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  1. I am still looking for TFO: TAC ISS 765-1
  2. I have a 8’ Tsunami Airwave up to I think 3 ounces and a 9’ 3” Tsunami Airwave Elite 3-5 ounces. Both are used. Looking for $65 for the 8’ and $100 for the 9’ 3”.
  3. What specs are you looking for these rods to have?
  4. Thanks, man. Mackerel Hunter is a good man. Thats what I will be using this rod for. I also have the 11’ L and the 11’ H. So this completes the beach/ canal rods setup.
  5. Can you meet near 495 anywhere between 12-5 Friday?
  6. Payment sent!
  7. I’ll take it. PM me
  8. Can you meet near 495 anywhere between 12-5 Friday?
  9. Are you able to meet Friday Afternoon-Early Evening?
  10. Yes, I am definitely interested. Can you meet me in Boxboro? If so, I could meet Friday afternoon-early evening.
  11. I will respectfully offer $45 shipped. If you are in MA, I could possibly meet up with you.
  12. Ok, thanks. Need to be a little strategic in meet up. I’m near Franklin/Bellingham. So opposite side of eastern MA. Not sure if and when I can get up that way.
  13. Models I am interested in: TAC ISS 765-1 GIS SCS 1065-2 I can meet in MA, RI, North Eastern CT. Open to shipping as well. Thanks!
  14. This year will be to test my first batch of wooden plugs that I have made. Then most likely trying the new Al Gags Nordic heads out.