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  1. Non slip mono knot to fly, double surgeon for loop to loop.
  2. Nice! I’ve floated Pine Tree to the mouth twice this season, got a real nice 10 lb native in July, went 0 for 3 a couple weeks ago but my buddy got his first summer steelhead on a sweet classic style Spey fly.
  3. Nice report! The Owyhee is on my list to hit next September. Greg
  4. I appreciate the safety alerts. The estuaries I frequent in Oregon also have dangerous mud to sink in, as well as tides and currents to be well aware of. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Portland. How about you? My in-laws range from NH to Cape Cod, and my daughter is near Boston.
  6. Here is the Rio line chart that has your rod on it.
  7. Shorebound. Thanks for trying to help. Greg
  8. Duxbury/ Marshfield area.
  9. While not directly corresponding to your numerical questions, here ya go: So for an 8 wt 11 foot long switch rod, my preference would be one of the newer short Skagit heads, about 20’ long. The short length makes it way easier to form a D loop in a compact area and set up the cast delivery with all of the Skagit head in the Air with just the tip/ leader/fly forming the anchor in the water. I use a 600 grain 20' head on my 11’ 7-9 Meiser switch rod. For tips, Skagit is designed to throw sink tips capable of turning over larger/weighted flies. The weight of the tip will correspond to the weight if the head (Rio has a chart on this). For Skagit heads 575 grains and up the recommend the “heavy” series of tips. I use a straight level 10’ piece of T14 (this adds 140 grains to the line system). I then use 3-4’ of Maxima Ultragreen leader, then the fly to a loop knot. If you don’t want to get as deep, you can sub an iMOW or MOW tip that is part floating or intermediate and part T14. All of the above is based on water anchored casts such as double spey or snap T. For great casting video help check out videos by Ashland Fly Shop. Hope this helps... Greg
  10. Quote by FT of * : “In very simplified terms, Grease Line fishing means you fish the fly with as little movement (or swinging) toward the bank you are fishing from as possible without making it entirely drag free all the while keeping the line tight between you and the fly. Easy sounding isn't it. And like usual, the devil is in the details. Sometimes the fly is broadside to the current and sometimes it isn't. But it is never drag free in the traditional trout fishing sense despite the written descriptions saying to keep the fly drag free, it needs to be under very slight drag or tension toward your bank, or it isn't Grease Lining.” The dangle is the end of the swing, when the fly is hanging there on the tight line. Common steelhead techniques. Greg
  11. Yes,just a few minutes ago. It’s a gem
  12. Ok, what kind of insects play football? Fumblebees! I know one 4 year old who thought that was hilarious.
  13. Look up Dan Blanton double catch braided loop. You’ll need some braided mono and a big needle, but this is the best line splice method I’ve seen. Greg
  14. This forum has really been a wealth of knowledge for this Oregon resident! My in-laws (and now my daughter too) are Boston/South Shore/CC residents, and my annual visit usually occurs during the summer. The past few years I have been going for stripers with fly gear. I’ve been guided a few times out of Barnstable and got into lots of fish, but not many over 24” or so. Last year I had my first success on my own from beaches and salt marsh creeks. This year will be my first time fishing outside of the July/August timeframe and will be trying the South Shore beaches mostly around Marshfield/Duxbury. My wife’s cousin is a quite good gear guy, and he will be my fishing buddy next week. I have tied up a new assortment of flatwings and baitfish patterns as well as some squid flies for out nighttime harbor visits. I really just wanted to post a “thank you” to the forum and it’s regular contributors for lots of nuggets of wisdom. If anyone is headed to the PNW for steelhead, feel free to hit me up and maybe I can help a little bit. Tight lines, Greg