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  1. What everyone's said is spot on... Research and keeping past catch logs as data references to fishing particular areas at different variations of the season are a great starting point. But don't shy away from the basics of bass fishing especially when it comes to trying new spots. Use references like google earth look at your contours and how you would predict water to flow from certain areas in conjuncture to incoming and outgoing water movements. Me personally my previous 5 years worth of catch log data has been all over the place in terms of reliability to pertaining to this year... So its either been hit "ol' faithful" spots or use my instincts and branch to different areas along my stretches of shoreline local to me. But I'm personally at the point in my season where unless its snotty out and undesirable conditions I'm not going. Unless its for a first light opportunity and fish until high sun, then return for dusk top-water / then switch to my swimmers and unweighted sluggo's. Again though, this time of year around my area you are dealing with semi-shallow to deep drop offs, large boulder fields that hold smaller / slender styled metallic natural bait selection.. So if you aren't somewhat matching those presentations good luck....That's why on many calm nights with a slight breeze to my back (S-SSW) You can catch me slinging 9" unweighted sluggos with metallic silver bellies. Cheers, Chris C.
  2. Fished hard pretty much all weekend (one of my last weekends before the move)- Friday consisted of me fishing a well known public access for 4-1/2 hrs to come back to my vehicle to find that my new gen Shimano Stradic 5000 had been ripped from its rod out of my locked rack. M7"ananged to pluck a handful of healthy schoolies and lower slots from the whit water with bucktails. Sat.- Fished from the CC out of Goat Island Marina and with the cold stiff S-SSW winds and chop in the harbor managed a handful of short fluke. Sun- Managed a few schoolies, made a location change to an E. facing boulder field and watched a 30lb class fish blow up on my 7" white cotton Cordell pencil (missed, never came back). All in all was a good yet disappointing weekend. **If you steal fishing gear, or steal in general its a true reveal to ones self standards. Just because someone has nice gear, gives you the right to assume they can easily afford to replace it. Broke my heart to come back to my car to see a 4' section of braid connected to the 3' section of leader still strung through my inshore rod that had a cross threaded locking nut from prying the reel from the reel seat...Even the Gansett PD K9 officer that ironically happened to cruise by said the only reason he happened to be patrolling down this area was because of the recent complaints and reports of "questionable individuals" frequenting the area as of recent....This is sad to hear/see; especially as it used to be a spot I would / could feel comfortable enough leaving a vehicle unlocked without worry. Sad how stereotypes and demographics of individuals continue to make a name for themselves. -Chris C.
  3. This is a tactic by coyotes that has been observed a lot by folks recently...Coyote pack will have a "bait dog" that will lure your dog to build a trust level with; only to result in an ambush typed attack once your animal is vulnerable. Be very careful allowing your lab to continually greet that solo yote, a few good articles online of peoples dogs being lured and killed by this peculiar technique
  4. Big thanks man! Yeah I'm sure once the dust settles after the big drive down I'll be into em' hot and heavy haha
  5. Had large bass primarily during yesterdays ideal light rain + cloudy conditions off the tail end of the incoming into the first three hours of outgoing on top-water. Had some monster blues come through as well (all missed the plug). Between three of us, each had landed fish over the 20lb mark. Nice to see after a rougher start to the spring run (from shore at least). **In my home waters of SoCo. Chris.
  6. Mostly a surf-cast fishermen by the intimacy and hunt behind it. But have just as much experience being raised on CC's my whole life. Also owned a Hobie OB pedal kayak hooked up to the gills with gizmo's. So have experience on every platform besides SUP's but I'll pass in that Dept. I sold my OB about a year ago but once the smoke settles and clears as time goes on, I will be looking to get back into another Hobie to do exactly that! Thanks for the input Mike!
  7. As always, I will still be awaiting the weekly updates, and can't tell you how much the report threads have meant to me personally in terms of just keeping up during my busy weeks when I cant spend as much time out personally on the water. Thank you again, Cpt. Ray!
  8. One word.....T.A.R.P.O.N.
  9. Thank you Kooky, and absolutely will!
  10. Thank you Dick, I will certainly keep in touch.
  11. Thanks a lot DZ! I'm a big time believer of "old school'd" memory keeping, but also back everything up with digital copies because you never know! Cheers!
  12. One of the last times I was down there visiting the fiancé , and arranging a few aspects of the move back in April on the flats side at sunset you could see the silver kings rolling on bait. So I will most definitely be doing some research and putting my time in when I'm not playing dad!
  13. Thanks Mack! Appreciate it, and will do for sure!
  14. As the time nears of my departure, I can easily say out of the vast things that will be missed, from friends and family, to the sights and sounds of our coastline, but what will be missed the most are the sleepless nights and life-long memories made in the surf here in RI. Its not forever, nor is it a sad time for me in my new endeavors as I finalize and pack my things. After 27 years of life here in RI my time has come to say goodbye. Its a happy time, exciting time, and another milestone checked off my list of growing up and living my life to the fullest. As the last week of June slowly creep up its only fair to wish everyone here in the RI forum page a happy, safe, and plentiful rest of the season. Over the past couple of seasons I loved arriving to work in the early morning hours, sipping my coffee at my desk and reading through the unread threads from overnight outing reports and stories. It will still be apart of my day-to-day routine as things settle down and I situate myself in my new home of Ft.Walton Beach / Destin area of NW Fl. But with a baby on the way, and a RI wedding being planned for next year (~June), things will be very busy on my end. I do plan on a couple of return home trips back to RI in the near future to see friends and family and obviously partake in some fishing. But time will be limited and as always anyone whom would like company on future endeavors or happen to be around my new home in that region of Fl. be sure to reach out and I can see to it that the inshore / surf gear is primed and ready to go for the multitude of species that roam my new home. Again, thank you all in the RI Forum for all the great reads and fun discussion. I'm sure I've probably bumped into a few of you in my outings from the forum but either party had realized who we are. But for now, I wish everyone nothing but the best; and as always keep those lines tight. -Chris C. **(IG Tag- Chris_Cabral401)-- For anyone interested in following the move/future fishing endeavors.
  15. Could be there strictly to induce a rattle noise no? Not so much weight purpose? Very interesting