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  1. You guys are right the upper Jack's are very sketchy with korkers on. Don't wanna get anyone hurt. If you wanna fish that spot you gotta get down near the water line or gaff fish, Ether way its shady, those Jack's are dangerous. By far one of the most dangerous. Does anyone know anywhere else they put those Jack's in the USA? The only other place I've seen them was in pics of France and south Africa.
  2. I'll take the black over florescent green and a Pollack too
  3. I'll take it
  4. You definitely have to wear korkers or spiked wading boots to fish those Jack's. You would think people that dont know what there doing wouldn't even think about trying to fish on the end. My father who's in his later 60's wont fish the end of that jetty with me. Have had some really good nites there tho, but getting down near the water on the end is not for people that dont know what there doing, that's for sure.
  5. That rod is crazy, wonder what it's made out of? Hickory?
  6. +2
  7. Those Jack's are no joke
  8. I've encountered black bears a bunch of times. Usually there running away as fast they can. Only two times I've ever felt uneasy, 1- Coming upon a big sow with young cubs fly fishing in a deep hollow. 2-Walking up on hounds baying and fighting a big boar Both hair raising experiences, especially the first one as I was only armed with a 4 wt.!!
  9. Good man, as a guitar player myself I've given away a few to kids that want to learn
  10. Hook up ratio with inline hooks is poor. If your trying to catch bluefish on top water you really only a siwash on the back of the plug. As far as bass, your best bet is fishing plugs with one treble up front. Dave Andersen posted a video on YouTube that should be checked out if you really get into plug fishing for bass. I crush all my barbs but, all good plugs were designed with the weight and swing of the hook factored into the action.
  11. Would you take 105 for the lot??
  12. Is that bm?
  13. Someone will probably chime in that knows way more that me. That looks like a beachmaster tailrap but, the lip looks hand cut and ground. Ether way nice plugs. Trying very hard to resist buying them
  14. Please do, a tail rap pic would be nice. It does look like on of Bobby's
  15. What's the length on the a40 and there conrad? Those are jrs?