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  1. Great, thanks.
  2. I’ll take it for $100 picked up if you pass on other offers. Thanks.
  3. Looks like there will be a black version as well...
  4. Blurple if you split. Sorry, couldn’t resist...I’ll take them both for asking. Thanks.
  5. Sounds good, thanks.
  6. Immediate PayPal
  7. Respectfully offering $35 shipped for Mr Wiggly and a Danny...thanks.
  8. Sorry, have to stay at $80. Thanks.
  9. Stradic sold. Socorro still available...thanks.
  10. Stradic sold to w2f4 pending payment/pickup.
  11. Price drop...$145 for the Stradic and $80 for the Socorro. Above PayPal, shipping and pick up info still applies...thanks.
  12. For what it's worth, I used Bilsteins to level my ram 1500 and am very pleased. The ride on the road improved and they're more than adequate for my version of off road (IBSP). Thanks.
  13. Looking for one of these. My Dad was loving this one just now and even being Father’s Day I didn’t part with it. So now feeling bad and searching for one I can gift to him. Thanks everyone.
  14. I’ll take the lot for asking. Thanks.
  15. Both reels are brand new. Happy to add photos upon request or answer questions. Prices are for payment via PayPal and shipped. Take $10 off each if picked up (Manasquan, NJ)...thanks. Shimano Stradic FK 4000 - $165 Shimano Socorro SW 6000 - $100