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    Tonsured cleric in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), now semi-retired. Retired from USPS after 32 years service. Currently manage the gun department in a pawn shop (part-time).

    Late bloomer, born in 1955 and have a 10 year old daughter and a almost 13 year old son, as of 2018. Keeps me young, and tired!
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    Reading, hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting, and currently, making plugs on my lathe. We own and operate a small, 4 acre farm
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    See above

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  1. Chunky, not that I’m much of a fan, but the Springfield Armory XDS is quite a bit slimmer. In the end, however, it all comes down to how it feels in YOUR hand. The Glock does have a better track record than the XDS, but the teething issues of the latter seem to have been solved.
  2. Am I dreaming, or is wrapping the breasts in bacon a popular method of preparing them? I seem to recall that the liver flavor with the bacon was supposed to be very good.
  3. I remember him when he was in his teens, roly-poly, chubby cheeks, and appearing on talk shows wearing a mumu sort of garment. I thought it was amazing when he slimmed down, got tanned, and turned into a lounge lizard, because when he was young he had all the signs of being a bathhouse patron.
  4. Those aren’t big enough to be red’s titties
  5. Please keep in mind that not all shotguns share the same choke tubes. That cleaner is for a “specific” brand, not every brand.
  6. Because it ran into a door
  7. Exactly. These morels are very tender, so the paintbrush is a lot gentler on them than using your fingers to rub off dirt. We carry a few other pieces of equipment too. There are a lot of mushroom knives being sold, but we have found that fixed blade Tourne knives (also called bird’s beak or peeler knives) work better. Most knives sold for mushrooming are folders with a tiny brush. I’ve found that a separate brush is far more effective and lasts longer. Plus the fixed blade means no dirt getting into the interior of the knife. I buy a half dozen knives each year, brightly colored because it is easy for the kids to lose one. I make a deep sheath for them, but my chillun have lost the whole thing before, knife and sheath. My preferred brand is Wusthof or Victorinox, they run anywhere from 8 bucks to about 18 for a nicer one. The cheap ones are fine. To be honest, you could get away with any paring knife in the house, or in a pinch, a plastic knife from a fast food place. I like to collect stuff, so I look for something a little more exclusive. Not expensive, just nicer. It’s not good to put the shrooms in a plastic bag, or even a plastic bucket, they want airflow. We’ve settled on woven cotton rope baskets. They are about 7” in diameter by 8” high. My wife sews on a handle and we are good to go. They can be hand or machine washed when needed. I like to bring a good hiking stick as well. Beyond that, about the only other thing I take is gloves, a stout sheath knife, and a handgun. There are wolves, bears, and mountain lions where we go, along with elk and moose. Oh yeah, we keep bottles of water in the truck, along with a first aid kit, trowel and TP. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a belt and suspenders sort of guy, lol! Edited to add that the kids wear whistles, even though we never let them out of our sight
  8. We’ve been running up to the mountains outside of Dayton, Washington at least once a week. We usually try for Thursday or Friday, but there is very little pressure this year. Our Governor (ugh) closed all commercial mushroom harvesting, supposedly to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and many folks are still SIP, so it is no great effort to collect a gallon or so in an hour, perhaps a little longer. The wife slices them, dips them in egg, then dredges everything in flour that has had seasoning lightly added. She mixes in sea salt, both black and cayenne pepper, and Italian seasoning. Into a pan, and gently fried in olive oil. Heavenly!
  9. That is not true in many states. California, Oregon, and Washington all require private party transfers be done by an FFL holder, and yes, a 4473 is required. Pretty sure there at least another dozen states that require the same.
  10. First, a dozen oysters shooters, accompanied with a nice white wine. Then a big plate of spaghetti with meatballs, drowned in grated Romano cheese, followed by a grilled ribeye steak, seared to perfection, along with a good Cesar salad, French cut string beans, and my Aunt Rose’s carrot slices sautéed in butter and brown sugar. Oh, and a big bowl of lobster bisque on the side. Wash it all down with Pellegrino, and a glass or two of a very good merlot for the pasta and steak. Follow it up with a nice slice of blackberry pie ala’ mode (vanilla please), a robust cup of coffee, and a mild Baccarat cigar.
  11. Went to the mountains to find morels this morning. Found a few, then found the mother lode right by where we had parked. Hiked back in two miles when we could have filled our bucket within a hundred yards. Got back to the house about 1:30 and immediately had a beer, followed by a yuge Bloody Mary. Ate four tacos, then crashed for three hours. All in all, I think I had a wunnerful day.
  12. She does, constantly. As do the kids. Matter of fact we are hiking into the Blue Mountains today, searching for morels. I’m very active, but unfortunately I have arthritis in my joints. Just one of those things..... I do wish my wife understood the difference between 47 and 65 though. I was still Superman at 47.....
  13. I’m 65, my wife is 47, my son is 14, my daughter is 11 Everything I got hurts, worked outdoors most of my life, all weather. That didn’t do me any favors. My recliner is my friend and my enemy. Nice to sit in, but I can hardly get out of the damn thing.
  14. I’m very sorry to hear this, but you loved and honored her, and that is what counts. May her memory be eternal.
  15. I’m from Milford, NH originally, which was pretty small back in the ‘50s. My family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, to Sunnyvale, which was a very small town until the Silicon Explosion. By the time we moved to Walla Walla, the SF Bay Area alone had roughly two million MORE people then the entire state of Washington. Extremely overcrowded and expensive. Walla Walla is about 35000 people. It was a tiny bit disconcerting at first to realize our consumer choices had narrowed drastically. But shopping isn’t my lifestyle, and online works well. I had to learn to keep my big mouth shut, because in a town that small everyone is either a friend or relative to the person you just dissed. I swallowed my foot pretty close to my knee on a few occasions. But the freedom! As previously stated, piss or shoot off the porch! That just cannot be beat. As much privacy as you would like, but so much going on to participate in if you care too. I’ve reached the age where we are going to downsize a bit. We have partnered with a developer to subdivide our property. We will keep one acre, and build ten houses on the rest. So not as private as before, but still a nice size lot. Now get this part. I will make much more than if I simply sold the property, about three times as much. But even my share of those profits won’t buy me a ****** house in the Bay Area! Here, my share would buy me a VERY NICE home, with money left over. I would much rather live here.....better values, better people.