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  1. **** you sux fans go Mo go!!
  2. i don't believe in people being transgendered though. i think there are messed up people and there are people who do **** for **** and giggles (the youtube light your self on fire for views culture)
  3. it is? i thought it was only mentioned when it came to paying taxes.
  4. I wonder if certain SOLers would have loved to punch those MAGA hat wearing Nazis in the face
  5. how are the leaks toto?
  6. there are males and there are females a male was born with a penis a female was born with a vagina why should the government be letting 's in the military?
  7. here's a question why do we even have a census anymore?
  8. 72 years you gotta wait for census data to become public why's it unacceptable for the government (with their guns and jails) to know if a person is illegal or not, but it's totally acceptable to know every other thing going on in a person's life (marriage, health, paycheck, etc...)?
  9. If someone punched a person who was wearing a hammer and sickle shirt, would that be acceptable?
  10. Rule 17, Section 2, Article 1 replay the game from when that happened.
  11. the same people who are saying the kids were wrong are the same people who should say those people in charlottesville deserved to be run over.
  12. well...........yeh
  13. how many *'s associated with the Bills and Dolphins?
  14. remember charlottesville?
  15. there were aiming for the ref.