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  1. went out this morning with a decent weather in the forecast. spend sometime soaking bait( Sandcrabs).  Hook up an hour before the High tide. The fish was a fighter, never wanted to come close to shore. every time he does, he managed to power up and head straight out again. after about 10 minutes later, The wave help push the fish in. :)   Took pic and released the champ.

    37" @ 21 lb



  2. 8 hours ago, Uncle Stu said:


    wow! what did you think it was before you saw it... leopard shark maybe?


    exactly, Stu.


    7 hours ago, plinker said:

    Nice fish MC.


    30 years ago (+/-) we had a wide open Sturgeon bite in Pacifica. It was followed by a similarly insane Halibut bite. At the time I was living in one of the now demolished apartments on Esplanade. Sport boats backed right down into a few feet of water, and surf fisherman packed the beach from Mussel Rock north. A great time was had by all.

    Oh yes, I was among of them. i remembered chasing bird all over the beach from  linda mar to san francisco seal rock.  Pods of bait busting out in the waves and seeing the stripers riding the waves. quite a scene. Those were the days my friend. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Uncle Stu said:

    What a hog. When was that, Multi? Sure looks like a winter fish. 

    Well, Stu  The fish were caught yesterday(saturday). it was a tough day. put in about 4 hours of fishing. 


    8 hours ago, cityevader said:

    My only gripe is the "hands forward" photo pose...i want to see it against the chest!

    Well, Cityevader. You'll get your chance, perhaps later on the year.

  4. Spotted this while i was walking along the marina district. Given how bad the fishing had been outside the surf. it is a good sign that the bait is pushing out from the bay and hopefully it will ended up outside the gate along with a school of striper with it. 



  5. Got out to the beach early this morning to avoid the expecting weekends crowd later on the day. once i'm on the sand, saw quite amount of birds working way out, but close enough to cast out. after the 3rd cast with the little neck popper, The fish was on fighting thru the waves, it took a while to bring him in. once that's done. The birds were gone, no signs of bait no birds nothing. End the day with a striper  Happy :)


  6. It has been very quiet until today. it's not that i haven't been fishing. In fact, I had been putting a lots of time in and effort to try to catch some fish, but no such luck until this morning. The tide was still low and some hole and structures were exposed, that will lead to a potential catch later on in the day.
    After two and half hours later, The tide had risen up to 2 feet since the morning, and i remember were the holes were at. focus on that particular area and the end result paid off.  


  7. Went out to the beach this morning when it was low tide. saw much of the holes and structures around the sandy area. decided not to wait for the incoming tide. so ended up @ marin coast near paradise pier. lots of fisherman there were soaking bait with live and dead anchovies. saw a few anglers hook up some legal halibut (nothing gigantic). i had waited until the afternoon when the current were fast moving and switch to a heavier sinker(8oz) after rebaiting with a live shiner perch, waited for a few moment, the rod were bouncing up and down. grab the rod from the rod holder and tension from the other end were strong. reel in slowly and saw the fish and i was so excited and yell gaff please. my bubby help me with the assist. came home with this beauty all 27 inches.


  8. After a week of drought, went back out there this morning, There were a dozen guys were fishing already. after five minute later, the guy on my right hookup and the guy on my left, he hookup also. at this point, i have to decide which direction should i go, i went to the right side because i saw a nice looking trough there. i decided to switch lure, put on the sp minnow. on the second cast the little guy jump on the lure and took me for a ride, it took some time to get him in because he was hooked wayyyyy out there. after landing him, cast out again and this time the big boy grab the minnow on the way in. he jump several time out of the water, try to loosen the hook, but to no prevail. The morning session went quickly and came home for breakfast.