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  1. I just bought regular non-prescription glasses. I'm not positive about the lenses but I did just check out the website and saw that they have S/R extreme frames/ lenses available. I did not get those, it was just the regular ones.
  2. I bought them last year and was pretty disappointed with the quality. The lenses had a tint film over them that would start to delaminate within a couple weeks. If they got wet it would happen even quicker. I ended up getting 3 pairs from them and they all did the same thing. I would not recommend buying them.
  3. Listing this elsewhere.
  4. We don't have that quite figured out yet, I'm not dead set on anything in particular. I would imagine we would be kite fishing though. I'm open to ideas and suggestions.
  5. Just booked a charter with Deep Blue Fishing Charters for March 29th. This will be run by the same guys who own Deep Blue Kayak Fishing however this will be on a boat not a kayak. The charter is for an 8 hr offshore trip and will be out of Boynton Beach. As of right now it's myself and one other person who will be going. We'd be open to having one to two more people joining to bring the cost down a bit. Cost for the charter will be $895 plus tip and live bait. If anyone's interested in going or if you'd like more info let me know.
  6. Btt. Mods could you please move this to the kayak/ boat section? Thanks!
  7. Btt. Mods could you please move this to the kayak/ boat section? Thanks!
  8. For sale I have a Yakima Long Arm Truck Bed Extender. This has been used less than one year and has been great for transporting my kayak in the bed of the truck when I didn't feel like lifting it onto the rack. The extender has multiple positions so it'll work for most any situation. As you'll see in the picture I have a foam pool noodle taped around it to give it some more padding for the kayak when it bounces around. This can easily be removed. Dog is not included with sale. This is for local pickup only. I live in Oreland PA outside of Philly. Asking $150
  9. For sale I have a Yakima Overhaul HD truck bed rack system. I'm not including the cross bars with this as I'll be using those on my new set up. This rack is great I just can't use it anymore because I sold my pickup for an SUV. It's less than a year old and is still in excellent shape. I had this on a 2020 tundra crewmax so I needed to purchase the bed rail adapter kit so I could still utilize the bed rail system. I'll be including this with the purchase as well as the original mounting hardware. I used the 78" HD cross bars and was able to fit two hobie outbacks side by side without any issue. This is for local pickup only. I'm located in Oreland PA which is outside of Philly. Asking $600
  10. Thanks for all of the info guys! Hopefully the weather holds up it might be a bit sporty down there. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the replies guys much appreciated! Is that called Oceans East now? I thought I stopped there last year but I could be mixing them up. I called Oceans East and they won't know for sure until the day of whether or not their getting crabs. I'd prefer to have something locked in ahead of time if possible. Thanks!
  12. I'm heading down to Kiptopeke this upcoming Fri- Mon for some fishing and camping. Just wanted to see if anyone knew of anywhere nearby or on the way (I'll be coming down Rt 13) that sells live blue claws and or live fiddler crabs. Thanks in advance!
  13. I was staying in Jupiter when I went down and we launched within 10 minutes of there for the inshore trip. For the offshore trip I believe we launched from either Delray or Boynton beach.