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  1. I am trying to cast to the moon! I can’t get there if my reel is a mess though. I have the penn synthetic oil in now, I was hoping to tame it down a little more. Maybe I just need more practice, I’ve used spinning gear and fly gear all my life, but I wanted to break out my grandfathers squidder. Haven’t got the knack of it yet.....
  2. So I always see “put a thicker/heavier oil in the bearings” but nobody ever says what that oil is. I knew a competitive caster back in the day, he mentioned stp but I do not know what he meant. So what is everyone using?
  3. We tried that, I also tried plucking the line. Slack for a while and a sudden jab worked well , as did the slack, the plucking did nothing. I think the real issue was they were just to big. Tbh, I don’t really want to hook something like that again, it was a really big fish, and it was a tremendous challenge, but that fish is trailing 10’ of 400lb mono behind it right now, the butterfly 20’ of 65lb braid. The mystery ray only has 18” of 100lb at least. I use the 400 because I’ve got a bunch, and it is way easier to leader a fish in.
  4. We were in state waters, where state laws apply. However, abiding by the federal laws isn’t that difficult, I don’t see any reason why we can’t unhook and release in the water.
  5. I knew about that in Delaware. We don’t have that in md, just a list of prohibited species and size/creel limits. Since we release anyways, I never worried about it. You are not supposed to remove large sharks from the water because their internal organs depend on the waters support. They can be damaged if moved onto land supposedly, although researchers do it all the time.
  6. It’s not a sharp nose , the teeth weren’t right. They were exactly like the sand tigers we’ve been catching.
  7. Hmm. I thought it was a sand tiger, I’ll have to look it up. We’re in Maryland, and we don’t keep anything. Where would the problem be? Our turnaround time grime catch to release is as fast as we can get it, catch, dehook, pic release.
  8. They got bigger. One monster butterfly 6’+ one monster stingray, only part of it’s tail seen, and one unseen that went to ground and would not budge. I got the butterfly and stingray ,so I’m really sore today!
  9. Fished assateague. My son caught the cow nose ray he wanted, worked him pretty good. I hooked a giant butterfly ray, a little over an hour fighting that one. I got it close to the beach, and managed to grab the 80lb shock leader, but just couldn’t get him into the shore break. He ran, back on rod and he broke off. My son hooked another big ray, but it went out past the bar and dug in. Never got him to move. Lots of kingfish too. Also googans. People 50 yards south of us paddling baits out and dropping them right in front of us. I could cast farther than they were dropping.
  10. That’s actually what I am doing. I’ve been fishing my whole life, read dozens of books, countless hours on the water, ashore and boat. I’ve mated offshore, fished out there by myself, semi professional fly tier, occasional casting instructor. I was a pretty accomplished fly fisherman, etc, etc, etc. none of that stuff seems to be helping on the beach, it’s frustrating when all you catch is bait, and some newbie who’s never fished before catches 2 black drum and a 6’ sand tiger. So, I’m trying to go back to ground 0 and relearn everything about surf fishing. I’m missing something important, maybe I will pick it up this time!
  11. Thank you all for your help, I actually got more out of this thread than I thought I would. The rod is spooled with 15 lb big game and 50 lb big game shock leader. Haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, hope it all goes well.
  12. Theoretically the longer rod traveling the same arc at the same speed, loading up similarly will cast farther because the rod tip travels a longer distance, so it has to move faster. There are many other variables though. I can cast a light weight 9’ farther than I can a 10’ heavy. It’s a strength and technique thing. I come from a fly fishing background, so the lighter rod feels a lot better. A lot of what works best for you is your casting ability and preference. Also, the application, 8nbait or top and bottom fish bites? There’s a host of other considerations. I waxed the face and lip of the spool on my rods. I haven’t fished it enough yet to know if it really helps, but it’s a thought. also, there is no gear in the world that will fix sloppy casting, practice, practice, practice. Good luck!
  13. Yes! Finally something bigger than kingfish! I know everyone is laughing, but this stops a 3 year slum for us. Yes, we couldn’t get small sharks or rays. Sad really, but that’s life. I think we might get back in the surf tomorrow, I hope.
  14. So the answer is no, only need 50lb shock leader. I can’t remember the last time I spooled that reel, so I’m just going to respool it. I’ll put 17 and 50 on there. Need more fbbw and crab anyways, so a trip to Wally World is in order. My son wants to respool his baitcaster too, don’t know how he’s going to react to 17.
  15. I found these on Amazon. Seriously heavy duty, but they come at a price. No breakage so far, but I’m not sure if they are better than coastlock swivels. I’ve only used them up to 6 mostly, maybe the occasional 8. I’ll try one on a couple of rods and see what happens. The cheaper white one is there for reference.