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  1. Just saw this on Facebook. A homeowner put up a no tresspassing sign and hired security guard to protect the beach in front of his house. Guy was walking, gathering seaweed and such. The private security harassed him and eventually called the police on him. South Kingstown police arrested him for willful trespassing on private beach. He was below the median high tide line and made the officer aware. It was all on video, I’ll probably get yelled at for posting the link but here it is. I was told it’s gonna be in the providence journal tomorrow.
  2. actually he's not wrong big bass seemed to have moved in this weekend, i was out on a friends boat in cape cod bay and we killed it on saturday. Sunday i went out by boat in rhode island and same thing bass up to 45inches just pounding pogies with no one around.
  3. fishing continues to be good for me not sure about you guys. I have been fishing our favorite spot in the cape hard all week with a lot of nice fish to show for it. I have actually done just as good around 6-7pm as i have early morning. I have been doing 2 trips a day while its been this good.
  4. fishing has been great this year for me, lots of big bass in the east bay. Also i've had a lot of luck at everyone's favorite spot down the cape these last 4 days
  5. I could do $300 and meet you somewhere in the middle like Randolph, will post photos later
  6. Like the tag says looking to sell Black Hole Nano 10'6 heavy. It's rated 2-6 definitely more of a 1-4 popping rod, i added some new rods to my arsenal over the off season so no need for this one now. Looking for $325. Will update photos when i get home later.
  7. EPO is also in charge of managing reservations, drinking water areas and etc. they are pretty much stretched thin. They have a small budget and small staff, it would take serious government funding and raising of taxes to get them the help they need to enforce all the areas.
  8. that is true but remember rec is 7 days a week, commercial is 2 even if its a lot less 7 x that number vs x2 of it. Also they estimate 9% of all catch and release fish die after being released. i posted the numbers on a different thread same argument. I'll repost here the commercial side harvest in 2016 was 4.8 million pounds throughout the north Atlantic commercially, the estimated rec take was over 19.8 million pounds. The estimate share of fatality on release/by-catch/discard estimated to be 1.4 million pounds with the breakdown for these deaths at 72% rec side 28% commercial. these numbers came from the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Striped Bass for 2017, it was the review of 2016.
  9. Hope you're joking. because you are not even close to right, per person yes a commercial angler may keep more than a rec. Boat 15 limit 2 days a week and shore 2 limit 2 days a week, except there is a quota on what they can take. The huge factor you are missing the sheer number of rec anglers vs commercial anglers. On a Commercial day the rec harvest is way more than commercial at the canal, there are probably 50 commercial anglers fishing there. But for sake of argument say there is 100 commercial anglers and roughly lets say 600 rec anglers, if 50% which is a generous number of rec anglers are strictly catch and release, that still make 200 bass taken on commercial side to 300 bass taken on rec side. 50% of rec anglers at the canal being only catch and release is a very generous number its probably more like 20%. Regarding quota, in mass that quota for all commercial fisherman is 849k pounds, the estimated rec take on bass was over 2million pounds just in MA. Please learn your facts before you blame the commercial side.
  10. i fish with plenty of asians who are great fisherman, that put more time and effort in than anyone else i see. There's quite a few from prov that are down at the canal every night doing the midnight shift, 10pm to 4am without fail. They all respect the industry and the fish and follow laws. Making general claims like that just isn't right. also not to derail this thread it's 7 days active before you can post in BST right? trying to sell my back up black hole pole so waiting to see when i can
  11. I do visit the truck selling days, i commercially fish the canal along with a lot of people i know. Even if you own a boat permit it's still only 2 fish like you said, it's pretty easy to enforce. If you see a guy making multiple trips call EPO or etc. I catch my 2 fish and i leave, I usually go 4am to 8am or i'll start at midnight and go to 4am. For a canal guy to stack he would have to have a boat, a boat license and go like 4 days in a row at multiple times without the same person seeing him to get 15 bass in his truck. I'm sure they're are people that do it, but i guarantee you'll find more rec guys taking 2 or more bass. If you want to complain about commercial side look at the entrances on commercial days, they've been stacked with boats fishing. EPO and ACOE are doing nothing about that, I doubt they care unless it's affecting boat traffic. I have seen guys on boats fishing for a couple hours without being bothered by any enforcement. Sorry I just get annoyed when everyone is blaming the commercial side, the harvest in 2016 was 4.8 million pounds throughout the north Atlantic commercially, the estimated rec take was over 19.8 million pounds. The estimate share of fatality on release/by-catch was listed as 72% rec side 28% commercial.
  12. banning commercial isn't the solution and it's not the problem. The rec harvest is far greater than the commercial harvest, the insane crowds and etc come from the rec side not commercial.
  13. on way to the dump
  14. the fishing has been crazy good these last 2 years, i think everyone expected the fishing to be good for the new moon and it's breaking tides, but so far that fishing has continued up to as far as today and i would imagine through rest of this week. I will say i was on a boat on Tuesday afternoon we went past the 3 mile marker on our way to the canyons to fish for some tuna, the amount of bass we saw was unbelievable. While obviously not fishing for them, we couldn't stop them from hitting our spreader bars all friggin trip. I never in my life though i would beg 40lb bass to stop hitting. The amount of bass out there past the 3mile marker is something i never would have believed. Hopefully these bass find there way closer to our shores.
  15. personally, i have been to the canal last 5 days on the east end. Giant crowds but honestly trash hasn't been bad. They have been changing out the bags in the parking lots so it's not overflowing. I honestly think a lot of the trash in the parking lot area are from full barrels and raccoons or other critters going in there. I have seen it many times at night when i get there barrel is close to over flowing and by time i leave its all over the ground and you see a raccoon running off. I think i saw one or two dunkin cups in the rocks the entire time, i just picked them up and threw them away. Trash has been much better this year.