a ton of photos after a tiring fight, but then you have a older breeding class, because that's basically 2-3 years of bass class that everyone will just hammer year in and year out, they will have to survive 3 years of being targeted by every angler on coast to coast. Commercial and recs a like so not many of those fish would make it to the safe line in my opinion. I personally prefer 1 @ 36 because that will allow those 28 inch fish an extra 2-3 seasons of breeding before they can get targeted. There has been tons and tons of small bass this year, i think if we can protect these fish and allow them all to breed until they hit 36 inches before they can get targeted i think that would work best.
  12. today will probably add 10-15% to the quota and price will be $4.30 a lb i would guess
  13. had a great friday through sunday on the boat. Lost count on the amount of fish caught, almost all at night. Had a very hard time finding a 28-32 inch bass to take home, almost everything was 38+ and i don't like to take those.
  14. i was there around 2pm when they were there, sunrise near green hill you could find them