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  1. Colorado Parks and Wildlife has posted an interview with Travis Kauffman, the lion killer. It's 11 mins long but very interesting & shows some of the aftermath. He came out of the fight looking pretty ok to be honest.
  2. I’m in
  3. I’m in
  4. We’re approaching the anniversary of the Striper Apocalypse that happened in Boston last year. Fingers crossed for more warm weather
  5. I think it’s a fox. People usually associate them with their screams, but they do little barks like this as well.
  6. I’ve enjoyed Starbucks, especially when it’s ground fresh at the store. Despite drinking 6 cups a day I’m not half the coffee snob I pretend to be, though.
  7. This whole fishing thing is new to me. Going to make more detailed logs this year so I get skunked less As for new gear, I have a shiny new 9’6” Black Hole Suzuki Special for the salt. My 4 piece uglystik has treated me fine for largemouth so far..... just waiting for the river to thaw
  8. If you thought the Apple picking crowds in the fall were bad, just wait until April 20th!
  9. This may be Cooper Bacon, who pleaded guilty this November to seaman’s manslaughter and is due to be sentenced in January.
  10. Bucktails and reading water / conditions
  11. Gold 1oz kastmaster easily.
  12. I agree that discretion is important. Supervisors will retain that discretion though. I think we’ll see them using that discretion to prosecute repeat offenders and particularly egregious cases.
  13. If she went the long way that would be at least 105 miles. Through the canal is still about 60 miles. Don't think you can draw any conclusions from that other than both options are possible...
  14. This picture is great - is it yours? If so how did you take it?
  15. You may have luck reaching out to local dog rescues. They frequently organize transportation from the south to NE and might be able to get you a better price if they send Wally up as part of a group.