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  1. Is price per each shipped? If so, I’ll take the orange.
  2. WTB/ WTT for either TFO or Fenwick Inshore Rod Looking for either one of these rods TFO: TAC INSHORE # TAC ISS 806-1 Fenwick: Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Spinning # ETIN76MH-FS Have a Tica 10' Surge Surf or a Tsunami Airwave Elite 9' 3" that can be included with cash.
  3. Ok, that works.
  4. No, the person above me asked a question so technically he has first refusal rights.
  5. I'll take if this is for both and if it gets to me
  6. The best I can do is $28 shipped pp.
  7. No, thank you
  8. How about $30 shipped PP?
  9. New in bag. Never taken out. 1.5oz Chartreuse/ White Swimmer. Body is about 4.5” long. $35 shipped. PP or local pickup at Gillette Stadium in MA.
  10. Pls close no interest
  11. Last reduction, $33 shipped
  12. Price reduction $40
  13. 2 Old/ Antique PT. Jude Swim Along metal lipped lures. Both are about 5” and 1.5 ounces. $50 shipped. *
  14. I am still looking for TFO: TAC ISS 765-1