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  1. I might be interested in the total scan transducer depending on asking price. Let me know if you decide to post it in the BST forum. Thanks!
  2. I haven't received anything but would be interested in filling this out. Anyone know if this is available for everyone?
  3. I just purchased a bunch of hanes spf 50 longsleeve shirts from walmart for about $10 a piece. They're comparable to just about any other sport shirt out there and a quarter of the price of some of them.
  4. I’m thinking about doing some drum fishing on the cape May side of the DB on Saturday (5-18). If anyone wants to meet up let me know.
  5. I catch and release
  6. I flew down to Florida from PHL in February and didn't have any problems bringing lures with hooks still attached. As long as you don't have huge shark hooks I don't see them giving you any trouble. I had my reels with me as well with the braided line still spooled up, I had heard somewhere that they might give you trouble for that but they didn't even bat an eye.
  7. That sounds like an amazing trip! Looking forward to the updated report.
  8. Kinghong1970 sounds like a deal! PM on the way. Glad someone can put this to use!
  9. Fort Washington area
  10. Scotty transducer arm without the track mount. $10 picked up around the philly area
  11. There’s always a catch with something free. It’s missing the mount that gets connected to the boat or kayak and the plastic transducer mount. Comes with all wiring and the transducer. Everything worked when I disconnected it. Must be picked up, I’m just outside of Philadelphia. I have no use for it anymore and I’d like to see this ending up with someone who will actually use it.
  12. I second adam bomb. My brother and I went out with him last year for Drum and had a great time. That being said IMHO I would try somewhere else to charter for stripers than Cape May.
  13. Take a look in the buy sell trade forum here. There are some good deals in there. Most people will recommend a full dry suit but there's plenty of people that use waders and a dry top. Depending on the weather I'll be going out Sunday in either the Raritan bay or Sandy Hook.
  14. Yes. You'll need to purchase an out of state license. They have different time frames for them, last time I was down I ended up purchasing the weekly license.
  15. If you have a smoker you could make some burnt ends from the pork belly, that;s always a hit.