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  1. 8'8" tsunami airwave elite paired with a slammer 3 4500 and 20lb braid. Schoolie's still put up a decent fight and easily landed a couple mid 20's fish last year. Anything lighter than that are my surfcasting fluke setups. I have a 7' 9" custom Loomis that's sweet spot is 3/8 to 1.5. But, anymore I want something with substantial backbone so when I hook into a decent bass I'm not fighting it forever.
  2. I never had a problem breaking off using a spinning reel cupping the spool. But, if I'm using leader higher lb.test than 30. I'm usually using my vs 250 bailless
  3. Never understood why people would just cut there line. I've run into this a bunch trout fishing this year and it sucks. Like other guys stated, when all other efforts to free the snag fail. Bring your line tight with rod pointed at the snag, cup your spool and pull. Theres no need to leave line in the water. It kills wildlife and frustrates other anglers.
  4. When I only fished Penn, It was always great to be able to buy parts from Jack. Their stuff is beach priced but, I only ever buy terminal stuff, leader, or the occasional pack of swimbaits or plug. I did buy one of my first penn ss during their memorial day tent sale. That was a long time ago. When I use to fish live eels alot. It was always a race to get down there before they closed. The reports I always find comical as well.
  5. Pa- Sportfishin outlet Nj - Reel seat Fisherman's supply Grumpy's Jim's a childhood favorite Delaware- Old inlet Rhode island Saltwaters edge
  6. I mainly use straight and curly tail rubber worms on bucktails anymore. I too have a stash of uncle josh. Once the stopped making the pork, I never tried the substitutes. Alot of areas all I ever used was plastics anyway. I do miss being able to buy uncle josh tho.
  7. I'll take the danny
  8. I'll take them
  9. I'd be interested in the skaredy cats
  10. I don't wanna derail this anymore. But, I've also been wondering is that plug carved from wood? My first impression when I saw those mackerel's was they were a real freeze dried fish painted and rigged?
  11. Would you do a jr. for 100?
  12. Any other BM trades your looking for?
  13. Nice I have plans to do something similar with a jet motor
  14. Bob hahn surfster in this colormid 90's, those first couple hahn's I owned caught a pile of fish, which was a huge confidence booster as a young kid.