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  1. that doesn't look like a baked potato
  2. down 10 4th down no field goal?
  3. did you hear wayne gretzky was traded to the Kings?
  4. you like the ones who look like they are trannies?
  5. using math..........the length of the belt should be.......26"
  6. ernie sell all your vehicles at the junkyard and use the money to bet on Iowa.
  7. Florida will not have a Democrat primary for the 2024 Presidential election. question for discussion......... who are the tyrants?
  8. nope the old belts disintegrated
  9. i was turning a table leg with an elastic band running the thing.
  10. would you more worried about places that had ads for FTX or about places that lost ads from Disney?
  11. THom's the fat prick but thank you
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