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  1. and don't say lincoln riley he wouldn't want to coach the Jets.
  2. you were effed by the schedule.
  3. Thom how is Zucc doing on your team?
  4. no concussion
  5. ^ that's who is going to decide when Bowels gets fired unless he gets fired first.
  6. you'd never do something like that.
  7. for some jets fans, look on the bright side.................. it was mcclown who lost to the bills. the "suck for sam" crowd wouldn't want to show their face if it was darnold playing yesterday.
  8. i kinda hope bowels doesn't get fired today. make it more of a circus because if bowels isn't fired, it's because maccagnan wants to make sure everyone knows he wasn't the one who hired bowels.
  9. things to listen for................... 'NO ONE expected them to be this bad' 'maccagnan is a football guy..........we got to trust him with whoever he picks to replace bowels'
  10. who the **** is Mark?
  11. Rav is gonna eff up the Pierogi Kings this week
  12. Good morning Thom and rocco.
  13. allen had 82 passing yards against tennessee
  14. 'sam, you're getting benched so you can watch your mentor. he'll show you how to play in an NFL game.'