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  1. Im a Velcro guy
  2. Tried twice at around 3 and 5. Will try again tomorrow. Great shop
  3. Can someone point me towards a shop near Boston that can replace a few guides? I tried to get in touch with fishing finatics but no answer. Thanks
  4. You won’t find anyone here defending riots but I’m shocked to find so little 1A support as well.
  5. First five fish in the salt this year for me. Nothing big but no rats either
  6. Only residents can enjoy the waterfront. Everyone can share in the tax burden of keeping the water out though.
  7. Charles was loaded with them by May 10 last year, and there were definitely some by late april
  8. You describe my freshwater setup perfectly. Caught my first schoolie of the year on a 6’6” ugly stik and Mitchell 300 with 10lb mono leader. Fun fight
  9. Didn’t have enough, so the powers that be lied to us and said they weren’t necessary. Which also fueled the nonsense in this thread and elsewhere
  10. Whether this is true or not... wearing masks means we can start opening things up sooner.
  11. nice holdover out of one of the local rivers on a wacky rigged senko of all things
  12. Jewish law holds preserving life over most other religious principals. If only people of all religions followed their laws to the word. Not to point fingers, but there are plenty of headlines about conservative mega churches flouting social distancing rules as well. People are more or less the same - don’t like being told to change their ways.
  13. Not exhaustive but my favorites: Row 34 in the seaport b&g oysters in the south end select in back bay
  14. Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know to go through the head. Will try that along with the fine wire Mustads Yakman mentioned below.