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  1. Went out last night for the incoming, had to work for them but got a few, with the best just about 22". Surprise was i was all alone in a well known spot, guess everyone was at the canal
  2. yours looks like it was better then my dinks
  3. lots of bird action yesterday early evening in a small bay in southie, lasted about 90 minutes and they went all around the bay. Couldn't tell what bait they were on (something very small) but saw alot of surface action, some big bass were in the mix but it was mostly schoolies
  4. In at 215. replied to PM
  5. OKay ignore the service thing then, where you located?
  6. also, where in Boston you located? A 40 minute + pick up could deter me tbh (im in Medford by wellington and work in financial district) Just FYI the going price on SOL seems to be 190-210 range for serviced gosa 6ks. If i need to service this it'll be 35 bucks for me
  7. Did you send it off for maintenance after you used it last year?
  8. I have gotten out with my 6'8 twice now to stellwagon, excellent rod. Was using jigs and sinkers up to 12 in 200 ft and it could have handled more without a problem. Double headers all day, rod is great. That being said i do wish i had an extra 1-2 inches on the foregrip, but it isn't a huge deal to me. I feel this 6'8 is going to be my perfect all around jig rod, from flounder/cod/ striper or tog, i think it'll be solid on all. Has alot of backbone which really surprised me pulling up some doubles of big cod last week, but was super sensitive tip.
  9. Offer 200, picked up
  10. Just reread and saw that. My bad, thanks. Livewell i would think circle as well
  11. Is this actually the case? All i saw was in line circles for cut and whole natural bait. To me that says no more snag drop,as once you "drop" your now in violation? Thoughts? I doubt we get clarification, but i also doubt youd ever get nabbed for this for the record id prefer to keep the weighted treble for snag and drop, most times for live lining with pogies i rig with two trebles and macs I use a circle always anyways. Anyone rig big pogies with two in line circles? I had a few missed hookups last year with big pogies only hooked through the mouth so i went back to 2
  12. Birds were working, they made a lot of dives and peeled off mostly but enough that I knew there was something there they liked but couldn’t commit to. Other then that nothing for standing in the cold. I’ll try again when it’s not cold, raining and miserable out lol
  13. Worked early today so i'm gonna hit around the AED shortly, catch the last few hours before the low, see if the waters any warmer-although not very sunny today so idn how much of a difference it'll make.