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  1. Thanks Crozzbow! In the photos you posted through the years it looked like your rudder was rigged - the ones I've ordered are bare plastic. Did you rig them yourself, with wire?
  2. @Crozzbow - thank you for all of your writing. I spent this past winter obsessively reading through the past few years' worth of posts as I was thinking about buying a kayak. One question about your tube and worm rigging, if you don't mind. I've ordered some rudders online and need to pick up the rest of the bits, but can't quite make out the details in the photo you've posted. Do you go (ring -> wire -> ring -> rudder -> ring -> wire -> swivel)? Or is that mono? Much thanks!
  3. If so, I'd love some advice (and connections!). I've been rock hopping around Marblehead, Salem and Beverly this past year, always wishing I could just reach a little further. May pull the trigger on a kayak in the next few weeks, and have a few questions for those of you who know these waters well. I'm a lifelong fisherman who only switched to the salt last year, a moderately experienced sea kayaker and have spent a reasonable amount of time on these waters up to Gloucester rowing an ocean shell - though an absolute newcomer to kayak fishing. - Is there anything you wish you'd known when you got started? - How bad is the boat traffic in the summer? Total clown show or tolerable if you're cautious? - Is it worth targeting anything other than stripers in these waters? - Do you use a fish finder to locate structure and/or fish, or just wing it? Any words of wisdom you're willing to share would be greatly appreciated. And if you are interested in meeting up for an outing, let me know! Best, yinzerheader
  4. A little guy from my favorite rock this evening, on a weighted hook 7" fin-s fish almost half his length. Happy to finally banish the skunk!
  5. Fished this morning for about an hour from the rocks facing open ocean on the North Shore. Had a great view down into clear, flat water and watched a school of ~30 stripers (let's say 16-20") scoot by quickly enough that I was only able to get two casts off, with no hits. About ten minutes later a big seal set up shop a couple of hundred feet out, so I called it a morning. They're here, though!