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  1. Lol according to who
  2. Yeah trust the regulations
  3. If you don’t like the badge it the Rolls Royce treatment
  4. Is anyone offering lender paid mortgage insurance these days?
  5. More info here the section titled “How will MassWildlife fund conservation in the future?” is helpful
  6. Somewhat related - last year I had my license checked in Boston and the officer told me to call if I see anyone taking shellfish. They actually seem to enforce these local closures
  7. I have this rod and enjoy it. Don’t often throw over 2 ounces but I’ll throw a 2.5 ounce bucktail with confidence... over that and it’s a lob cast. fwiw I beat this rod up falling on rocks and needed to replace some guides. Black hole USA provided excellent customer service
  8. Brutal skunk in moco today. Fish turned on at dark and I dropped a few hits. Other guys had better luck
  9. “Don’t go over 4” Is that from experience with the TFO blank or the way the rod was built? Which blank is it?
  10. Lawson lindsay, skinner, Elias, thresherfishing. Old morning tide vids were great
  11. I’m not a fan but if cash is ok why not?
  12. Got tired of them stealing my bait so I caught a few to live line. No dice
  13. I bought a Suzuki 9’6” in part because of the posts by kil and other users here. I like the rod and would buy it again. To those of you who are mad on the internet about someone advertising a product: relax
  14. EMS came to bandage and clean a wound. Hilarious