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  1. It's free even for non resident in that spot.
  2. I wonder how J.Skinner can still fish this one boulder without getting spot mugged.
  3. You have 80iq. I explained to you that no one is ****ing buying. These houses are on the market for 1+ year. It means NO ONE BOUGHT these houses. There is zero sales in many areas. If a house is on market for one year or two years , does it get through your tiny skull that no one bought otherwise it wouldn't be on sale? Derp? Comprende? Im out again. I can't argue with this baboon. I'm not replying to anymore of whatever you say. You cant win with a retarded and instead of saying something at least half smart, you open your mouth and shYt starts flowing onto the keyboard. Goodbye. Learn economics.
  4. Yes, people in New York City like to live on top of one another,not so much in Long island or Jersey. And your taxes are going up because these bozos are moving into the city and are kicking the immigrants to the suburbs thus pushing pressure on your taxes.
  5. Look, there is no bidding war. Every house has a market evaluator. Whatever the evaluator says I will pay. People negotiate off the value price, not asking price. Asking price means nothing. Yes if you want to live there and absolutely need a house you will have to pay it or even higher, but these houses have been on market for over a year and absolutely no one is buying. literally,no one. Sellers have their heads in their asses thinking prices will go higher but rates vary inversly with price and they think that today is an exception to 100+ years of history. They are playing the waiting game and they will lose just like In 2009 during rising rate environment. They are waiting for December because I December the federal chairman will say he is increasing rates but they are HOPING that he doesn't. He already said for two years straight that he is raising to adjust prices AKA DROP THEM TO NORMAL LEVELS and these apes that bought in 2017 who thought this is a casino where you only win are mad. Do you guys understand WTH I'm even saying or am I talking to a wall here? These guys are trying to defy laws of economics and for past 100+ years laws of evonomics worked and these guys who can't count passed 10 think they are an exception.
  6. So what
  7. You guys should read up what leverage is. A lot of old folks who buy in cash think they are doing a good Deal. The works of the 80s don't work in debt based economy that we have in this era. With this kind of thinking you guys would be left in the dust if you were to buy all cash. Unless you flip, buying all cash is the worst thing you can do in low interest rate environment. In high interest rate environment like the 80s, it is the best thing to do, to buy all cash.
  8. No it isn't. Property is worth what the assement evaluator says it is. It's never what you think it is.
  9. Because you have 20 times leverage if you put down 5% and 10 time leverage if you put 10%. If you put 100% down you have 1 times leverage. It means the money you have acts x20 going upward and downward. In other words, for every dollar your house goes down, you lose 20 dollars. If your 100k house all cash turns to 200k , then every dollar makes two dollars. If you put in 5k down on a 100k house that turns into 200k, then your one dollar made 20 dollars, much more than the previous. Of course, you need to ensure the house you buy is covered with rent. So if the mortgage is 2700 for example, if you rent it out 1k per bedroom as is standard, then that 4 or 5 bedroom house after tax after everything will be slightly positive on income minus expenses. Maybe by about $500. Now the thing is if you don't do anything with that house and let it sit, year over year 9 percent over 30 years on average will let you a crap ton of money. So the difference is instead of buying all cash 1 house, you are better off putting 10% down on 10 houses and multipling BOTH profits and losses by 10. If you new York turns into Detroit, then you lose big time. If it doesn't, you win big time.
  10. Can you afford my car? I bought it for 10k and am putting it up for 900k. I don't think you can afford it.
  11. You can't get financing on forclosure. Welcome to NY. Also, buying in all cash is one of the dumbest things to ever do. Buy only with lowest down%.
  12. I have another analogy. You want to go to take a shower and there is a gorilla blocking the door. Why are you mad? I want to buy a house, any house, but all these apes look at a 300k house and see 1 million. What if I do drugs and I think my house is 6million but it's worth 200k. And then I'm angry cause I find no buyers for my shoebox. And then three years go by and I drop off the keys cause I can't find a buyer for 6 million and this house is now foreclosed and you can't buy it because new York says you can't buy out other people's debt on financing even if you have perfect credit and zero missed mortgage payments ever.
  13. What happens when you try to take out $500 from your bank account, but you only have $300? What if the system says error, "you don't have that much"? Are you going to stare at it until the 3 magically turns into a 5? Why can't you take out more? Answer these questions and you will have your answer to your question.
  14. I have nothing better to do with my money. I'm not rich by any means but I figured I can buy things that might be good for me.
  15. I don't know man, I seem like I'm doing them a favor by buying at market value. I don't have to but these guys are straight ape and would sell under market after **** goes down. Everyone buys at top sells at bottom. Amazing. The few that buy at bottom have already sold.