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  1. @ksong it was a pleasure to meet you today! I look forward to testing the Suzuki and charter special for myself! Just threw a avet mc53 on the charter (had it from another setup and it feels great on here) and I tried out vr50 and gossa5ks today on the 96 Suzuki. I wish I put the gosa on first, as it was a brick compared to the vs. May have fallen in love with the more expensive on at first site, but what can I say. I’m going to end up putting the vr on, it was the perfect reel for this light as a cloud rod. @BrianBM I’ll get a more detailed report up soon, but I’m pleasantly surprised- and iv had high expectations from hearing about these for so long. All those rods looked amazing, tell them to keep it up kil! I’m sure I’ll see you again in the future!
  2. See everyone at noon tomorrow then
  3. I will, this is pretty much what I’m looking for in a rod as well. Something small and fun to catch the mostly smaller sized stripers and fluke on. I only caught 4 keepers from shore last year, but a million low to mid 20” fish. All my big fish came off the boat for the most part. This rod seems like it has the power to get those keepers while keeping the small guys fun too. I think this rod is 1/2 to 2 oz and I believe kil said it actually throws a bit higher. I’ll report back after the show with a detailed report, might even take it out to a holdover spot right when I get home!
  4. I'm going to the provi show this weekend to look at this exact setup
  5. im in thanks
  6. My bad, saw carson beach post from 16 and thought it was Boston you guys were talking about. I assume your cape? Not seeing much action from work in Boston harbor, might still make some scouts tonight. Might need to start a Boston harbor thread again, almost time
  7. I'll have to go looking for some after work at castle island. Might go up to the roof and look out the window see if i can see any working the harbor anywhere else, see if i see any birds working and get a location. Would love a cod from shore, didnt even think it was possible here anymore
  8. sluggos hogys superstrike littlenecks and bottles needlefish metal lips epoxys jigs Metals like kastmasters point judes diamond jigs Theres a million lures They all are ideal for certain things. Use big fat metal lip swimmers when big pogies are around, use needlefish when small thin profile baits are around. Sand eels, diamond jigs would work. Go for size and profile first, then color second. Some guys dont dive into color any more then white and black for day/night. Good rule of thumb is dark at night, light in the day. Bait varies alot by time of year/locations. best to ask whats around if you cant tell. Maybe you catch a fish on a blind cast and its spitting up sandeels while you take a picture, that gives you a good idea to go for a thin style lure
  9. im in thanks!
  10. Only vessels under power are allowed to transit the canal. You cannot yak in there, nor even fish while going through on a boat
  11. There was a topic a while back regarding these, i dug up when i was looking. Guys reported they didnt have great wrist seals and that if your sticking your hand in the water for a release your going to be wet and cold. I ended up going with the surf top instead and i'm a big fan. Guys reported with the strykr that they sent them back to stormr and they did some modification and added an internal gasket or something at the wrists that apparently worked wonderfully. Not sure if thats an option from them or a special. Also possible the new version corrected this, i'd test it out before buying
  12. I'm trying to find a precip chart by month for several years to compare with these. Anyone know where i can fidn one? i keep just finding 2018 or 2017 only Ie what were the conditions in 96 (rain and mean temp for april and may) that led to such a spawn? Also @MakoMike, what do you consider environmental conditions if not precip and temp?
  13. @CWitek and @MakoMike, thanks for the info. Very interesting. CW, thanks for the detailed breakdown on the YOYs, i hadnt seen those before and they shed some light. Interesting comparison. Why the large discrepancies between some years, environmental conditions related I presume?
  14. Couple questions for you guys after reading this monstrous 20 page thread here. 1.) Where/when are these meetings and how are they announced? Its quite possible iv had my head in the sand but i didnt even know they were even happening. I would make time to attend when possible if i had know and am interested in going to simply observe and see whats happening for myself, for now. 2.) What was the timeline for the moratorium last time? It seems there is already some evidence was 2012 with a predicted decline in SSB, as noted several pages ago in the meeting minutes, and the general feeling experienced fishermen have observed in the last couple years. So are we following closely to the time frame in the 80s? 3.) I'm aware there was a somewhat graduated increase in catch restrictions last time in addition to the moratorium. For those who were around at the time, what would you have done to improve on the restrictions of the 80s to increase the resource? What lessons did you learn that younger guys like myself should know? 4.) Why isn't there a set goal for the ASMFC? Are they there for the fish, or for the industry (meaning boat sales through tackle to charters to rec- everyone uses the same gear)? I think we all can agree the better the fishery, the better the margins the companies will make, but it doesnt seem like some people can look that far down the road, is this a correct assumption? If the commish protects the fish, everything else should fall into place no? There were more but i forgot them as i advanced along.
  15. im in, thanks