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  1. I'd like to offer $250 picked up in Bridgewater NJ the week of Nov 4th.
  2. I'm in Princeton, NJ and make it Monmouth county regularly.
  3. I'm interested. No leaks? All gaskets in good condition? I could do local pickup if you're in NJ. Only challenge is I am leaving for vacation later today and coming back the 3rd. If you still have it then we can meetup.
  4. Riverhorse in Ewing - love their tripe horse and porter
  5. could you come close to $100 for the 8' picked up? Thanks.
  6. still available?
  7. I'll take the canean for $60 if @greenmachine96 passes
  8. I bought a conventional fluke combo from you a couple years ago. Your stuff is in amazing shape. This thread is killing me.
  9. I'm 5'8" 185 recently got a 2014 revo used. Few trips so far including one ocean trip, and I love it. Regarding model years, couple of things to keep in mind: 1) 2009 is when the click and go was introduced, 2) various hull improvements and modifications to v2 drive were made between 2009 and 2014 3) 2014 was the last year of the plug-in seat (non lawn-chair seat), and the first year that revo was offered lowrance ready, meaning there is recess in the bottom of the boat that fits and protects a transducer. It is made for lowrance transducers but can accommodate many others 4) 2015 was the year the lawn chair seat was introduced You may also want to consider a revo 16...heavier, but faster. Again 2014 is last year of non lawn-chair seat and first year of lowrance ready hulls. Other things to look for are reinforced rear scuppers (not sure what year they started doing that). Also, there are many long threads about scupper carts and why not to use if you could find a package with a non-scupper cart, that would be ideal. Look for a deal with turbo fins included, otherwise you'll likely end up buying a pair. They make a big difference. Most importantly, ask the seller to meet you at a body of water and take it for a quick spin. Check for water in the hull afterwards. If they say no there better be a good reason, and you should be wary. Finally, if you want to buddy up for a float trip, happy to join.
  10. Is this a fast action or more moderate? what would you say the sweet spot is? Thanks.
  11. great, PM coming
  12. Could you do $35 picked up? I'm can do local pickup.
  13. Jack, thats very kind of you, thank you! I will definitely pass the kindness along to a fellow kayaker or shore bound fisherman/woman/child
  14. Thanks, Jack. I did call them, I was told they don't have any left.