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  1. Im thinking about making something to use a side mounted transducer for a Humminbird or Lowrance transducer. I was wondering how many do it, does it work well ( with the wake or water coming off the hull ), does it distort the DS and SS or in general at all? I have a hull mounted ( inside ) transducer now, but I want to get the down scan and side image I think... Seems like the technology is there for the most part. If so, how did you mount it, I plan on mounting it on a Hobie Outback. Thanks guys!
  2. looking for some rods to pair up with BG2500 reels. I'll be trolling most of the time but might throw some top water here and there. Any suggestions around 50-120 MAX price point? I was thinking aout the AirdX from Diawa, maybe the goto Berkley shock rods, possibly Teramar ( I know one extreme to another ). What about rod power, I was thinking M but starting to think I might need to go to MH for lure weight.
  3. I'm new here and I myself may have this issue, but I doubt they're doing it on purpose or allowing it to fester. I think it's the turbo fins honestly. That extra torque has to transfer somewhere...
  4. I'm thinking I have a drive leak, I though it was water coming in through the hatches etc, but I added weather stripping , cleaned and lubed o-rings etc but still wet... What kind of checks can I do to check for cracks, thin spots, splits etc ... This has me worried bad now. I bought a Hobie because the reliability I thought I was getting... I've only had it a few years, can't remember exactly. I'm reading here there are thing spots, cracks, pin holes.... Gees!
  5. Bought a Hobie, and now looking to get one each of a casting and spinning setup. Located in the rivers of MD. I won't be in super deep waters and I'll be trolling with the casting setup using jigs. The spinning setup I'm thinking of throwing poppers or something when I see baitfish going crazy. So looking for rod and reel suggestions... I'd prefer a cheaper rod, and spend more on the reel. I don't want to go crazy, and honestly don't even know where to start price wise...thanks! Edited: I have a 7' MH dobyns fury caster rod sitting brand new, not sure if that would work. It's a 704 model. But honestly I'm thinking about getting an ugly stix, cheap and they seem to work well