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    Tonsured cleric in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), now semi-retired. Retired from USPS after 32 years service. Currently manage the gun department in a pawn shop (part-time).

    Late bloomer, born in 1955 and have a 10 year old daughter and a almost 13 year old son, as of 2018. Keeps me young, and tired!
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    Reading, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting, and currently, making plugs on my lathe. We own and operate a small, 4 acre farm
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    See above

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  1. Actually, I’m feeling better, thank you. There is some difficulty breathing, I still have pain taking a deep breath but that has lessened quite a bit. I still use albuterol each day with significant effect, but whereas it used to be desperately needed every four hours or so, now I’m down to two or three times a day. I’ve gained back some weight, still pretty weak physically though, no endurance whatsoever. But things seem to be slowly improving. The wife and I dropped our truck off yesterday to change over to our snow tires. We had a choice of sitting and waiting for 3 hours, or wandering in an adjacent mall. I opted to walk and only had to sit and rest twice. Compared to a few weeks back when a 15 minute jaunt to the grocery store meant an hour or two nap, that is pretty good. Little by little. The big thing now is to not catch a cold/flu until I’ve fully recovered
  2. How is your MIL and FIL doing?
  3. My parents were from Sicily, I’m first generation in this country. Old Giuseppe is an important part of our heritage, lol!
  4. Did he have his thumb reattached? Because it sure looks wrong from here!
  5. Miss Hathaway, she would be the most grateful and that leads to interesting things. Check out Ellie May’s hand in the racoon photo. Something not right there….. Granny? No, just no.
  6. Prayers for all involved, hopefully it will be mild and not spread any further. Everyone presents differently, and it sure sounds like they will have an easy go of it. I certainly hope so. Apparently I had Covid back in the spring, as did my boss. We thought it was an unusual cold, but tested to be sure. Results were negative. Never lost any workdays, treated it with Theraflu. Flash forward to the beginning of November. I go home from work with the flu. It turns into pneumonia. All up I’m out of work almost 6 weeks. For at least 3 weeks I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. At the hospital at the 4 week mark, they tell me my pneumonia is actually gone, no infection, white cells are good, no pulmonary embolisms. But it has torn up all the Covid scarring on my lungs, which is supposed to be worse than having it scarred in the first place. I have extreme trouble breathing, O2 level is sticking at 90. Two months later I’m still having trouble breathing, using albuterol daily, and scheduled to see a lung specialist in….March, sigh. My O2 bounces between 93 and 95. BTW, no vaccine for me. I had an adverse reaction to the flu vaccine some years ago and spent almost 2 weeks in the hospital. Docs tell me no more flu vaccine, and definitely no Covid vaccine
  7. I’ve never used their rifle scopes, but I’ve had the chance to use several different binoculars by them, and by Zeiss as well. Way better than anything else I’ve ever tried.
  8. Yup, as Triumph posted, the NRS Grizzly. It is probably the easiest solution, or at least the easiest to find. There are other suits, obviously, but not as common
  9. I’m surprised I didn’t mention that! 20 gauge. I thought long and hard about a 28 gauge, but CZ doesn’t make one in the lefty version. It was a toss up as to which gauge, but the 20 is probably a little more useful for me, and being left handed sealed the deal.
  10. I had the earlier version of the Bobwhite, which was a heavier piece. Between that and being stocked for a right-handed person I was never truly happy with it. But I knew they were great guns. This one being lighter and lefty is just the icing on the cake. By the way, I’ve played with several CZ semi-auto shotguns and been very pleased.
  11. The stock has cast on, rather than cast off. If it were a TRUE southpaw then the lever would unlock as you suggested, and the position of the triggers would be reversed. I’ve always felt that a right hand lever is of no consequence to operate, and in this day and age of interchangeable chokes, the trigger position doesn’t really matter either. But the stock’s cast makes a big difference. Every CZ double I’ve ever owned or used was stocked for a right-hander. When I would throw it to my shoulder it always took a conscious effort to align my eyes to the rib. No bueno for a quick shot on quail or pheasant.
  12. https://cz-usa.com/product/cz-bobwhite-g2/ I got it in the Southpaw edition!
  13. “So I went to Walmart for the first time in 20 years,” You actually expect us to believe that?
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