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    Late bloomer, born in 1955 and have a 10 year old daughter and a almost 13 year old son, as of 2018. Keeps me young, and tired!
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  1. It is a good idea, and now whenever I look at an old DAM Quick with the wrinkle paint I'm gonna be thinking about it.
  2. Going off of an admittedly bad memory (almost 64 years old), I think that the company rep stated that in this very thread. Search for John Yacht, I believe that is what he goes by.
  3. Yeah, you're right, that is a hard deal to beat and it is a better reel in many respects.
  4. Not just available, I think (uh-oh) it is included
  5. I've had a Fierce II 4000 for about two years now, and it has functioned perfectly the entire time. Nicked the bail pretty bad being a doofus, but an inexpensive replacement fixed the issue. Can't fault the reel for that. I use it to catch perch, and have kept it out of both the water and sand. I doubt it would take a dunking, but I have other reels to cover that sort of thing. Keep it dry and you should have no problems.
  6. Bailess kit for both sizes was announced by a company rep quite a while ago..... Oops, I see ThirstyOwl beat me to it
  7. Wow! I just watched his 77 hour video, and you aren't kidding. That bail sounds like a bank vault. I really, really want one of these in the 4000 size
  8. The vendor I purchased mine from is a large sporting goods company in Australia with their own website, not an individual seller. I agree that buying from overseas can be problematic at times, but in this case you would be dealing with a reputable company. There are several Oz vendors on eBay selling Slammers, PM me if you would like to know who I used.
  9. The funny thing is that the original Slammers ARE being built and sold today....for the Australian market. Apparently our brothers in the Land Down Under know a good thing when they see it, and the Penn Australia website shows BOTH Slammers in their lineup, side by side, III’s and Original. I bought a new 360 and a new 560 from a Oz vendor on EBay, and spent around 70 bucks each shipped! Actually, the 360 was 68 bucks, and the 560 was about 73. Hard to beat picking up what used to be a premium reel from Penn at a bargain price!
  10. Wong time......
  11. /\ He's right you know. Contact your credit card company, they will straighten this out asap.
  12. Sounds like a deal to me as well. Please PM me your details....
  13. I hesitated to post this, as it is sort of a quiet addiction for me, but I like to find weird fishing rods and give 'em a try, especially if the price is crazy low. I'm not talking about garbage equipment, nope. I mean sleeper stuff, worth more than the asking price. Seaquest rods on Amazon are exactly that. The first one I bought was advertised as made in China for the Japanese market. I wasn't expecting much, as it was 13 bucks, but holy cow, what a nice rod, the build quality is superb. I've since bought two more, but you have to watch the prices as they go up and down like a yoyo. Matter of fact, the last one I bought was $9.99, and another was $24. I mentioned the 9.99 price in my review and got a message from the seller who sort of complained that I was ruining business for him when the rods were priced higher. In any case, the value is tremendous, but beware, some Seaquest rods are priced fairly high. While those might still be a good deal, I like the lower priced ones, obviously.