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  1. Like new. Used once in fresh, line cleaned after. Line is 7/8 as described on cheeky website. $75 south shore ma
  2. Ill take it for $200
  3. interested. Does it come with rod case?
  4. I had that issue with them before the covid
  5. Sorry the pic looked like there are 3 spools total.
  6. 400 for reel and two 9/10 spools?
  7. There is two 9/10 spools?
  8. I would be interested if it falls thru
  9. @A Cerone I recently started fly fishing in the salt with a cheap 8wt moonshine rod and a used reel I picked up from the local fly shop w/ intermediate line. I liked the idea of the moonshine rod seeing as how it came with an extra tip piece and I have heard fly rods are very easily broken. As far as fishing for schoolies, this set up is a lot of fun and I don't think it would be too much to fish the local large mouth either. For everyone else, I am looking for a beefier set up to throw bigger flies and maybe fish from a boat when I am lucky enough. I looked into the Colton rods sale that was mentioned and interested in the Tradewinds 10wt. Is this the type of rod I should be looking at for the situations listed?
  10. My first striper of actual size on the fly. I am glad I finally picked up a flyrod. As much as I suck at casting, this fish made my day.
  11. I’m in. This will be my first year fly fishing. I don’t know much yet, but I do know how much fun it is to watch fish blow up on top water!
  12. Maybe it's the thin diameter of the longcast spool compared to the hieght of the first guide that is the issue?
  13. I have enjoyed looking at the beautiful rods you guys build on here, great work! I hope someday I'll find the time/money to build some of my own, but until then I have a question for you guys... I have a 10'6" TFO GIS 2-6 oz paired with Ultegra 5500XTD running 50# PP super slick. Completely stock, off the shelf rod. I have an issue of excessive line slap against the blank, when reeling in slack to make contact with the lure after a cast. There is not a whole lot of line twist, but the line slap is very annoying. Could this issue be remedied with pairing a different reel with the rod? And I am curious as to what the distance the reel should be from the first guide (Gathering guide?). I am new to this so any information I can get would be appreciated and if there are any recommendations on where I can study up on rod building I would appreciate it. thanks
  14. nice fish tho, thanks for putting them back.
  15. @MaxKatt thanks for the welcome. I am fairly new on here but I have read some of the old threads you described and seen it in person. Striper fishing as a whole seems to be more welcoming to C&R than it was in the past, so keep beating that small drum of yours, it seems like those 4,446 posts of yours to be doing something.