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  1. Payment sent. Thanks again
  2. See above
  3. So $625 includes shipping and PayPal fees? If so, then yes.
  4. Would you do $600 shipped to 01504?
  5. Understood. How about $180 shipped?
  6. Please see my offer
  7. Would you take $150?
  8. @Dan Tinman Thanks for the message . I edited it to be more clear. Looking for a mold. Thanks again.
  9. Hey Peeps, Looking to buy a Do It Mold Bullet Nose Jig BDB-3-X or a mold that is something similar but looking for the same or larger ounce jigs. I am in MA but open to paying for shipping Tightlines!
  10. I’ll take this
  11. Not right now man. Thanks.
  12. Can you take a pic of the front of the Pikie?
  13. Thank you. Looking for the 7”. GLWS
  14. How many inches are these?
  15. I’ll pass on the RM pikie. Interested in the Pikie you had up prior to the edit.