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  1. 100 % sealed, I do not know. The description from Ross is: “The Animas S is based on the proven Animas platform, and shares all the same internal components as well as the color-accented fully-machined aluminum handle, drag knob, and spool release. The newly-improved drag delivers two times the pressure of the previous Animas, giving its Teflon-impregnated, saltwater-safe Delrin disc system the strength and smoothness that big water anglers are looking for” Its designed to be used in salt, and they have an excellent reputation so I would trust that their design is adequate. You may want to call Ross directly at (970)-249-0606 to inquire about your drag question as I don’t want to state something wrong. Thanks, Greg
  2. As a kid in the 70's in Daly City my older brother used to get invited to go fishing with our retired Italian neighbor. He was hardcore, beach fishing all year in San Francisco and Pacifica. I remember my brother coming home one day with a striper that reached from his chest to his feet, which would be over 40 inches. They also came home with Chinook every once in a while. The one time I got invited when I was about 10 years old, I managed to toss the entire rod and reel into the surf while trying to cast! Talk about embarrassing... Greg
  3. $400. 9/10 wt Animas S reel with spare spool. Very good condition and light fresh water use. Small rash mark on reel is visible in picture. Both spools have 30 lb white Dacron backing. I used this as a back up spey reel, with no saltwater use. Currently configured for right hand retrieve. Shipping in continental US is included in the price. Greg
  4. The first is a Dean River steelhead from this summer. Hooked, and by the time I counted to 3 it was well into the backing. The second is a sunrise striper session on the South Shore.
  5. I had a pair of Korkers Darkhorse BOA boots that I loved in almost every situation. Sand was the exception... I had several successful beach outings, until the time when the sand buggered up the ratchet mechanism and a boot was stuck on my foot. I was wearing Simms waders with the normal gravel guards that hook onto the tongue area of the boot. I must have looked comical as a I fell over trying the wrangle off the boot. I finally found a flat screwdriver and it worked to force the release knob up. I was pleasantly surprised to find that after a thorough rinse the BOA mechanism continued to work just fine. I did later became suspect though when I heard that BOA would send out a free mechanism and tool for free just to have on hand. That makes me thinks they must have a lot of failures. I'm back to laced boots only now for and beach trips. I’m a huge fan of Korkers still.
  6. Probably 90/10 Fly/lures. Wind is the main force that will have me pick up the surf casting equipment on both coasts.
  7. Well the trip was a big success! Lots of great visiting time wth my daughter in college, and perfect tides for morning and evening fishing. I fished 50/50 flies and lures depending on th wind and how far out we found fish. As was told to me on this forum, lots of fish but didn’t find any big ones. Most were in the 20”-22” range, with a solo of about 30” that shook the hook as I went to grab it for a photo (isn’t that always the case?!). We had miles of beach to ourselves in the Duxbury/Marshfield area. All fish I got on flies took a 3” SF baitfish style fly in bunker colors, except for when I fished a river outfall where a small dark clouser worked best. We fished a nice little blitz with fish biting a foot away from the shore in less than a foot of water. That was fun! No takes on the fancy flatwings I tied up. Once again, thanks for all of the advice and suggestions. Greg
  8. Non slip mono knot to fly, double surgeon for loop to loop.
  9. Nice! I’ve floated Pine Tree to the mouth twice this season, got a real nice 10 lb native in July, went 0 for 3 a couple weeks ago but my buddy got his first summer steelhead on a sweet classic style Spey fly.
  10. Nice report! The Owyhee is on my list to hit next September. Greg
  11. I appreciate the safety alerts. The estuaries I frequent in Oregon also have dangerous mud to sink in, as well as tides and currents to be well aware of. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Portland. How about you? My in-laws range from NH to Cape Cod, and my daughter is near Boston.
  13. Here is the Rio line chart that has your rod on it.
  14. Shorebound. Thanks for trying to help. Greg
  15. Duxbury/ Marshfield area.