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  1. We went out Saturday morning, before dawn. Did not get a single bump, not even rays.
  2. Yup, we got the red and black version. My sons favorite color. He’s gonna be excited.
  3. its A 12. Nothing beats waterline length for speed and tracking. Plus longer boats are sexier!
  4. So I wound up with a perception pescador pro. Gonna add some rails and a Scotty rod holder. Then a milk crate with a couple rod holders on the aft deck. She’ll be here on the 27th?
  5. No, it is going to be used in everything from ponds and streams to open ocean, during reasonable weather conditions.
  6. We’ve been doing pretty good for the last 2 months on carp and catfish. Good fun on ultralight gear!
  7. I’m trying to find a kayak , under a grand or so, for paddling baits out through the surf. I want a sot about 10-12’, rod holders, plenty of water resistant storage if possible, and maneuverable. I was looking at the pescador from perception, or the ocean kayak prowler. I’m open to anything though. Thoughts?
  8. Pretty much anything, but I think rock and reds are what they really want. But the tournament also encompasses flounder, croaker and blues.
  9. So my son volunteered me to go fish a tournament with some of his neighbors. He told them I was an expert and knew the best spots. I set him straight on that one, but he had already committed us. So we are looking at the onancoke, maybe harborton ramps. We’re going out as early as we can, and the predicted high tide is at noon. I was thinking of trolling the am in the morning, hopefully find some kind of edge, and then moving into the flats as the water comes up. Good plan? Bad plan? What structure should I be looking for, and what gizmos should we be pulling/casting? I’m in over my head here HELP!
  10. So when does everyone call it quits? Was thinking of going tomorrow evening, but my app predicts over 6’.
  11. Yeah, I’m lucky to have an award winning photographer for a wife. Problem is, I never catch something worth taking a picture of! Oh well, at least I’m catching sharks now at least, 3 years of bait was ridiculous......
  12. I’d like some! I build model sailboats, having a nice big piece would help out a lot! I’m building a j boat, takes 43 pounds of ballast.
  13. So what temp do you bake it? How long? You’ve got my interest piqued, I would like to give it a whirl. I did just pick up a couple of penn 4/0 senators that need restoring.....
  14. What was the point of the engine paint and baking? Is it tougher than regular rattle cans?
  15. I was up to 10, and had a slow drift. My sons rod can’t handle that much, and his 6s wized south.