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  1. How many natural bucktails do you want?
  2. You wanna split the 2 rattle less bottle plugs?
  3. I have a pair of them, they're exceptable. I'd go with cellular but I've got zero reception on the property
  4. Nice shooting tex That deer will probably survive that though
  5. Yeah I'm a big lever guy. The game commission was originally stating they were gonna allow semi autos without stating stipulations. A mag limit would have probably been a intelligent call. I don't really care either way. It's just kinda funny that you could hunt with an unplugged auto slug gun in most of the state. But not a rifle. You wanna see some silly laws? Look at what Iowa does and doesn't allow for a centerfire round. That's super funny.
  6. Yeah, so now we're allowed to hunt small game and predators with a semi auto, but not deer and bear. But, you can use a semi auto shotgun. Doesn't make a whole lot a sense. I've got a ruger carbine in 44 that I'd love to carry in the southeastern special regs area now that straight walls are legal
  7. Al's diamond cabaret. That was before they changed the laws on stripping in pa. They were allowed to let the girls be fully nude because they were byob. It was a magnet for pornstars that danced. Now I believe it's fully nude in all of pa.
  8. Never fired the 14 with anything but silvertips. My remington 14 was a gift from a neighbor, he was dying and didn't want his daughter to sell everything he cared about. Hell of a nice guy Gene was. That gun kinda became a safe queen. I collect old deer rifles and he was my friend. Not that I didn't kill a couple deer with it. But it's in such nice shape I haven't carried it in a long time.
  9. The 35 rem is super popular here in Pennsylvania. Was my first deer rifle. I own 2, a 336 and a 14. Half the guys I hunt with own one. As far as cost for the new marlins it's cost in the machining that drives up the price. Thats what killed the 99. I did handle one of the new 336's over the summer. They are very nice. Both remington and winchester are putting out ammo as we speak for the 35. I believe hornady has too. Tho contrary to what other guys posted here. We found the leverevolution ammo to be junk. Had some bullets not expand and went back to coreloks. The lever round that will die way before the 35 is the 32. I was surprised when I saw boxes of it for sale this summer. In a fleetfarm in Iowa no less..
  10. So I'm guessing your in Connecticut???
  11. There's a huge amount of public ground northwest of that area
  12. This is coming from a family that owns a farm inside the perimeter. Whether or not that's what they heard who knows.
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