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  1. Less of a hassle too.
  2. Hard to beat a live eel. Live bait will out fish lures. That said I have all kinds of plugs so that is my starting point. I carry a snag hook for bunker though and a few hooks. It's good to be ready for anything.
  3. No worries just tried to help you.
  4. I found a 6" Danny and a jointed that both have a bit of yellow near the head. both have stamped lips. Hope this helps, Ted
  5. Very cool plug. I'll see what I have but I'm doubting it. I may have something close but that yellow and the spots have me wondering. Anyway, I'll look. Later, Ted
  6. Remind me what they look like (color) I may have some. Ted
  7. Years back I used an egg sinker above a swivel with a hook and leader attached, worked like a fish finder. I added a bead between the sinker and the swivel. When you felt a hit just give the fish some slack so he can get it down, count to ten and then strike. .Circle hooks will keep shorts safe. for release. Good luck
  8. Here is the other variation Surfster with Pikie lip. This is an 8" with only one belly hook. . Needs to be reconditioned.
  9. Is it 6 or 8 inches long? Too bad about the scratch. Go ahead and send me a PM for this and Steve's plug and I'll shoot you a PP. Remember to get Steve's address and send his plug to him. Thanks, Ted
  10. I will send the Paypal for Steve and he can reimburse me if you want payment right away.
  11. I'd like to buy the rainbow Donny on bottom right for asking if you will be kind enough to send pictures of all sides. Thank you, Ted
  12. Seals eat fish. People eat fish. Birds eat fish. Fish eat fish. Without proper management the striper population will be stressed to a point that another moratorium will be put in place. Seal populations world wide have exploded so they need to be managed. Hunting is a management tool. Bounties work. Fisherman with ethics who follow the law need to be empowered to so we can monitor ourselves because enforcement guys cannot be everywhere. We all carry cameras for the most part. A picture of a guy over limit should be admissible in court. Our representatives need to champion legislation and provide resources to strengthen enforcement and write laws with real teeth. I am sure there is much to add to this list but I felt compelled to jot down my thoughts on the matter.. Long live striper fishing!
  13. Poke is for Kings!!
  14. Stinkin bugs! My heart goes out to kids that suffer. 15% DEET is enough to keep them off but if sensitivity is an issue try Avon Skin So Soft which is a natural insect repellent but not as strong as DEET. Tom's may make a repellent but I'm not sure of that. They sell bug proof hoods and jackets too. Whatever it takes to get the kids to the shore and not let the bugs steal their life fun I'm for..
  15. Skeets can be wicked. Nice tuna bud, $$ fish. Keep her into the wind, Ted