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  1. The fish were there but not interested in anything I threw at them. It’s a new type of fishing to me so I enjoyed the experience nonetheless. Sight casting to a trout while wading was particularly fun, if a bit frustrating. I really appreciate the advice Thom, and everyone else above.
  2. Thanks for the tips all. Anyone know how the smaller brooks in the area are fishing? There’s one in walking distance of the place I’m staying at but thinking it may be too warm.
  3. I know nothing about winter flounder but the Globe’s interest seems like a good development. You can’t guarantee that they’ll come to the conclusion you want, but if they had letters from every tackle shop in the area about the problem it may be grounds for a good investigative piece.
  4. Deerfield. Didn’t want to be too specific but it’s a big river.
  5. I’ll be in western MA this weekend near C&R trout areas. Is it a waste of time bringing light spinning tackle to these streams? Thinking of spinners, trout spoons, and float-and-fly presentations, but I’m not sure whether these will work in potentially fast, shallow water.
  6. Not going to spot burn but there is lots of shore access in and around Boston. Google earth is your friend. One of the preferred methods is drifting a seaworm under a float in current.
  7. Broke my skunk, seaworms at sunset. Landed some really nice looking fish up to 22
  8. Spare a thought for the mailmen, laborers, nurses, cooks and various others who spend all day on their feet without the luxury of hanging out in an air conditioned car instead.
  9. Deleted, answered above.
  10. What percentage of tourists actually want to go in the water past their knees? Don’t see how something like this can pay off for any town.
  11. I got skunked again today but had a shot at some schoolies. Action was mostly out of casting range but came close to shore twice. First time I had a bump and the second time I wasted a few minutes retying after launching a $10 pencil popper into the surf - no longer connected to my line. Sloppy knot.
  12. Kids are far more likely to drown in the pond than turn into shark food. Why not just put up a sea wall and turn it into a park? Much safer that way.
  13. Excuse my ignorance - are you guys retrieving the epoxy jigs fast in the top of the water column or jigging them lower? Appreciate your posts.
  14. Winning when the other guys play well is what makes champions
  15. Lots of herring today but no bass on them. Trying to upload a video... DDA2C193-6A53-4383-B516-E2193231B2CB.MOV