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  1. Absolute UNIT of a Mahi bro well done!
  2. Plenty of small fish...Fished hard Sat from ~10:30pm-3AM. Bait was extremely small but vast; bass from the 12-24" range busting all night. Made fishing very frustrating ended up with a fish around the 5-6lb range when I decided to launch a SS translucent needle out into the outskirts of a shadow line being produced by artificial light. Tried a top-water session earlier in the day as well from a boulder field in SoCo; with no signs of life water was filthy and weedy at that time so I gave it an hour before packing it up to prepare for the just as frustrating PM outing. Cheers, Chris C.
  3. Haha! Could've been yet another coffee place
  4. I was wondering the same thing I live 2 minutes from there!
  5. I see shark bait has gone up in market pricing LOL
  6. We keep our Hydra Sport Lightning II 212cc in Goat Island Marina in NPT; and if weather permits its a great ride out to the block for a day trip! **Just have to be mindful of weather as always. Cheers, Chris C.
  7. Oddly enough; my usual fishing partner went out this past Fri evening (solo) and got the skunk- no signs of other than the usual schoolie hit here and there. We went out Sat evening three of us; 2 of us throwing live eels, while the other played with artificial's to see if they'd take. I ended up bouncing between eels and plugs which only resulted in 1 schoolie bass for myself on a SS translucent needle. One other buddy managed one schoolie as well on a sluggo, the other friend left skunked. We hit 3 "big fish / summer spots" that all three of us have had fish over the 25-30lb threshold. The tide for one was non-favorable, and with the upcoming big moon coming.... I did see in my years past catch logs that this tends to happen prior to the big moon phase. Actually the pattern (which makes sense) shows reputable fish being caught in MUCH deeper waters with open water exposure versus the more tidal influenced spots. I guess we are all preaching the same choir song though boys unfortunately. These next few days things will turn around from what the logs dictate. Cheers guys, Chris C.
  8. This is accurate drove by on my way southbound on Ocean Rd. and noticed this.
  9. Absolute fav spot to fish.... This is exactly why congrats man beautiful fish.
  10. That is a work of art... and ironic enough I too have a filing cabinet not in use.
  11. Yeah man after getting out of work at 11pm and driving south to home ~1hr drive I contemplated continuing south to find some fishable shoreline but opted to getting some rest instead. I will though be breaking out the gear tonight
  12. Anyone going out tonight? Should be good around that 12-4am window with the tide dropping and a steady 10-12mph ENE wind pushing bait and fish inward along eastern facing shoreline
  13. RIP to those Habs needles
  14. I know we all have way to many plugs laying around, left inside of plug bags, chipping and eating away at each other... My question for the locals is how do you all store your plugs that you aren't using on one particular outing? I've seen some pretty ingenious alternatives to Harbor Freight Totes and gutter spouts being cut and lined with protective surfacing ect... If anyone's got links to good DIY's or pictures of your own setups that would be greatly appreciated. I think I'm going to give myself a Friday night project for the hundreds of plugs I've accumulated over the past couple of years.
  15. Had to have been a lemon clip. I've had my share of indestructible ones and ones that are soft as butter I always check mine now.