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  1. Thank you all for your help and input! So complex. Wish there were a Two-Handed Fly Rod Casting in Saltwater handbook! I wound up getting both the 440 and the 480 grain SA Third Coast Skagit Extreme head (sorry, but 400 grains looked too light) and will start by pairing the 480 with a 120 grain 10' RIO floating tip. If that's too heavy, I'll switch to the 440 grain head and/or using a different tip weight. I see * that people have had success casting overhead using the 13'9" Pandion with all kinds of setups: Able to cast 150 feet using 450 gr Skagit head and a 110+ grain sink tip Able to cast 119 feet using a 735gr floating shooting head So I guess I'll need to play around, looking for the right combination for me, but most of all I'll need to get someone to teach me! Tight lines, John PS GinClear, I see that on 7-1-17 "troutclout11" wrote on * "...[RIO] replacement tips. ... are meant to replace versitips ... It is lighter than a MOW tip."
  2. What's the difference between a RIO Replacement Tip (In-Touch or not) and a RIO MOW Tip? (And where does one find them on sale?) Thanks!
  3. PS When TFO suggests 20-26 foot heads, are they referring to the tips, the leaders or the front taper of the shooting head? Thanks again!!
  4. Thank you all! *Greg, you’re right about my numbers being off. *Squish, grazie mille! I’ll try that technique. *RedGreen, thank you for your help. A few questions: You state that 550 grains would be the upper limit of castability. Not doubting you at all, just curious about how you reached that conclusion... It’s just that it would mean I don’t have an 8 or 9 weight rod, but a 6 weight, wouldn’t it? YES there are good lines on sale on Sierra Trading Post!!! Including the SA Skagit Extreme that TFO recommends, in 360, 400, 440 and 480 grains. Thank you! So, RedGreen and Squish (and anyone else who can help me), assuming there’s a general agreement that a 400 grain shooting head would probably be the best thing to try, what tip weight would you suggest I add to it - and what happens if I add a heavier tip (such as the 150 grain tip I already have) in, say, windy conditions? Below is a chart I found on Red’s Fly Shop: “Determine whether your rod needs Light, Medium, Heavy, or Extra Heavy tips. Light - These tips feature T-8 for a sinking section (with a sink rate of about 7” per second) and are most suitable for Skagit lines of 475 grains and less. Medium - These tips feature T-11 for a sinking section (with a sink rate of about 8” per second) and are most suitable for Skagit lines between 475 and 575 grains. Heavy- These tips feature T-14 for a sinking section (with a sink rate of about 9” per second) and are most suitable for Skagit heads of 575 grains and heavier. Rod Weight Sink Tip Needed Grains per Inch 2-6 weight rods LIGHT MOW Tips T-8 5-7 weight rods MEDIUM MOW Tips T-11 8-9 weight rods HEAVY MOW Tips T-14 “ Thank you all so much! I appreciate everyone’s advice. John
  5. Hello! I hope you can help me. I don’t have an overweight two handed fly rod :-) What I do have is a TFO Pandion 13’9”, 9wt, and - I feel - too many grains. Question: any way to lighten its weight without buying a whole new set of fly lines? (My current setup is: 30 lb floating running line, 600 grain RIO Skagit iFlight shooting head, and the RIO iMOW tip (currently 150 grains). You see, not understanding anything, I went to the fly shop and showed them the rod. The rod states it is meant to cast 700 to 750 grains. However I found it hard to cast so I went on the TFO website and found the following recommendations for my rod model: Two-handed overhead casting: 525-600 grains 20-28 foot heads RIO Skagit Max Short RIO Skagit iFlight RIO Skagit iShort SA Skagit Extreme So for TFO to say it’s a 700-750 grain rod is quite off the mark. But I don’t want to rant. I want to fix this... Basically my problem is that I am asking the rod to cast 750 grains, though 600 grains is the recommended upper limit for overhead casting. My question is: IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO *NOT* ADD ANY MORE WEIGHT TO THE 600 GRAIN SHOOTING HEAD? (I’d rather not “perform surgery” on it if possible.) *My understanding is that it is OK to cast the floating shooting head without a tip (what kind of a leader would I need, or do I just add 3 feet of 12lb mono?) *Any way to make it intermediate or sink tip, again adding no weight or only a nominal amount? Can you help me? I’ve recently become unemployed and would rather not spend another $90 in tip and shooting head. THANK YOU!! John
  6. Thank you all so very much! I checked out your recommended products, and I must admit I kind of like FinsSport's fly box the most, but I suppose pretty much any will do. Thanks again!!!
  7. Hello, Is there a fly box (brand, model and size, please) that you’d recommend? Looking for something that I can carry with me when wading; something that can carry Surf Candies, Deceivers, Clouser Deep Minnows... the usual. What about out those of you who also like to carry longer flies such as flat saddles? Thank you, John