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  1. I'm not considering the pursuit. I know what I'm gonna get, but I was just browsing other Penn reels and was just wondering
  2. How good is the penn pursuit 3 reel? What's the main difference between the pursuit 3 and the fierces and battles? The website says the p3 also has the ht-100 drag system, so aside from the drag, what makes the fierces and battles better?
  3. Is the 10 footer going to cast out much further? Or is the 9 footer enough to reach, say 75 yards out?
  4. I in deciding between a 9 ft and a 10 ft surf rod for plugging. Which one would be a better fit? I like the 9 footer bc it’s easy to handle, but I like the 10 footer bc it feels better in my hands. What fishing circumstances would you choose one over the other? Which one is better for jetty fishing? How much further is the 10 ft going to cast? If I’m mostly fishing the shores in the northeast, not mountauk or the cape cod canal, is the 9footer enough or should I go up to the 10 footer to cover more situations?
  5. Would a BG 4500 be too big for plugging on a 9 ft rod?
  6. how fast should the retrieve be? should i let the bucktail drop to the bottom? should i drag it along the bottom? sorry for all the questions, I'm really new to fluke fishing
  7. What is a typical rig to catch fluke? And how do you fish it? I'm talking about fishing from mostly piers and jetties.
  8. Ok. I'll think about getting the 3500. But in the meantime, could someone please answer the original question? Is the Battle II or shield better?
  9. I'll consider the BG, but could someone still tell me whether the shield or Battle 2 is better?
  10. i can only get it at a discount at one place. what size penn does the bg 4500 compare to?
  11. from where I'm buying my reel, they only carry a size too big and a size too small
  12. Hi, I'm getting into striped bass and bluefish fishing from shore and on jetties. I don't know what lures I should get. I live in CT, and will be fishing along the coast, as well as a bit in Cape Cod and Rhode Island. What are a couple of lures to get me started? I'm talking about maybe 5 lures, as well as the colors. I don't want to spend over $60. I will be using a 9ft rod. Thanks
  13. Tsunami Shield or Penn Battle II to go with a 9ft surf rod? Mostly gonna be on the beach or jetty. And what size? Just wondering. (i can't get the BG cuz the right size isn't carried at where I'm getting my reel)
  14. Just wondering, I know eels blood is poisonous but is that only if I eat it or also if I touch it?
  15. Are there any mudflats/tidal flats, whatever you call them in CT? I mean like flats like brewster flats? where I can walk out for miles