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  1. I think they're all over the bay area from Monterey, Santa Cruz, Daly City, Especially in San Francisco.
  2. First of the year 2022
  3. Bravo, Mr. Fixter
  4. You are absolutely right Mike, This weekend is good to stay at home and be a potatoe couch and watch all the NFL game playoffs, no matter what the other significance would say otherwise.
  5. I feel your pain Stu, It was like that here last year. Nothing but weed and strong swell and no fish around. until late in the year(The perch showed up in the month of July, Aug, and the tail end of Sept. of 2021)But on the other hand, this year started out amazing, good clean water, the swell is calm and plenty of sandcrabs around. maybe that keeps the fish here for now.
  6. scope out the same area from yesterday to see any good fortune for the new year. apparently, the fish god kept the promises and delivered. The swell were much better condition today then yesterday. I could work the grub more effectively and entice the fish to bite more. Indeed they did. As long as the weather cooperate and the swell at its norm, i will be back out there. Good luck everyone.
  7. Solo Uno, Not too many around this morning, because of the rough waves.
  8. Congrats! You're so lucky, i went out the last two outing ended with BIG FAT ZEROOOO!!!
  9. A late report on crab snaring on Sunday. Got two that day. it was a bit of a challenge to keep the snare down from moving around. The huge wave and strong sidewash makes it difficult. waited for about 4 hours and took home two for dinner.:) (6 incher)
  10. Good day to get some Vitamin D along with some fish taco tonite for dinner.
  11. Ouch, That looks painful, But good job on the catch