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  1. UPDATE: Caught even more blackfish, but this time on southshore wrecks. Any wrecky rocky reeefy spot from 20 to 40 ft works.
  2. Caught some nice together today on South shore from inlet. Let the games begin (in a week).
  3. What happened? Shart attack or just some other incident?
  4. well at least for fishermen won't starve
  5. You are right. Gold will most definitely be in basement or in the ground under it.
  6. If you read all of this, maybe you will see that I'm actually not trying to rip any of you off... I also have no book and I can't sell what I don't have...anywho.. I don't know when this coordinated crisis will happen exactly, but I know it will happen around after yield inversion inside us treasury two months to four months till yield inversion if this does invert. The formula is simple and the graph can be found online by searching for "10year minus 2 year treasury spread". Hence the name, this formula is difference = 10 year bond - 2 year bond.... In a time of great opportunity, the difference is large, let's say from history, 3 is a good difference. This means if you buy literally anything, house, stock, a crappy house in bumblefk land, its destiny will be to grow fast and quick. Once this difference is at 2, the house is already more expensive to purchase because the person who bought at 3 made the better buy. At 1, it's risky. You are buying something with little growth opportunity. This is all in the short ( 2 to 10 year term), so if you buy a house and live in it forever, this doesn't apply to you probably. .... Once you reach 0 difference, there is a crash with 90%+ (historical calculation) chance to occur Some time in the next two years. Where are we now? Well, if you look at the graph, we are at 0.26, that's right. 0.26 difference away from what is called yield inversion, which would hint for a market crash of 70% or greater in the following year two but no more than two. Today, Jerome Powell is speaking. He is the most important man in this economy . He is set to raise SHORT term rates today by 0.25 and then again in December 0.25 again. If he does, this difference will be not 0, but less than 0! What does that mean? Well, all I can say is, the people, who buy anything that's not a hard asset or who don't have cash or gold on the side, will lose their minds. When will it happen? As I said, you can watch the yield curve yourself whenever you want. Looking at this chart, I see us in November of 2005, and a crisis happened 3 years later. During this time market went up 20% so we might have upward "farts" to trap a few more millennials, and then boom. I'm not trying to take your money, but what I advise is taking a few hours a week on the train reading up on yield inversion, hard assets, and economic cycles, and also looking at dot com bubble, which is dwarfed by our massive do com 2.0 bubble. You also have to see.. who is buying now. Before it was investors, now, it is millennials who care about nothing and only see a bright future, but guess what, they will lose their minds. On separate note... It's worth reading up on timeline of events. Most people will call you dumb, but every single recession is followed by war... 1930s great depression -> ww2. ...more here. 2001 dot com-> larry's detonation of twin towers-> Iraq 2008 housing -> currency war in emerging markets (people are starving literally), 20xx- dot come 2.0 -> some possible terror attack -> USA and China goes to war with Venezuela, kills millions of people, and brings in ExxonMobil to their words largest pil reserves. Oh wait .. trump already said he's going to send military. All I can say is, this is going to be wild. I have no book, and I seriously don't want innocent people to be broke. Why would I tell you this then if I claim no profits? All I can say is, you can withstand this next big ponzi scheme event.
  7. People will do this thing only in a hyper inflation crisis like in Venezuela and soon to be South Africa. This is a polar opposite to a deflationary crisis which USA and major economies have. In deflationary crisis, currency gains a bit of value, especially petrodollar, but gold and silver skyrocket every time, much more than dollar. If you have 100k in cash, it's better to just have 30k in cash and 70k in gold/silver because that 70k will turn into 140k to 210k in the next printing money rescue stage as we had in 2008.
  8. Jdeadman, gold always goes up, and it shoots up right before a crisis. Every single time it does because people globally need somewhere to run to. You can argue whther or not you believe in it or not, but if you take a look at any crisis, gold nearly doubled during that time. In other words, if you stay cash in crisis, you don't make or lose anything, if you have gold you make, if you have socks, you lose.
  9. It is true, and during a market crash, once you have gold, you exchange it for equities (stocks) at 80% discount. Cash is almost never good to have. We had about 15 years of inflation and it made everyone here broke because everything got more expensive way too fast. That is the consequence of holding cash. It's a terrible idea. Most people just put it to the side and say, eh screw it, I don't believe in it. Well, when a slice of pizza will cost 5$ in five years, your 20000 saved up is now essentially 10000, hence a loss of 50%.
  10. Jdeadman, read what I wrote careful and you'll see that what I said is exactly what you wrote. However, cash stays cash during crash, but gold rises in value right before a crash because printing of money in future is priced in at this point. Cash is not king. Gold is. It's better to hold gold than cash, especially during crash.
  11. so now is a good time to stock up on gold. our yield curve is where we were in november of 2005. you probably have about 2-4 solid years of stacking it before you can buy equities at 80% discount. You'll make about x2 - x5 on hard assets in the next deflationary period around the corner, and then x20 - x30 on the next ten years of bull market, so say around x40 - x150 in total. I guess if you have about 25k laying around, you can become a millionaire off of that in 13 year span.... just if anyone is interested... also no book. i dont have one nor do i think a book will help you with any of this
  12. Hey all, I just wanted to say very briefly that there is so much opportunity to be filled in the next coming years with regards to finance and education. I like fishing, but I love fishing and having lots of "net worth". Things to look at: - stock dividends/ value investing - emerging markets - city house investing for hard assets - not getting any medical disease - **MOST IMPORTANT** not letting anyone f**k you over as part of their business scheme. Do your own hard research and be smart. I am open to sharing other ideas and learning from you as well. No, I don't want to sell you my book or make you a part of it.
  13. anyone know a store in LI that sells asian crabs now?
  14. alright, that edit looks a bit better