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  1. My 7'10" Mag Taper fully built weighs 4.6oz
  2. Ok, definitely Mag Taper or Weapon then. They both cast like much longer rods
  3. Off the boat I'd go with the 7'3". Little more manageable on a boat.
  4. The new 9' Weapon for sure. The S1 Stealth will do it as well. 9' SM will get you 3/4-4. The Weapon having a parallel butt can be trimmed to 8'6"
  5. The Weapon Jr is the lightest at 1/4 - 1.75oz, both the Mag Taper and Weapon throw the same wt range, as far as blank wt the Mag Taper is lighter than the Weapon
  6. The Weapon would be my choice, it has more power. It has more low end power to pull a big snook out of the Mangroves. It will throw a 1/4 lead head with rubber but not great. The Mag Taper throws that lower end better and farther and it has power for sure but the Weapon is definitely more powerful. Lol, it's a tough call because both will do the job but the Weapon is definitely bringing more power to the table.
  7. Carrot, where are you located. The Weapon is a very powerful blank. The top 20" or so of the blank is fiberglass run with a structural resin. Basically giving you the durability of glass but with higher performance . Run with graphene and textreme. It's rated 3/8 - 3 oz. The glass tip allows it to throw non aerodynamic plugs better. Blank is mod-fast. The Mag Taper was born out of the Weapon Jr. We created a new mandrel bumping out the butt to a little larger diameter making it a faster taper. It's rated 1/4-3oz. It's a faster action blank, not quite as powerful as the Weapon. Anyone that can meet up in NJ I'd be more than happy bring them both for you to try out.
  8. 13' Century Surf Machine Elite 1-6oz. Very easy to cast with monster distance. It throws it's entire range, will crush 3-4oz tins. You won't find anything better.
  9. We will be there rain or shine
  10. Where are you located
  11. Demo is Sunday, Oct 10 from 12-4. Sunset Beach Park in SeaSide Heights, near the Stewart's Rootbeer. Unfortunately Lights Out had to back out from the show. Scabelly will be there, as well as IRT Reels, Feindell Lures, 420 plugs, Skellfish, Zinger Baits and Dark Star plug bags. We'll be debuting the new Weapon and Weapon Jr. Hope to see you guys out there
  12. Century S2 Stealth
  13. Spinning, I think they had a Gosa but not sure what size