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  1. If she went the long way that would be at least 105 miles. Through the canal is still about 60 miles. Don't think you can draw any conclusions from that other than both options are possible...
  2. This picture is great - is it yours? If so how did you take it?
  3. You may have luck reaching out to local dog rescues. They frequently organize transportation from the south to NE and might be able to get you a better price if they send Wally up as part of a group.
  4. The IRS gladly accepts tax payments from marijuana businesses in cash. Even illegal income is taxable! There was speculation that the federal govt would take a harder line with sessions in charge but nothing really came of that.
  5. I’ve gotten pretty good at the fg knot but will tie braid to a swivel if I need a new leader while fishing.
  6. Great morning on the beach. Everything was quiet until about 8, then all hell broke loose. Bait was pushed into the shallows by bass, with a hundred cormorants and gulls joining in. Caught 6 bass (2 over 20”) and a BIG shad, all on a 1oz gold kastmaster. This being my first season, and a frustrating one so far, it was a great experience. Didnt go flawlessly though. I let the first striper (pictured) tangle up my braid hopelessly, then lost my spare leader to a broken guide after carelessly reeling the swivel in too far. Spent a lot of time re-tying with fish breaking just feet away. I ended up fishing with 3 of my 5 guides and did fine that way. Lessons learned lol. heres the first and largest fish:
  7. I’m not sure that where your gear is manufactured matters. Aluminum and steel prices are going up, as are prices for a lot of other intermediate materials. End result is probably that everyone pays a bit more for almost everything.
  8. Looking forward to getting out there this weekend. It’s been a frustrating first season for me but keeping my hopes up for a good finish.
  9. That’s not objectionable enough for you?
  10. A few interested fish hit the pencil popper but none hooked. Early AM from the beach
  11. Sounds like a healthy coating of BS for the family
  12. I’m not convinced that we can do it without causing harm to the environment. Maybe I’m wrong in this case but there’s plenty of precedent for that concern.
  13. Horrible for this man & his family. Would be a shame to see this lead to the culling of seals or sharks. Thankfully they’re federally regulated. IMO humans aren’t here to dominate the resources we have on earth - adaptation is better.
  14. In my experience very few people hook up inside OR outside of the bowl. But I’ve seen guys who swear that the bowl holds decent fish at times.
  15. Dropped a schoolie because it was thrashing barbed treble hooks around. Line broke and the fish swam off strong - with a 2oz pencil popper buried in its mouth.