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  1. Funds sent thanks again Eric
  2. Will you take 50 and throw it in with the others?
  3. Was this rewired?
  4. I'm surprised a 20" blue was caught. I was talking about this with a buddy yesterday. I remember saying watch a kingfish win the tournament.
  5. BMs

    I'll take 6
  6. Or you could just leave the tubing covering the point. Have seen that before, its hilarious!!
  7. Your impressive, taking a closer look both the yellow and black tailwraps don't look right
  8. 3 is all black?
  9. I pre-ordered one from Josh the day he started taking pre-orders. I figured its pointless to email him. I also tried get Craig to respond notta. You'd think if they were gonna start a pre-order the reels would be assembled in China waiting to ship.
  10. Here's a picture of my 150L. No slot, to the best of my knowledge my reel was made with usa parts assembled in China
  11. File cabinets
  12. They manufactured/ distributed alot of different stuff. The plant was near where i grew up. When they went under. My grandfather and I carried box after box of stuff when they closed. I had paper bags filled with those maverick blanks.
  13. How much are you looking for?
  14. Those are sweet
  15. Here's a pair unfished