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  1. "Bro"-gets to me every-time...
  2. Running extra long leaders and properly learning how to get the "most" out of a cast can go a long way; both the materials of fluro + mono offer the elasticity in which is required to gain the most out of a properly thrown cast.. I know with a calm windless night or slight breeze off my back, a good 3-4' 40-50lb Fluro leader if fishing rockscape/ledges. I can easily send a 1.5-2oz plug 60-80 yds with ease; if a larger more quality fish decides to take the presentation I too have the reassurance of the 4' of elasticity and chaff prevention there to act as a buffer to my main structural point of contact...being the braid. I run the same rig-up for chasing big tog too 3-4' heavy fluro and have had them spin me into pilings and after getting them up and un-spun that leader looks like a ripe banana peel... Without leader hands down you are asking for big problems, in the fields of ergonomics(landings, plugs fouling up mid-cast), break offs due to toothy predators competing for the plug,and overall effectiveness certain plug presentations need "give" or elasticity to perform properly in the water.
  3. Went out yesterday from ~4-8pm. Rolled up thinking it was going to be a usual cold evening and maybe a rat at best. Only to be proven wrong with 80-100 gannets+gulls crushing five/six different actively feeding blitzes. Picked up 3 legal fish nothing over 30". But all healthy 24-27" fish almost every cast if not a bump every cast until I left them as the fingers started to go beyond numb on me, left fish busting on-top and slashing at bait right up until that point where I couldn't take the pain in my fingers anymore and called it a night. Air temp was hoovering right in at 24 degrees 5-6mph steady wind out of the N-NW made it feel like 15, braid was so cold it was accumulating ice and the line roller on the VS was just an ice brick by the time I left.
  4. Nice job man beaut of a fish, the metal lip bite has been pretty productive for myself as well.
  5. Decent late afternoon into dark outing today.. Sought shelter on an E facing boulder field and waded out to a nice big boulder and fished from 2:45-6:30pm. Two legal keepers biggest around 33”, half dozen or so 20-26” healthy schoolies. Still crazy how many peanuts are around, and the fish were keyed right in on them... wouldn’t touch usual patterned plugs only wanted bunker / peanut patterned swimmers / metal lips / and had one on a 1.5oz white SS open faced popper. Seemed like small profiles with any gold, spots, and stayed within the 4-6” presentation was the ticket. Oddly enough the black bomber was getting hit well after dark at a super slow retrieve and resulted in the best fish of the evening (Buddy landed it and safely released her after a quick measurement up on his boulder- 38”). Cheers.
  6. I own a 14oz long necked Stilletto framing hammer; after working in the architectural / custom home reno and fresh build scene for ~5yrs I can fully attest to the investment. There is an incredible difference from your average HD-East-wing steel hammer to a Titanium hammer; with the leverage, weight/balance in the palm, and "throw" of a Letto you can drive a 6" framing brad 1/4" recessed in 2-3 hammer throws. Especially convenient with the magnetic recessed brad slot groved into the top section of the hammers head; it allows you to throw an initial brad tack without needing a second hand to "smash" the first whack to tack the brad. Throwing those over your head brads in overhead positions became a DREAM with that crazy little feature.
  7. I believe it, last night the peanuts that littered the boulder fields along the lower bay were EVERYWHERE....So some good clean water conditions and water temps still upper 50's I bet theres a couple big shouldered green beans out there chomping.
  8. Understandable and appreciate your approach; I don't need to involve myself in the social aspects of the sport whatsoever. But helping and promoting a fun, respectable,and conservative outlook on the fishery / sport as a whole is what is important to me. With this being said making friendships and acquiescence along the way is a big part of why I enjoy the sport of chasing these fish; especially due to the fact I have self taught, researched, and applied myself to understand the "do's and don'ts" behind these fish. I respect anyone who can go about learning the ways of this type of fishing due to looking back just in a handful of years upon myself and seeing the time, money, and dedication it takes to just obtain the level of knowledge and understanding in which I've come to obtain....never mind that of someone with 20-30-40+ yrs of chasing these fish. Sometimes I think dialogue gets skewed a bit, and some have trouble interpreting statements made from some of the older crowd here(myself being one of them, who can find himself scratching his head from time to time). Again, I appreciate the site as a common ground in which we can all give back a little for those just getting involved, and the passing of information from different perspective, that's what these sites should be all about. There are still plenty of peanuts around, fish, and opportunity these next few days and should be a really good weekend for fish productivity along the RI-SoCo shorelines. So get out there and get a line wet, Cheers.
  9. I had an already compromised leader due to the topography of the area I was fishing. I knew if I tightened up in the drag... which I inevitably did resulted in a break @ the leader right above the TA Clip.
  10. I don't recall you being a site moderator...If it is getting "that old" for you the deactivation button is one click away. I was reading a statement that wasn't hinting at sarcasm or humorous and being the outside perspective looking in it didn't structurally seem as such. So there was no harm or foul done...I realized it was sarcasm once someone clarified. So no need to come at myself.
  11. I primarily fish my home waters of SoCo; Made two trips up to the Cape and chose my days with crap conditions to avoid crowds...Only managed one small keeper and a handful of schoolies from there. Its a totally different game played out there and requires much more time and gear then I currently have. I'm sure in upcoming seasons I'll spend more time along the MA waterways but I like the convenience and productivity of knowing that I can also have good odds at big fish along my own coastline. Plus I enjoy the "hunt + learning" aspects of really delving into local waters and finding their true magic times and conditions. I mean I have really close / life long friends whom live in the cape who come and make the trek to RI to get into quality fish when MA waters are and have been already "hot". Fishing in peace and quiet is a sought after thing these days.
  12. No, you are correct; this fall run that was my leading contender of a fish for the fall run. My best day(s) in the entirety of the season were back in mid August one evening from ~5-8PM I had a 28,30, and lost a fish on a 7" white cotton cordell pencil that humbled those two fish. Which days prior had 420yds of 932 suffix 30lb braid freshly spooled on the vsx150, that third and lost fish had me down to about 150-175yds left and running light braid and a WAY to light of a leader for the area I was fishing was the ultimate result in the loss. That fish had to have been 40+ I couldn't stop this fish...She hit that pencil ~60yds out and took that plug straight down and I could just feel every contour drop out off this ledge line. It was one of "those fish" that we all chase and due to laziness and fatigue I was reluctant on re-tying a new leader casts prior and I paid the price. I lost about two - three days of sleep after losing that fish. I think i re-visited that area twice a day for 6-8 hrs that week trying to get back onto that school of fish with zero luck. Definitely a weird, out of the norm, yet magical season for myself this year. I unfortunately didn't have the luxury of being out there 3-4x a day for 6 months straight like the 2018 season but with the patterns and conditions logged from previous seasons it played a large role in my successes this year and saved me from doing a lot of leg work. Cheers, and sorry for the confusion on my part
  13. Same for me including the dry-start for most in the month of May; never had so many fish over 40" on topwater the second week of May...Then come late June-Mid/Late August found myself in high 80 degree weather with not a cloud in the sky and fish upwards of 30lbs(boga'd) on large topwater pencil presentations. Quality fish at rouge/weird times+conditions this year.. Super out of the norm...But hey I'll take it.
  14. Yeah for sure man, definitely some fine looking water conditions + quality needlefish/bucktail typed conditions.
  15. Got a video sent to me while at work about an hr ago; 6-9' rolling break on SE facing side. Beautiful amounts of white water so you know where I'll be this afternoon / evening!