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  1. AFMike

    Plug Show

    Wanted to throw this out to the page. We're putting together our 4th annual plug show/rod demo this September. 28th with rain date 29th in SeaSide Heights, NJ. We're trying to grow it every year. There is no fee for a vending spot. This is just our way of giving back to the fishing community. The turnout has been great and sales fantastic for our vendors. If your interested please reach out to me at 856-839-6916 Thanks Mike with Advanced Fishing-USA
  2. Mullet run should be in full force. I've absolutely crushed fish in the surf that time of year. Fluke, specks, puppy drum... Fish the structure with 3/8-1/2 lead head and rubber, something that imitates a finger mullet...Bass Assassin Sea Shad. NLBN...stuff like that
  3. I likd 832 around structure but for open beach and max distance J Braid for me
  4. Yes, this rod is a great albie rod but you aren't going to be able to swing them up the rocks with it. It's a great fluke surf rod as well as schoolie bass. It's definitely not a big fish rod. I've take bass to like 36" with mine. It handled it but was definitely starting to push It's limits. It's a low diameter, really fun rod to fish.
  5. 9' Elite is an absolute pleasure to fish. We've been extremely happy with it. The 9 and 10' Elites were definitely a process for us...lol That might be the biggest understatement ever...lol It took us over 2.5 years to get them were we wanted. I have mine paired with a VS150, match made in heaven.
  6. For what you're looking to do you definitely want the 10' SME heavy. The L is more of an open beach rod. The 10' standard SM 1-5oz would do what you're looking for as well. Also, keep in mind, with the price increases of the Factory build Centurys you can get a custom for significantly less.
  7. Get a rod rated to 4, take the guess work out of it. No sense in blowing up a new rod.
  8. I run a vs 100 on my 7'6" and 7'10" Weapons, on my 7' Weapon I run a 4000 Certate HD.
  9. The Jr is a much lighter rod. The regular Weapon and Full Carbon Weapons have identical specs, the difference is no glass in the top 18" like the regular Weapon. Full Carbon has more tip for the deep water fluking guys or anyone that prefers a faster tip in the Weapon
  10. Thinking on it. Let you know in a day or so. Thanks
  11. I appreciate it but looking for a 20. Thank you
  12. I have a blank in stock, can build it for you.
  13. Anyone have 1 for sale. Non bailed please.
  14. Absolutely. I have all Demons built in my personal stash...lol Anyone is always welcome to come by the shop and test cast any rod they want.
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