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  1. where are you getting this 3/4 picture of the earth thing?
  2. there are no edges on a sphere.
  3. that's a weird colored VS or is that a reflection?
  4. @Belmo what does it mean when they say +1 or +2 or +5 lbs ?
  5. Do you think it might get into their heads when black people EVERY SINGLE DAY get told that they can't do things on their own and needs the government's help as the only way for them to get ahead?
  6. You are the one who wants more regulations More regulations = more police presence.
  7. most likely a black mouth cur.
  8. how much money do you want and what are you gonna do with it?
  9. i think it's zoysia.
  10. she lifts her leg. asked two vets about it it's perfectly normal.
  11. where do the majority of black people live? and what political party runs those places?
  12. so did they arrest the mayor yet?
  13. handle is on the wrong side of the reel though.