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  1. The spool on a Penn 113H will corrode with the use of wire, I use Penn 113HSP's. I use Tekotas with braid for mojos, I wouldn't use them for wire though, if I was going that route I would put lead core on them.
  2. I might be interested in the trailer if the boat sells without it.
  3. The reality is regardless of weather or not the owner is a nice guy doesn't matter to me. I live local and shop local as well, I fully understand the pressures these small shops are under and I support them but at the end of the day if I'm walking in the door to make a purchase and you have a pitiful inventory I'm going elsewhere. I first went into B&N many years ago and that shop had everything you would ever need and was extremly busy, in fact it was the first place around here to carry VS reels, John Sr. was building rods on JK Fisher blanks (he built one for me) and one of the first with custom plugs (they had Cannon plugs in the day) all thats gone. The inventory was badly depleated well before Sandy and for that reason I choose to shop up the road, the beauty of it is between Grumpys, ********* and The Reel Seat I can choose from 3 very well stocked shops and have no need to look anywhere else. i
  4. I'll take it for $75, pm me your contact info and I'll send out payment.
  5. I look at things long term and for this reason I would never consider a Cabellas or Bass Pro Shop brand reel. I use my gear a lot and at some point a breakdown is going to happen, I can go into my local shop with a VS or Shimano and have it repaired that day if needed, try that with those reels. the other problem with them is they replace them every year which is going to create parts problems down the line, makes no sense to buy what cant be fixed.
  6. I must be spoiled, I use Grumpys in Seaside Park and don't have problems like that
  7. Everybody is quick to blame the retailer with zero knowledge of the situation. Looking at those photos I'm sure your retailer ( obviously Tackle Direct ) received the reel from Z just the way it's pictured and you should post their name as I feel they should be commended for outstanding customer service.
  8. wheel weights are not the way to go, you want clean soft lead, also most new wheel weights are zinc not lead. I work in a shop and could get all the wheel weights I want for free but I won't touch them.
  9. In NJ I have no problem buying lead from scrap yards, they let me go through it and pick my pieces for about $1 a pound
  10. Sold to Beatonem thank you SOL
  11. If you want them a very good friend of mine, Tom Bozan, makes DT Lures and he has a table at Surf Day, he can have them at his table for you. I would advise you to check out his plugs as well, fish catching machines.
  12. Sadly I have to work and can't be at Surf Day but I'm helping a friend at his table at Asbury and Berkley, the model# is TSMG761XH
  13. I have 2 Tsunami musky rods that I've had for 4 years and have never used them, they are 71/2' rated for 20-50# line. Musky rods are probably the most versatile inshore rods and matched with an Abu6500 or Avet SX are great boat sticks for Bass, Blues, Tog, etc. $50ea picked up in Toms River or can meet at either the Berkley or Asbury shows, not interested in shipping[ATTACHMENT=14178]rods.jpg (833k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  14. J.Kennedy Fisher blanks, while heavier than the modern carbon fiber blanks they far surpassed them in durability and I much prefer the slower action but that's just a personal preference. The downside of Fisher if they were still made would be the price, I know what I paid for them 25 years ago. I also liked the All Star blanks too and as mentioned above Fibre Star Composites has many blanks that are close to identical.