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  1. I remember years back fishing a sandbar at Oakwood in the fall and seeing schools of green mullet cross in front of me. Green scaled plugs are a favorite of mine too. Good luck with your quest.
  2. Hey guess what? For once they were right where I thought they would be. Amazing. Send your info. I'll PM you now. Enjoy, Ted
  3. I will dig them out of the cave and get back to you later on today.
  4. Well the shipping and fees add up. I'm thinking $70 for the three is fair.
  5. They are around here somewhere. Do you want all three?
  6. Andrew, I decided to keep these plugs Offer withdrawn. Stay well, Ted
  7. I bought a set of the factory board so my wife can climb up into the vehicle. They bolted right up. All I did was give them an extra coat of primer and paint under them as a preventive measure. They fit right and look good. I do not however plan to go crawling over rocks with this vehicle...yet!
  8. Great plug. Does the business card come with it?
  9. Interested in jointed eelies?
  10. $60 for one $115 for two $155 for all three.
  11. Andrew any interest in 3.5oz ?
  12. I'm not going to spot burn but they were Staten Island fish.
  13. Two cookie cutter 40 lb'ers on 6" Lupo rainbow troller from shore. Another on that made these fish feel small. Crushed the hooks and that was that. November 11, 1978. Lot's of big fish around back then but not enough small ones. The decline soon followed.
  14. Arghh, I have jointed. If you want any let me know.
  15. Just one more question. Are you looking for straight eelies or jointed?