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  1. Okay thanks. Considering it sold to Skylands pending pick-up. Thanks SOL!
  2. Great, thanks.
  3. In Manasquan, could meet locally today or tomorrow. $75 sounds good.
  4. Selling a Tsunami Slimwave SWSPS701-M. Fun rod. Great for fluke, schoolies. Parabolic bend. In great shape, I’m that crazy person that rinses and dries tackle after every use. Only while taking pictures did I notice it seems there’s some epoxy or something stuck to the guide closest to the reel seat. Ceramic ring/frame not damaged, please see pic. $85 - Prefer PayPal or Venmo to avoid cash changing hands right now. Pick-up southern Monmouth county or northern Ocean. Will travel a bit to meet if that helps. Thanks - Eric
  5. Beautiful rod but have to pass, thanks for your time.
  6. What guides was it built with? Thanks.
  7. In an attempt to address your actual question...I haven’t fished the VS but own two VRs. The VRs are solid reels that I don’t think you’d regret purchasing. The line lay is good but not great. But if you plan to use in the surf and it might take an occasional dunking it’s a pretty perfect reel. I never intentionally dunk but enjoy the piece of mind that if it takes one or a heavy splashing there’s no real harm. If you intend to swim with it or regularly reel underwater then VS hands down. Hope this helps.
  8. Very cool Tbird...please count me in!
  9. 7 and 4 shipped for $30?
  10. Own the 10’, haven’t fished the 9’6”. I do know the 10’ will absolutely launch a hogy epoxy jig (forget size, pic below). I’ve thrown little 1/2 oz bucktails all the way up through 2+oz metal lips and pencils. I bought it as an albie rod but I find myself using it also for blues and schoolies. It’s just a very fun rod. I’ve paired it with reels as small as a vr50 and bg 3000 and up to a Socorro 5000 and slammer 3500. It’s worked well with all. Vr50 at around 10 oz feels a little small and the Socorro at 15 oz a little big. I think a Stradic 5000 would be really good but haven’t tried. I will say it’s medium nature does make hook sets feel a little less sure but I can’t say it’s cost me any fish. I really don’t think you could regret buying either rod. Hope this helps.
  11. I’ll take the BM lil guy and spin please.
  12. There is also a belief that a plug behind a teaser mimics predator chasing pray which may cause an otherwise uninterested bass’ competitive instinct to kick in and strike.
  13. New ones have caught in the surf for me. Not sure you’ll need to load a suspending one since they make sinking and fast sinking models.
  14. Last new moon I was down walking local beach with the kids and saw why this spot tends to be good in close. This hole of deep water had kids walking through it chest deep so at high tide it’s got to be six plus feet with a bunch of shallow water surrounding it. Easily overlooked but definitely a place I plan to throw some flies or small bucktails.