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  1. Buyer changed his mind, gosa 8k back up
  2. Yeah I’ll do 225 picked up. Pm sent legend still available
  3. No worries, just have it sitting around if you change your mind
  4. I have a aqua skins small tall I can part with for 60 bucks? Normally 80, in great shape. Large Guppy pencil in pic for size reference
  5. 11’ 2-8 oz legend in very good shape. It’s a few years old still well in warranty, wasn’t used last season as I have a plethora of rods now and need to thin the surf setups for tuna gear now that I have a boat. in excellent shape, all guides perfect condition, reel seat is in great shape. Pictures below, ask for more. $400 rod only also can include a Saragossa 8000 in perfect condition for sale, in pics. Makes a great combo. Great reel, 10/10 mechanical with very light scratches on body- lip is perfect. Line removed. $250 reel only Combo for $630. Cash or Venmo in Cambridge ma, flexible on meeting location
  6. Been using a blackhole charter special last few years, including out at the shoals and it works great. I get good action with bucktails up to 8oz. Use an avet sx 5.3 with it, great all around combo honestly. Think the rod was like 150 at RISSA a few years back. Thinking of buying another
  7. What was the problem you noticed? Sounds interesting
  8. These were super good too, got 1 left. guess its time to go back.........
  9. After watching this thread for 2 years i jumped onboard here and all i can say is Holy SH**T. Hands down my favorite beers now and im not an IPA crazy person, even my gf loves them and she hates IPAs. My 2 favs are King Julius, Very Green and close third is perfect storm so far. 400 bucks and 100 beers later and i cant wait to go back already
  10. I think its the same engine as the 2020 silverado if im not mistaken. They require the change at 150k miles, but yes it seems to be a pita to change. They are optimistic that 150k will actually move higher though, they are beating up the belts still and hope they can push it closer to 200 i hear Youtube Chad ivan does a good job with videos on his 2020 sil diesel. Said hed drop a video regarding def soon, seems his consuption sis much higher then guys here are talking about. Like a few gallons a months. Heavy towing is even more. He does tow somehting like 8000 lbs with it though which is the top of the rating. The regen cycle also was kicking off quite alot during that. Good videos for anyone interested
  11. Thats a nice bonito for this far up. Like this new trend
  12. Cape cod offshore, Robs been on em last few days in between tuna
  13. Are we just going to breeze by the fact that guys are now catching multiple fluke in the harbor this year? This is the 5th I’ve heard of and maybe I’m overreacting but hell yeah
  14. I lobbed a few pogies off a south facing beach in the dennis/ harwich area last week. All i got into was a dogfish, first attempt at this though. Gonna try again next week
  15. Was out this morning, Went looking for macs and they were hard to come by in my normal spot(2 tinker in an hour). Extending a bit in this area led me to a huge schoolie of giant pogies being harassed. Was able to snag on each cast I tried. ReHooked them and sent them off but there was zero interest. Three my 7” doc but it was much smaller than the pogies and I don’t think they were interested in it, I wish I brought my bigger setup to throw the 9”as it was closer to their size. Ended up striking out but there were def big fish in there, there was just an abundance of bait. Several boats also continuously drove through this school ( between me and another boat working less than 50 yards apart). Really shocked at how with so much space around us people buzzed us inside casting distance- feet from where I just dropped my snag hook. Crazy. There’s big fish out there guys, wish I had a picture to show but we had prior engagements so we couldn’t stay long enough to really work it.