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  1. Had a fantastic day today. hookup 3 stripers. The first one was a dink(16") and then the identical twin show up. They both were tape out at 26ish. All fish were safe and released.
  2. another good day out on the surf. worked the trough with the hair raiser,it produced two stripers, one legal and the other is not, both fishs were safe and released.
  3. Skunk at the first spot, Redemption at the second. Hooked up two, but kept legal and released the under size. great to be out:)
  4. All Right, All Right.... Nice Goin' Stu
  5. Nice going there Stu, i wish i know how to use the fly technique. Some day.
  6. no halibut, but have something else to show for. fun to be out there.
  7. Hi Stu: I had seen other anglers use kastmaster, hair raiser, even with plastic grub, but i prefer the swimbait. it's a awesome lure.
  8. It was just an ideal day for fishing today, nice over cast sky not windy, The visibility was crystal clear. The temperature wasn’t hot. When all that conditions line up right, the chances of hooking up are good. Ended up with a nice halibut.
  9. Other Alternative: Since the ocean hasn’t been cooperative lately, I decided to target other option. The only decent water to fish for must be calm and has structure around it, so the predator can ambush the pray for easy target. Knowing the knowledge of this fish, it paid off. Caught #1 and #2 legal Halibut of the year, very satisfy. J
  10. gorgeous catch, WTG 2019
  11. The Hunt is on for the giant slab, They are here.
  12. Beautiful day to be out, i had decided to target striper today and nothing else. got to the spot @ 7ish this morning. saw a few anglers already. nothing was being caught. the tide was low and it was still going out. it was quiet for a period of time. until the change of the tide, the guy next to me hook-up and about half an hour later, he hook-up again. during all that time i had nothing to show for not even a nibble or bump. it was discouraging to witness fish being caught by someone else and not me, However i did not give up i hang around and continue to fish. a few moment later i had a tremendous pull down, set the hook and the fight was on. it was a great battle, it felt good. toward the end i came out the winner.
  13. First day of a long dry week ahead:) cage up inside the house for the past weeks and months unable to get out to the surf and fish. Finally, today is that day when the weather and the surf agreed with each other and produce some decent fishing. Rumors has it, some anglers were getting some on bait(live sandcrab), so i gave it a try,but no takers. i went back on my plastics, and i start hooking up. The result were good:)
  14. Those are some nice looking Hogs.
  15. It was a short session out on the surf, Harvest some barred perch for dinner tonite. Did ok, the surf was a little bit rough. Munch time.
  16. Thanks Stu, willing to adapt to different situation, and it paid off.
  17. A quick outing today, went out on the outgoing tide. did not expect any decent size fish. it was more like a get away from the house or suffer thru the full bloom of allergies, pollens,etc... Meanwhile out at the surf, i did pulled in a decent size california(barred perch). Fun, Fun.
  18. FYI Mr. Moock, The salmon in june was caught with my own determination and effort, it was a battled with the crowds on the pier at pacifica. as you know, being there at the pier to fish it was no easy task, you are dealing with other anglers as well as seals. It was a lucky catch that day, i came home with the two salmon. it was well worth it. as far as the scrawny specimens as you call it. They fought like a bass and it was fun. so, given the structure is still around(said Albycor) went back out today and with similar result.
  19. Shhhhh Be Very Quiet About This, Don't want to disturb Mr. Moocks, he's taking a well deserved nap. anyways,i was curious about the past few days of the winter weather, like the heavy rain and wind, did it change the structure on the beach, if it did, is it good to fish or just sit back at home and admired the view from the internet on the weather channel. anyways, decided to grab my tackle and plastic and headed out to the surf and work the trough and came home with dinner.
  20. Waited for a Looong Time for this.