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  1. the party isn't the government.
  2. guest can walk under it without bending down
  3. and we need to find out what the opposition did to infuriate him and make him do the things he did.
  4. good morning rocco and tom
  5. the BS are a bunch of goons leading the league in fights
  6. go Isles GO!!! eff guest's BS.
  7. ask them if there's something wrong with the transponder and if there is, ask them why you should pay a fine
  8. @hotrodpete
  9. where is the commish?
  10. on fakebook pages right now.............. "This unofficial Page was created because people on Facebook have shown interest in this place or business. It's not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with" Now, as they state........they are unofficial pages and aren't endorsed by anyone who are part of that business...........BUT THEY ARE ON FAKEBOOK'S SITE.
  11. local to tom is 300 mile radius.
  12. good morning Thommy and Roccooy
  13. windows 10? from start of the install to first use, it's the easiest one to install IMHO. but once you get to the use it and disabling all their spyware **** is a pain in the ass. it's every ****ing where.
  14. abusing buttons would be hiding stupid posts.
  15. on twatter. i'm sure you can figure out the rest Zach Wallace‏ @zingzach The #NHLBruins made a mistake by not blurring out the phone number for Toronto’s Video Room.