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    Tonsured cleric in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), now semi-retired. Retired from USPS after 32 years service. Currently manage the gun department in a pawn shop (part-time).

    Late bloomer, born in 1955 and have a 10 year old daughter and a almost 13 year old son, as of 2018. Keeps me young, and tired!
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    Reading, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting, and currently, making plugs on my lathe. We own and operate a small, 4 acre farm
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    See above

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  1. Yes, a different war, but with the same constant, young men dying. Wars may, just may be a necessary evil at times, but necessary or not, the end result is the same. WWI may have actually signaled the end of Britain. Not the Empire, that was a given over time, but of their self worth and determination. Look at them now, an emasculated mob who are forbidden knives, never mind guns, and in clear danger of soon being ruled by their former “subjects”.
  2. Wow, just incredible. So I watched all that with the sound off (the wife is sleeping next to me). Is this less expensive than buying a new propeller? Seems so labor intensive, and so many dedicated (expensive) tools.
  3. About 5 years ago we took our kids to the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. Paid extra to take a private tour of the B-17 they had on display. The first thing that struck me was how d@mn tiny it was inside, and as the guide began to relate the horrible physical conditions these kids were subjected to while flying I started feeling pretty gloomy. But then he starting giving the survival statistics (which were downright atrocious) and it was like a ton of bricks hitting me all at once. These kids flew those thing KNOWING they were assuredly going to die. The death rate was through the roof! That was it for me, I starting crying quietly and couldn’t stop for about 10 minutes. The overwhelming sense of despair and finality these kids were subjected to, unbearable......
  4. Our pride and joy, Woody the Wonder Dog. Half Border Collie, half Blue Heeler (apparently the Blue Heeler parent had some Red genes in there somewhere). Absolutely wonderful companion, has full run of our 4 acres, keeps the chickens out of the front yard like we pay him to do so, very, very territorial, thinks that squirrels are the Devil’s spawn, lol! We got him to keep deer out of our cherry/apricot orchard, which he does perfectly, but he also keeps the squirrels out of our hazelnut trees. When we come home from errands or whatever, he runs out and “poses” on alert, staring at the power lines next to the property like “see, I’m on the job!”.
  5. Clearly a hammer fired double shotgun, but extremely cool nonetheless.
  6. One of our favorite places on the Oregon coast! We usually stay a few miles north in Rockaway. There is a very tiny restaurant in Garibaldi that has all you can eat fish n' chips, but I usually have a tough time just finishing a regular serving, it's that big! They will let you upgrade from a regular portion to the all you can eat, so win-win if you "think" you have an appetite. Just a little further south, right on the edge of Tillamook, is an oyster processing plant that has a restaurant attached to the premises. I think it is on Wednesdays that they have all you can eat oysters, offered up fried, sauteed, or grilled, with excellent Cole slaw and fries. Outfreakingrageous, all their food is awesome. It is the only place we've ever visited where the wife eats more than me! She is a petite woman, who is an aerobics instructor at the YMCA, but she turns into an animal when it comes to oysters. I will be done, pay the bill, and out on the pier trying to walk off my huge meal while she is still inside attacking another plate or two, lol!
  7. Not to change the subject, because I'm loving the last four or five posts, but Washington state has run out of vouchers for reimbursement. Turn it in and say sayonara.... BTW, my folks were from Sicily, a tiny town called Tripi in the mountains above Messina. They used to tell me what part of Italy people were from based solely on their dialect and speech patterns.
  8. Sadly, not enough. And for the record, like you, I have never seen a need for a bump stock. I'm also mystified by binary triggers. Those seem like an accident waiting to happen.
  9. Here in Washington state the State Police are conducting the buyback program. Reimbursement to the tune of $150 per stock. Had one customer who had bought a Bump stock for a 100 bucks, so at least he made money on his.....
  10. Ooh, tell me all about yours then, I hear all the girls are getting one now.
  11. I hope you don't mean me. My question was sincere
  12. Let's keep the dream alive. Thank you!
  13. Other than tetanus shots, I haven't had a single booster in my lifetime and I'm now 64. Never, ever had any doctor suggest that I should have a booster either. Matter of fact, I'm pretty damn certain my last vaccinations other than tetanus were before my teens. Can you fill me in on what I should have had by now.