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  1. We need Mr. Hockey's opinion.
  2. that 250k could have been used to sign a goon.
  3. Martin Clutterbuck Johnston Mayfield Komarov Pageau maybe.
  4. trouba and kreider their higher up players the ones who should be on the ice to win games they're the ones who are supposed to take penalties to get back at a team for what happened to their teammate? stop THom. konopka gillies haley martin
  5. hey.......we're in the same division as the Craps. if we want to make the playoffs and win a series or two, we're probably gonna have to beat them. but they got that Wilson prick so let's not do anything so he can take advantage of our players.
  6. so Dolan didn't put any goons on the taxi squad for this type of situation gotcha.
  7. dolan didn't call up some goons to protect their "star" players last night?
  8. rag$ are an embarrassment to the league.
  9. the Isles won their game 9-3 and i don't think there was the fight right after the faceoff BS
  10. ross johnston to the rag$ for their next 3 1st round picks.
  11. he fired the wrong person
  12. at least crapuano did the right thing against the crysbies.