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  1. Came up short last night but Snagged this herring, bass had them bunched up thick. Clearly this guy got pushed against some rocks before I snagged him, couldn’t get the schoolies to commit to my lures. They were keyed in on these guys hard Released, for anyone who might think otherwise
  2. Wanted to go this morning again, but I couldn’t get out of the bed for 38 degree fish today. I’m done with the winter temps
  3. I use a 10’6” legend 1-6 at the canal. It handles 5 no problem, you’ll be good
  4. Interesting, I was aware they got that big. Def seen some 12” before but not 15. Thanks!
  5. The schoolie’s were 15”, would have been eating the bass
  6. Typo, I meant 5” haha 15 inch herring is biggggggg
  7. Had a few this morning by a local dam, same as above- they don’t want anything over 6”. Took me a while to crack that code. Saw lots of 5” herring get pushed up right to the shore line so I dropped to my small 3/8 oz Shad and it was lights out till I had to go to work this morning
  8. I'v had 10" fish hit 6" soft baits before, theyll hit it if they like it
  9. Let’s get it going all, already seeing some 2020 activity in the 19 thread! Went out tonight to a well known spot to test out my new (BST ) bail less reel and get the hang of it. Ended up getting into a little guy and dropping him at the Base of the pier when I gave him some slack accidentally- oh well easy release! Head shakes got me in the zone again!!!
  10. Easy process I have a 106 legend now 1-5 and bought a 11' 2-8 over the winter i like the 10 so much
  11. Well i wasnt going to go to RISSA, but now i may buy another BH Kil the salesman strikes again
  12. Some good threads in the mass forum, weed through the nonsense. 50 lbs is the standard at the canal. Personally i use 40# braid but id say the average is 50. Youll want 200 yards of braid min, im not familiar with zeb specs but i presume thats fine. Fish can be caught on 30, but you want the saftey factor when your putting the works on a big fish in strong current. For a rod, you need to throw 5 ounce jigs and control it, meaning lift it off the bottom without the rod bending like a pretzel. That said a 2-6 should be good most of the time for most of your applications. Those are good times, but there are others. Try your luck, write down what works. The best way to learn is make a fishing logbook Also, for casting distance: Technique i going to be your best bang for your buck at the moment. Watch youtube videos on how to cast, youll have a big improvement i suspect. Also, as you grow, youll pick up some more. there is alot of physics in the motion, but you also need some strength which youll get naturally. Keep trying
  13. My VR175 is 37.5, is not far behind my gosa 8k at 42. TBH i prefer the 175 most of the time, and alot more then my BG5K at 48IPT. I'd agree though that 33 is probably to low for me, but by picking up the speed a little its certainly doable
  14. I use a BH charter special 6'8" 2-6oz with an avet 5.3. I dont have a separate bay/ deep rod but i find this works great at both. Very effective bucktailing with 8oz bts in 100 ft on the shoals this year. Grabbed a couple 8# flatties on it. Also, tested this set up out to see what it had for haddock in 300ft off the bank last april after the RISAA show where i got it, and it had no problem dragging 14 oz of lead and a few double haddocks/ cods. Great rod, i use it quite alot all around jigging and doesn't break the bank at 160 either Def a lighter option and iv def taken it to the limit but its great at bt for deeper fluke and its super light
  15. 340 picked up sunday or early next week?