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  1. Man produces supermarket meat. God gives us meat from the woods. Who do you trust?
  2. I can feel the joy in that boy!! Great stuff!
  3. Oct 10 6:20AM District 6 Maine
  4. Mid-August. I was on a sandbar at night fishing alone with plugs.. Dead calm, current going out to sea. I caught two bluefish about half hour apart. Had them on my stringer. There were fish there and then there weren't.. The blues on my stringer started getting anxious like a live bunker does when they are in trouble. So quiet, too quiet. It struck my right in my heart and brain that there was a shark around. I waded in and was happy to reach shore. My pulse was running. Being young I left the two blues in a tidal pool and waded back out but this time not waist deep. I caught nothing the rest of the night. I am glad I listened to my gut.
  5. Beautiful Super Predator Mike!
  6. I had it once and it actually tasted good. The Chinese cooks are pretty clever. I just hope it wasn't a poached fish, Yuk!
  7. Thanks Dennis. I've got one in my box. I'll post a picture later for further verification.
  8. I have one like this but it has wire hangers and no swivels. Did they make them both ways? Thanks, Ted
  9. Two 40's in the same night on November 11, 1978 on a rainbow Danny junior troller. I also dropped one that made these feel small via crushed hooks. For 10 seconds I thought I hooked a freight train. SI, NY
  10. Black Sea Bass are a valuable fish in the Chinese market. They cook it with black bean sauce and serve it in their restaurants. It is a $30 plate in some restaurants. Fines with teeth can only stop this from occurring. If the fine had been $5000 it would have slowed it down.
  11. Run the line through your fingers above the reel and use the same hand to make small circles with the rod.tip and reel slow. The head of the plug will swing side to side. No sweat no strain. Works for me the last 50 years. I've caught many fish using a yellow or white older 1 1/2 oz Gibbs. Try to pick up an old Fenwick or Lami fiberglass rod for this technique.
  12. I looked but no luck. There is one on FleaBay.
  13. I'll see what I have for small swimmers.
  14. I will check for swimmers. I have a Pichney that size NIP if interested?
  15. I'll take a look through my stuff. Are you interested in divers also?