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  1. Well i'll be at Leos at 9, i'll PM you then
  2. What time kil? I'll be there in the morning fishing, but need to be in Boston for noon.
  3. I have a 10'6 mojo surf, conv, thats very lightly used i could part with for 100 picked up . Obv not a lami, but let me know
  4. All the episodes i watched were guadalupe. All three had the island in it at some point, didnt watch much this year though
  5. Interesting, thanks. Didn’t know they were that much. I like it though. Now more curious what the tickets were for. Guess it could be anything from expired reg/ inspections to non parking spaces. Could just be reminding people of the privilege to park there and they are looking for things to ensure that happens
  6. Also would like to know, took a little break in july but think i'll come back this week. I'm assuming these db's parked in hanidcap spots (the 100) or something else? Anyone got any info on the tickets?
  7. so my dads been telling me about these searches for a year or two now? Is this legal? To be denied entrance to a public beach for not allowing an illegal search? I haven't got to a Dennis beach this year, let alone been searched there, but im very tempted to say no you cant search me without probable cause and make a big stink. They checked my moms backpack a few weeks ago apparently, whats up with that? How broad do these get, and as they arent law enforcement, how would they hold up if they found some kind of illegal item ie drugs or guns or something? Or better question, whos liable for the college kid conducting the search when the gun touting canal nutcase wants to bring his piece with his 30 rack to mayflower?
  8. iv been out twice this year to the shoals, using a 6'8" black hole charter special and an avet sx. Also my haddock/cod rod. This weekends trip was 5-6 lb fluke on it no problem, had a bigger at one point but he shook it. usually i have 4-6 oz bucktails, but carry some 8s. 11.2 lb was the big fish of the day. Have haddock jigged with 12 oz east of stellwagon in 200 ft and its fine even at its "2-6 oz rating". I think the 7'3" is 2-8 perhaps?, but honestly the 68 does great for my style. 30# braid helps negate any thing heavier then 12 tbh. Like someone said above, i may try 20 at some point but like the 30. Its definitely a big trip, we were also in that area SSS mentioned. While doable its worth doing it with a charter at least the first time. It can get hairy coming back in- was quite wet sunday at noon rounding great point. Otherwise, find some good drops and do some long drifts on a nice calm clear day early in the morning and you should have fun. Check out black hole, at 180 or something its a solid all around rod. Plenty of backbone for big fish, but very fun for even small guys.
  9. @ksong Eh I can’t make it today kil, was hoping you’d stay longer. Maybe I’ll catch you next time. I’m sure you’ll be back at some point. Hope you had a proper testing. Thanks
  10. Kil, how long you up this way for? Wouldnt mind test casting if my work schedule allows. If not i know you come up a good amount, i'll catch you another time
  11. I think by south shore he means cohasset/situate/duxbury/hingham/hull ect Can you eleborate for those of us who havent heard these? Wouldnt mind getting into some blues
  12. Hit deer island this morning, 2 before and 2 after high all around. Threw the bag for the skunk. Saw a few cormorants searching but not finding anything, and nothing else. Dead quiet I know where the big girls are, but I assumed id still get some smaller fish inshore there
  13. I’ll take it pm sent
  14. i bought the 11' tsunami surf 4-10 for jigging there, its solid
  15. I did as well, they sent me the same K guide version- nothing new. Just received yesterday, i'll take pics of the guide tags to show