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  1. That was some very eye opening footage. Thanks for sharing.
  2. That was a great video. Thank you for sharing that.
  3. I agree ^^^ faster reels are preferred down at the canal. You'd want to be able to get your lure back in quick once it's out of the strike zone, when the current is blazing by. You'll def. get a stink eye or two if your holding up a line of cast. I prefer fishing the night ha...
  4. I can vouch for the 1328. It has it's pros and cons but a good "overall" rod on the ditch. It does have its limits when jigging real heavy and working the lighter swimmers. Good option if you aren't planning to have a dedicated Rod for plugging and jigging.
  5. Put your time in. Don't follow the reports.
  6. 40LB Samurai has been good for me down at the ditch.
  7. Used to use power pro then made the switch to J braid. So far no breakage during cast or slips on fish. Used the x8 and the samurai braid now. Good Stuff. I feel like the Samurai is not as abrasive resistant but cast alot smoother then the x8