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  1. We've had no problems with them. Have had many rods taking big fish with them without incident. Been pleased with them.
  2. No, that's the standard NorEaster. The KNE has a glass tip run with a structural resin.
  3. . The KNEs are absolutely bomb proof. I have all blanks in stock if you'd like to get 1 built.
  4. The standonard NorEaster are no longer in production. The KNE are a glass tip section run with a structural resin. But section is carbon wrapped in Kevlar. Where are you located?
  5. Century 9' Surf Machine 3/4-4oz
  6. While they both have similar weight ranges they are definitely 2 different rods. The Sling Shot has more tip, better for bucktails in snotty weather throwing a bigger bucktail. It's a faster action blank. As far as throwing 4 it's not made for that but could probably handle it with a light lob cast. The Weapon throws it's low range great. I throw the small Mag Darter with no problem. On the high end it'll throw a 4oz pencil. Having the glass section in the tip you need to adjust your cast a bit, slow it a bit. It has a very sensitive tip but still plenty of power. It's taken bass to 50" in some current (not Canal type current), with no problem. I'm not a fan of the Weapon with bottles in heavy current, tip is too soft in my opinion. Weapon thorws metal lips as well as they can be thrown while the Sling Shot tends to tumble them. Ultimately it's always best to test cast so you can get exactly what you're looking for. I'm in South Jersey and am always available to meet up to test cast some rods.
  7. I'll check in the shop tomorrow, I may have a butt section to a 1145.
  8. The Mag is faster action
  9. There will be a little of everything. Sling Shots , Stealths, Surf Machines, Weapons, Weapon Mag Taper Jr, Weapon Mag, fly rods, jigging
  10. Where are you located
  11. We're doing a light show schedule this year. We'll be at the following shows: Striper Day - Jan 15 Connecticut Surf Casters - Jan 21 Philadelphia Fishing Show/Oakes - Feb 17-19 Surf Day - Feb 18 Asbury Fishing Show - March 19 Hope to see you all out there
  12. Be sure to stop by Advanced Fishing-USA(Century)booth and say hi...and check out some amazing rods
  13. Advanced Fishing-USA will be there with a full lineup of Century rods available. Stop on by and say hello.
  14. 2 hours ago, SeaZen 21 said: Does anyone know if Surf Day is happening in 2023, or ever again? I’m talking about the one at Brookdale in As of right now SurfDay will be held Saturday, Feb 18, 2023.
  15. The GOSA should pair nicely