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  1. New in box F-90 Windcheater. Some small dark spots. $25 shipped
  2. Still looking for yellow or variations of yellow.
  3. Kevin, It turns out I already have the chartreuse. Thanks anyway. Ted
  4. Kevin, Can I see the other sides of the lure? Do you have others? Thanks, Ted
  5. Kevin , Is the paint equal down both sides. Sometimes one side is painted higher than the other so that is why I ask. If it is even I'll take it. Thanks, Ted
  6. This is beautiful Tim. Thanks.
  7. It says in the ad he used cedar, basswood and pine but I like to think he used whatever could be scrounged up!
  8. Thanks Kevin.
  9. Kevin, Do you have the box for this? Do have any that are boxed? Ted
  10. I'm looking for F-80 in yellow.
  11. Bob was a pioneer in his own right and doesn't get the praise he deserves.
  12. The white is still available if you want it?
  13. I have an old J&J catalog from 1993 and found an ad for Bob Hahn plugs. I thought Bob's fans would be interested in it. Rest in Peace Bob.
  14. Sean, Thank you for selling this plug. It will go well alongside my rainbow collection. Stay well, Ted
  15. I'll take number 5 the blue scaled rainbow. Thanks, Ted