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  1. Thanks for the advice , this helps out quite a bit. I like that deepzoom site , that is pretty cool.
  2. Hi all. I'm brand new to kayak fishing and I recently bought a used OT Salty 120 pdl , managed 2 trips out so far , haven't tipped it or lost anything ... yet. On the second trip out it called for 5kt winds 1 to 2ft waves but ended up 2 to 3ft waves 10 to 15kt winds and white caps on the way in luckily I could hug the shoreline after awhile. Looking at the local marine forecast it's calling for : W winds 5 to 10 kt. Waves around 2 ft. What are the deciding factors you look for before heading out and when do you call it ?
  3. What ? Red doesn't suck he's been chewing woms and "momma bird" feeding them 2 orphans for days now. That takes guts.
  4. It was Pretty good , gotta love the Notorious one.
  5. Just finished watching on Netflix.
  6. They have livestock fly spray at Tractor supply. Chickens eat fly larvae, that will cut down on future flies. +1 on flytraps previously mentioned
  7. Found one of these online so naturally I mailed it to my buddy. His mailman is the real hero here , A+ on the placement.
  8. Have you tried breastfeeding them ?
  9. It's definitely not in my best interest lol I just hate them damn things and we pay more for groceries now than ever before and they expect us to save them money by doing their work.
  10. I've argued with store employees as they insisted I use self checkout as there were no lines . I stand there in line for 6 days before I use self checkouts.
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