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  1. Ok which one of you die hards upgraded your Canal Cruiser??? 32 degrees on a bike to go fishing. Hell yeah. Go get em
  2. Thanks. Don’t remember seeing them
  3. Kind of Chub?? Found a few washed up with silversides.
  4. Sorry no. Didn’t grab weight which reminds me to buy a digital scale and locate my boga too.
  5. Took these on the fly rod January 2nd. Biggest bows I’ve caught, had a nice day with 6.
  6. Some nice looking baits. I’ve been using bought molds. I’ll have to make my own soon, after my resin habit slows.
  7. These are my buddy Scotts Aka ShadyGrady on here. Find them in the shops on the vineyard. I’m still waiting for my freebie.
  8. Played around with my newest open pour mold. Think I like the open more than injection molds. It just cried herring @7.5” let see who else pours plastics. Show em
  9. It’s a work in progress. I’ll weight it with rubber bands with weights on bottom until I hopefully can get it to suspend/sink slowly level, they install them. I hope to hang something Off it that I’ll have to release, if so I’ll try to remember to take a pic.
  10. Nomad Madscad used as template lil thin at the tail will have to shore it up before wiring. Thoughts on this??
  11. I do not use one when using plastisol, I am in a well ventilated area, Not saying you should or shouldn’t. Just my personal choice. Now lead I use an organic vapor full face respirator.
  12. Not really hard. Microwave some plastisol to 350 or so. Add colorant and glitter made for plastisol of choice. A lot of fluorescent colors need to be added before cooking. Now you have hand pour molds and injection molds. If you want laminate baits (2 or more colors) they have dual or triple injector kits. If injecting laminates I recommend top injection molds. That’s the basics, it’s fun but I warn you very addicting.
  13. Yes I make these found mold in popular selling site. Appears to be a fish snax knock off. Didn’t know until after I got it
  14. I think I’m almost ready. Pour a few more jig heads to match the squid and tie up some with bucktail sand hackle.
  15. Definitely to much powder, I used a heat gun and didn’t heat evenly. I dipped 2-3 times to get a full coat. I’ll try your method next batch. Thanks Ed.