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  1. i might have to drop stamkos. useless pos.
  2. stop it you jackass we're a team. and we're kicking ass.
  3. well that's why i included the demand that the government give up their power or to vote against bills that take away freedom.
  4. and a DVD.
  5. ANYONE who asks the government for ANYTHING (even if it's to demand they give up their power) is a lobbyist.
  6. rocco and I our on are way to being 7 and 0
  7. bosa isn't a wide receiver.
  8. me? never left earth IMHO, he was always the one with the most question marks and he still has them. but IMHO, in 2 years, he'll be ready to lead the Jets to the playoffs (especially when they get a new coach)
  9. https://hockey.fantasysports.yahoo.com/hockey/2380/matchup?week=2&mid1=2&mid2=14
  10. you ourn't the dangleberries?
  11. all those people working at the car dealerships aren't needy? all those people building houses aren't needy? some hookers have children, you know
  12. 21, 22, 30 vs 41,31,34 attempts in wins vs attempts in loses here's a question the more he throws means the more pressure he puts on himself?
  13. after tuesday, you better be nice to me.
  14. uh oh The Greek is gonna beat THE Pierogi Kings this week
  15. maybe they'll demand the league give them an extra draft pick.