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  1. What's next trolling wire?
  2. Take your time
  3. I've got no use for 3 hook darter's. Honestly I can't believe you haven't sold this lot.
  4. Would you sell me just the bass bomb?
  5. Can I get a shot of the belly? How fished is it?
  6. Now your live-lining?
  7. How many ss needles do you want for it?
  8. What do you want for them Dave? Also do you happen to have any smooth or rough black 5"? That your willing to part with?
  9. I'm definitely interested in the 5". Do you have any black 5"?
  10. Clam fish don't count.. ya'll know that right? Clams are food, not bait....
  11. You wanna spit out the bass bomb and danny?
  12. Looking to see if anyone is willing to sell. I also have a pile of stuff I'm willing to trade. Can be lightly used. Thanks
  13. I'll take the surf asylum
  14. He's already got a mountain of signed plugs. Don't encourage him...
  15. Any interest in a Mike's 5.5?