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  1. after you disrespected sue and loots? no thanks.
  2. @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco @rocco
  3. i tried warning all of you.
  4. hey look the national average of gas is $24.57 a gallon but if you look you can get it for $23.83 a gallon So you see how you can save money
  5. a life is a life.
  6. they aren't all fake accounts. there are bots created by businesses that send out tweets to promote their business. somewhat legitimate bots.
  7. but how many investors and advertisers want to know how many new users there are. if a big % of them are just bots, advertisers might not want to be involved. and there goes the money TWTR brings in.
  8. he didn't just question them he got Twitter's CEO to admit that the big part of what makes the company the company (the # of users) is pretty much made up.
  9. maybe the juan mccain/mitt romney/adam kinzinger/liz cheney part of the party.