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  1. The Stealths have been redesigned. No graphene as of yet. The heavy sleeve has been removed from the butt of the Stealth and instead the entire but is run with the Textreme finish. This makes it much lighter but the textreme brings a whole level of durability and power.
  2. I did not say they cast the same. There is no 9' or 10' Elite so casting 11' Elite against a 9' standard SM would not be an even competition. The standard SM cast amazing. They can achieve the distance of other 10 and 11' rods. Also the 8' Weapon casts like its 10'. As easy as the SMs are to throw the Elites are even more so with greater distance achieved. I've never thrown an SP Minnow so far than as with my Surf Machine Elite 1 to 5oz cut down to 11'. On a # of occasions I was the only one catching fish because I was the only one reaching them verses other rods from very popular companies that other guys were throwing. Pretty much says it all in my book.
  3. Any time you want to test cast just let me know
  4. No, the Elites are all 11 and 12' with 1 13'
  5. I would say yes but you're not comparing apples to apples. The standard SM comes in 9',10', 11'3" and 13'. The only comparable length in the Elite is the 11'3" 1 to 6 oz. While they share the same weight range they are not the same blank. The Elite is markedly thinner and slightly more moderate. Both throw a mile but the Elite does it better. The upgrade in materials, plus graphene, plus full length textreme and antitwist truly bring the Elite from the SM to a whole new level. I'm not really doing justice to all this. It's really hard to explain. If you cast a SM it's going to perform better than anything on the market from other companies. When you than cast an Elite you just step into a whole different realm.
  6. The Elites are run with graphene, full length textreme finish and antitwist technology. All these things add performance and cost. The Elites are a thinner diameter. The standard SM cast a ton and have tons of power. Basically imagine if you had a top of the line Ferrari or Lamborghini, that's your standard SM. Now take those cars and put them on steroids, that's your Elite.
  7. The Elites come built with Titanium Torzite guides. That's $230 right there. Then you add in blank price and labor...hence the price tag.
  8. Brian ,I was fortunate enough to be given 3 IRTs for testing. The 300,400 and 500. Overall I've been pleased with. They aren't fully sealed so I definitely don't use them like my VS and ZB. They are working on the sealed aspect of the reels. The drags are awesome, great line lay and casting. There is the tiniest of play in the handle which kind of turns me off but that's being worked on as well. I fished the 400 paired with a 10' Stealth last fall almost exclusively and it performed great. I am not nice to my reels. I put the 500 thru its paces this Spring. 3 bass over 40lbs and many 30lb+ bass and it handled every situation great. That being said, they are not yet on the level of VS or ZB but they have a great start. I'm getting ready to trade the 3 of them in for some bailess and higher speed versions...I'll keep you posted.
  9. The addition of graphene adds a minimal upcharge, roughly about $20. The Sling Shots, Ron Arras, Weapons, Surf Machine Elites, inshore supreme(ISS AND IS1), vertical jig and most of the ultimate boat blanks all have graphene. The standard Surf Machine and Stealths do not. The biggest thing that adds cost is the processing of the blank such as autoclaving, textreme the full length of the blank and antitwist technology. That being said, the standard Surf Machines are still amazing. The standard Surf Machines are very competitive price wise with St Croix, Lamis highland rods. The Elites are very expensive but if you throw and fish one you will see why. It's very hard to explain without actually casting and fishing one.
  10. It's mod/fast in action. Nice smooth C curve bend. It had tons of stopping power. The ease of cast is incredible.
  11. Don't count out the SM just because it's a 2pc. 2pc rods have some a long way. The ferrules in a Century will not loosen or slip. They have a smooth bend thru the ferrule. You will be hard pressed to find another blank that will outperform a Century. Distance is unparalleled, very easy to cast, tons of power. Very sensitive. And with the Textreme finish you have an extremely durable exterior. No more worrying about if you nicked your rod when you dropped it or banged it on a rock out on a jetty.
  12. The Surf Machine is a blank, it can be built spinning or conventional, just like every other blank.
  13. 9' Century Surf Machine would be perfect for what you're looking to do.
  14. Thanks to all that came out yesterday. We had a great turnout in Avalon. Met some great people and really enjoyed people's reactions when they tried out different rods. Great day had by all.
  15. Thank you to everyone that came out yesterday. We truly appreciate it.