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  1. Sold, you got it. PM me your info
  2. this is a $170 takers???
  3. I'll check on all questions
  4. selling for a friend. In good shape. Some use on it but clean. $200
  5. Brand new, never used in box. $125 shipped
  6. Century 8' Weapon. Will throw exactly what you want. Distance wise throws like a longer rod. All the power you need. Very easy to cast
  7. Century S2 Stealth. Will throw down to 3/4oz bucktail up to 5. Happiest up to 4. Very easy to throw. Won't beat you up like a Lami. Your fishing sessions will be extended because you won't get beat up by the rod. Extremely versatile rod. Blanks are run in the UK and built in the US.
  8. Oh, bit to far to have you cast one
  9. Yes, it throws 3/4 oz bucktail great. 5oz is its max and it doesn't love it but can be done. It's truly happiest up to 4oz. Nice thing about the Stealths is small fish are fun but it has lots of mid and butt section power for big fish.
  10. Ocg, where are you located?
  11. Century S1 10' Stealth. Will throw 1/2 bucktail up to 4oz or 11' S2 Stealth, will throw 3/4 oz bucktail to 5oz. Both are moderate in action, extremely light and sensitive. Effortless to cast with big distance. They don't beat you up so you can fish longer and not have soar shoulders or back.