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  1. Thanks for the offer but I'll hold onto to them.
  2. I'm not sure the strawberry is a CCBC, it may be a Lucky Strike. $100 shipped for the 4. . I'm sure you are aware of the rise in shipping costs.
  3. Someone added extra lead to the top redhead. Would you still be interested in that one. The other redhead and blue just need paint.
  4. I have these. The greens a Capt Andy
  5. Looking to buy a Pichney Jinx large and/or small. Thanks, Ted
  6. Thank you for making this work.
  7. Tim, Is $85 enough? Thanks for considering, Ted
  8. Respectfully offer $80.00 for the Creek Chub
  9. I have some open eye 2/0 Mustad 35517 if you can use them? How many do you want? Keep in mind shipping is getting expensive but I will only charge what the shipping costs actually are.
  10. Dave, I hope this message finds you well. Are you still interested in Bob Hahn plugs? Ted
  11. Too bad you can't ship it in a tube?
  12. Are you still interested in these?
  13. Some folks catch stripers on squid. Stripers have Squid Hound as a nickname in places. As for worms, I've found sandworms to catch better than bloods. Flounder like mussels on the hooks too. It's been a cold winter in eastern Maine this year. Wormers should be out on the flats soon.
  14. These are yours!
  15. I found this 3 1/2 oz black NIP $65 shipped. I also have this used white for another $40.